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Posted on Nov 1, 2023

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As the digital landscape continues to reshape the world of literature and publishing, authors are increasingly turning to platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to bring their work to a global audience. 

Yet, amidst this dynamic evolution, the role of supportive tools and resources becomes incredibly important. 

In this review, we will be taking a deep dive into Self Publishing Titans, who specialize in providing potentially key KDP tools designed to empower authors throughout their self publishing journey. 

From keyword research to category selection and promotional strategies, these tools aim to simplify the complexities of digital publishing. 

Whether you are a seasoned author seeking to fine tune your KDP strategy or an aspiring writer taking your first steps in the self publishing world, this comprehensive review will offer valuable insights into the offerings of Self Publishing Titans and ultimately whether or not their services and products should be under your consideration. 

I’ll provide my overall ranking in the box below, then dive into the full review.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Self Publishing Titans Company Profile

Self Publishing Titans was founded by husband and wife duo Corvin and Cleo Van Stone, who decided to turn their expertise in KDP into a business. 

Having learned how to publish and spending years publishing their own books via KDP, they realized that they were likely to be thousands of people just like them who wished to embark on a similar publishing journey. 

By simplifying what they had learnt into an easy to use set of online tools, they could both run a successful business and help writers commence their publishing journey via KDP.

What does Self Publishing Titans offer?

Let’s explore the services and features offered by Self Publishing Titans.

Key Features of Self Publishing Titans

Self Publishing Titans aims to distinguish itself in the world of self publishing platforms by offering a comprehensive toolkit carefully created to bolster authors on their quest for success within the digital publishing space. Notable features that Self Publishing Titans offers include:

Keyword Research Tool: This invaluable tool aids authors in identifying pertinent, high performing keywords for their books. Skillful keyword optimization enhances a book’s visibility on Amazon’s search engine, potentially unlocking increased sales opportunities.

Ultimate Amazon Search Suggestion Expander: As a Chrome extension, this resource broadens the horizons for authors by providing a huge number of keyword suggestions stemming from their initial keyword. It encourages authors to explore novel keyword concepts they might not have otherwise considered.

Category Finder: The choice of the right category plays a pivotal role in a book’s success. This tool guides authors in pinpointing less competitive categories, bestowing their books with the potential to stand out and ascend the ranks.

Sales Calculator: Empowering authors with financial insight, this tool enables them to estimate potential earnings from their books. It equips authors with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding pricing and marketing strategies.

KDP/Amazon BSR & Keyword Research SEO Tool: This resource validates chosen keywords, assessing market demand and competition. It ensures authors select the most effective keywords for their books, enhancing discoverability.

Low Content Book Creator Tool: Tailored for authors in the low content book niche, including workbooks, journals and coloring books, this tool expedites the creation of such books, streamlining the process for swift and hassle free book generation.

Self Publishing Titans Masterclass Overview

The Self Publishing Titans masterclass is a robust educational program, comprising 80 videos that collectively span a total of approximately 10 hours. This extensive course explores various facets of self publishing, offering participants over 100 downloadable master class resources to navigate their self publishing journey effectively.

Priced at $147, the course encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, including:

  • Exploring diverse book types that can be created
  • Introduction to essential tools for book creation
  • Navigating niche selection for writing
  • Crafting strategies for compelling book titles to enhance Amazon rankings
  • Mastering techniques for effective keyword research
  • Understanding outsourcing strategies for book creation
  • Guidelines for composing persuasive book descriptions
  • The art of launching and uploading your book on Amazon
  • Developing high-quality content for your book
  • Harnessing the power of Amazon Ads for book promotion

A particularly comprehensive module within this course revolves around Amazon Ads, covering fundamental aspects like campaign budget allocation, automatic and manual keyword campaigns, effective book launch strategies and methods to scale promotional efforts through ads.

It is worth noting that while this masterclass offers a comprehensive education in self publishing, it does not venture into topics like Photoshop or the art of writing a book. Instead, its focus remains squarely on the self publishing process, omitting the complexities of eBook creation and book formatting.

Who is Self Publishing Titans for?

Self Publishing Titans is a fairly comprehensive platform designed to shepherd authors through the intricate stages of self publishing. From the initial phases of writing and editing to the intricacies of formatting and the art of effective marketing, this platform provides authors with an array of tools and resources, enabling them to confidently navigate the multifaceted landscape of self publishing. But who precisely are the individuals poised to reap the greatest benefits from this platform? Let’s explore:

Experienced Self Published Authors: Even if you have already brought one or more books into the world, Self Publishing Titans holds substantial value. It transcends the fundamentals, offering advanced tools to optimize your books for Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. With strategies to enhance visibility and boost sales, seasoned authors can elevate their self publishing journey to new heights.

Aspiring Authors: For those who have books waiting to be written the Self Publishing Titans toolkit is a resource with great potential. This platform guides you through the entire self publishing journey, commencing with the inception of your book’s concept and stretching all the way to publication and marketing. Armed with step by step guidance and expert insights, aspiring authors will likely be a prime candidate for Self Publishing Titans.

Authors Seeking Enhanced Marketing: Effective book marketing often proves to be one of the most formidable challenges for authors. Recognizing this struggle, Self Publishing Titans has a number of tools to aid authors in refining their marketing endeavors. Equipped with keyword research and category finding instruments, authors can fine tune their book’s metadata on Amazon, potentially catapulting it to greater visibility and a wealth of potential sales.

Authors in the Low Content Book Niche: The realm of low content books, encompassing journals, workbooks and coloring books, has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. Within this niche, authors may be able to gain significant advantages by using Self Publishing Titans. The platform offers a specialized low content book creator tool, streamlining the book creation process and saving authors both time and effort. 

Self Publishing Titans Cons

There is no doubt that Self Publishing Titans is a well built and potentially useful platform. However, there are always going to be some downsides or gaps in its arsenal, details of which will be explained below.

  • A sizable number of features on Self Publishing Titans necessitate a paid subscription for access
  • Authors who are new to self publishing should anticipate a learning curve as they familiarize themselves with the process
  • Self promotion and marketing become the responsibility of self published authors, demanding their proactive engagement
  • It is important to acknowledge that self published books might encounter challenges in securing visibility within physical bookstores and libraries
  • Self published works may be susceptible to errors or a lack of professional polish in the absence of dedicated editing and cover design
  • Finally, it is worth noting that a perception persists among certain readers and industry professionals that self published books may be of lower quality or standing

Self Publishing Titans Review – Final Thoughts

In essence then, Self Publishing Titans is dedicated to assisting writers on their Kindle Direct Publishing journey, and certainly has its benefits in potentially helping writers achieve said goals. 

Nevertheless, it is vital to approach platforms such as Self Publishing Titans with a realistic understanding of the challenges it may entail. Self promotion and a learning curve are part of the journey, not to mention that a number of the best features require payment which may not be affordable for many people. 

Therefore, Self Publishing Titans should be considered an option but not a necessity as the benefits it has is balanced out by the price points, the learning curve and the fact that authors may not have the long term support required to maximize their chances of success. 

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