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Posted on Feb 16, 2024

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The sheer number of publishing companies founded in the last ten years has created a market that is increasingly saturated and as a result has ended up leaving writers with more options than ever before, but also more confusion too.

A quick internet search will reveal thousands of services available and sifting through them to establish which are legitimate and which will be a potential waste of time can be an arduous task.

Hopefully, that is where we can help as in today’s article we will be reviewing Tellwell Publishing. We will equip you with the knowledge and information to make an informed decision about whether or not they are worth your consideration to work with.

I’ll provide my overall rating in the box below, then dive into the details of the review.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

What is Tellwell Publishing?

Tellwell Publishing, founded in 2012, has established itself as a notable company in the world of book publishing, offering an array of author centric services. Situated in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Tellwell operates with the mission to empower authors by providing the tools, guidance and support needed to navigate the complex world of publishing.

Tellwell’s founders, Matt Cavnar and Tim Lindsay, share a passion for literature and a commitment to helping authors bring their stories to a global audience. With a background in education and a deep appreciation for the written word, they set out to create a publishing platform that champions authors and their creative works.

Tellwell’s journey has been marked by a dedication to collaboration, a strong belief in the power of storytelling, and a commitment to providing authors with a unique and supportive publishing experience. Their approach emphasizes author involvement and flexibility, allowing writers to choose their path to publication, be it traditional, hybrid, or self publishing.

Today, Tellwell Publishing remains true to its mission, offering authors a range of services to help them achieve their publishing goals while preserving their creative control and vision. This commitment to author empowerment has helped Tellwell establish their presence in the publishing world, publishing authors like Lamar Jackson, the MVP quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, and Rita Kakati-Shah, a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.

What services does Tellwell Publishing offer?

Tellwell Publishing has a comprehensive range of services aimed at assisting authors in various stages of their publishing journey. Here is an in depth guide to the diverse services Tellwell offers:

Manuscript Assessment: Tellwell begins by evaluating your manuscript to provide feedback on its overall readiness for publishing. This critical analysis helps authors identify areas that may require improvement.

Editing Services: Tellwell offers professional editing services, including copy editing, line editing, and proofreading to ensure your manuscript is polished and error-free.

Cover Design: Their team of graphic designers collaborates with authors to create captivating and marketable book covers that stand out in the crowded literary landscape.

Interior Layout and Design: Tellwell assists in formatting and designing the interior layout of your book to meet industry standards, ensuring a professional appearance.

Distribution: Tellwell facilitates distribution through various channels, making your book available on major platforms, both in print and digital formats.

Marketing and Promotion: They offer marketing services, including press releases, author websites, and promotional materials to help authors build their brand and promote their work effectively.

Copyright and ISBN: Tellwell helps authors secure copyright and obtain International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for their books.

Royalties and Pricing: Authors have the flexibility to set their book’s price and receive 100% of net royalties from sales.

Author Training and Support: Tellwell provides training resources and support to empower authors with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the publishing industry.

Hybrid Publishing: Authors can choose a hybrid publishing model, combining elements of traditional and self publishing to maintain creative control and access professional publishing services.

Global Reach: Tellwell’s distribution networks ensure your book reaches global markets, allowing authors to connect with readers worldwide.

Custom Publishing: Tailored services are available for authors with specific needs, allowing for a personalized publishing experience.

Printing and Fulfillment: Tellwell offers high-quality printing and order fulfillment services, ensuring readers can access printed copies of your book when and where they want.

eBook Conversion: They convert manuscripts into various eBook formats for distribution through digital platforms.

Author Website Development: Tellwell can create custom author websites to help authors establish an online presence and engage with their readers.

Tellwell Publishing Author Package Deals

The above services are available to writers in a number of ways, most commonly through one of their package deals, full details of which can be viewed below.

Standard – $1399

A graphic designer will compose the book’s front and back covers and lay out the interior. There are two revision rounds for each to incorporate the writer’s feedback. This package includes paperback distribution to 40,000 booksellers worldwide.

Professional – $2799

Included are cover design and interior layout, as well as distribution in paperback, hardcover and the major eBook platforms. Also included is assistance in crafting book marketing strategies and creation of a book backgrounder to get started. 

All Inclusive – $5099

The all inclusive package aims to take writers’ books to the next level substantive editing and an author website. The substantive edit includes one round of content editing and one round of copy editing to enhance the quality of the manuscript. The author website is created with the aim of helping author’s build an online presence, create a fanbase and market their book.

Traditional – $10,999

The traditional package echoes the experience of working with a traditional publisher. It includes three rounds of composition support; content editing, copy editing and a post layout proofread. The full marketing support includes an author website, a book backgrounder and marketing outreach.

Alongside the above, there are a long list of potential adds on for writers to select from at an additional cost to help create bespoke options that best suit their needs.

What are the alternatives to Tellwell Publishing?

Authors exploring publishing options have several alternatives to consider aside from using a company like Tellwell. These alternatives cater to various needs and preferences.

Traditional Publishing: This route involves submitting your manuscript to established publishing houses. While it may be competitive, it offers the benefit of wider distribution and the support of professional editors and marketers. However, it often requires finding a literary agent and may involve lengthy waiting times.

Self-Publishing: Authors can choose complete self-publishing, where they handle all aspects of publishing, or use self-publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or IngramSpark. Self-publishing offers creative control and higher royalties but demands self-promotion and marketing efforts.

Hybrid Publishing: Hybrid publishers combine elements of traditional and self-publishing. They provide professional services, such as editing and design, while allowing authors to retain creative control and a share of royalties.

Literary Agents: Authors can seek representation from literary agents who connect them with traditional publishers and negotiate publishing deals on their behalf.

Small Presses: Independent or small publishing houses offer an alternative to the major traditional publishers, often with a more personalized approach and shorter waiting times.

DIY Publishing: Tech-savvy authors can fully embrace do-it-yourself publishing by handling all aspects, from writing to design, distribution, and marketing.

Online Writing Communities: Platforms like Wattpad and Medium offer opportunities for writers to share their work and gain exposure. While these may not directly lead to book publishing, they can help authors build a following.

Custom Publishing Services: Some companies specialize in certain aspects of publishing, allowing authors to choose specific services as needed, rather than comprehensive packages.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on the author’s goals, budget and preferences. Each option has its pros and cons, so authors should carefully evaluate their objectives and decide which approach aligns with their vision for their book.

Tellwell Publishing Review – Closing Thoughts

Tellwell Publishing offers a range of services to assist authors on their publishing journey, but writers need to weigh their options carefully. Self publishing can be an appealing alternative for many authors due to several factors. 

First and foremost, it often comes with lower costs, as authors can choose the specific services they need without investing in comprehensive packages. Additionally, self publishing grants authors full creative control, faster publication times and higher royalties.

While Tellwell provides valuable services, writers need to consider their goals, budget and the level of control they desire. Self publishing empowers authors to take the reins of their literary projects, making it a compelling choice for those who want to maintain their vision and maximize their earnings. 

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