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“I ended up with $70,000 in cash at the end of it—I had 40 students and then I had another 12 that was in receivables. So I ended up, with that launch, doing $82,000 total. My life changed, because I listened to what you told me!”


Course Building for Authors, Publicity & Speaking, Become a Bestseller

“At least 100 people followed through and wrote me a review, shared it on social media, and that was the biggest thing—that strategy came from you and that was what sold 10,000 copies of my book in the first couple months.”


Become a Bestseller

“It may have taken us a few years to write our story but with our coach holding us accountable, we accomplished it in 6 months. I sold over 3,000 books my first month and was on tv twice. I self-published a book prior and had almost 0 results but with the course, we were set up for a path of success.”


Become a Bestseller

“Self Publishing School pushed me to finally get my book out there. They answered all my questions, even ones I didn’t know I had. The coaches are amazing, and the community support is unlike any other. If you’re wanting to make a dream a reality, and become a published author, then give SPS a call.”


Become a Bestseller, Fundamentals of Fiction

“Landed my first client at $6,000 with my book not launched yet, course not live yet! Also landed my first high ticket client at $28,000 Canadian from a podcast appearance.”


Course Building For Authors

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“I just didn’t know how to launch this book. My book has brought in royalties, it’s caused me to get speaking engagements. It’s just amazing to see without even promoting it that hard . Just do it. Take action!”

Become a Bestseller

Joining SPS ranks in the top five list of the best things I ever did in seventy years of life. If you have a story or a series of stories that you need to tell and if you want to tell the best story you can: join this program.

Fundamentals of Fiction

“At least 100 people wrote me a review, shared it on social media, and that was the biggest thing—that strategy came from you and that was what sold 10,000 copies of my book in the first couple months.”

Become a Bestseller

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Become a Bestseller, Publicity & Speaking, Course Building for Authors

“One of the biggest things I worried about when I joined SPS was monetary. It’s a lot of money to invest in yourself without knowing what you’re going to get out of it. And I have to say it’s probably the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. And I’ve gone through a PhD, I’ve gone through multiple jobs, I’ve gone through multiple industries. It’s the best investment I’ve ever done for myself.”


“You may not feel ‘READY’, but life is short and you’re never too old, too young, too tired or too busy to GROW, LEARN and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for yourself!”

Brianna Ruelas


Author Advantage Accelerator: Become a Bestseller, Publicity & Speaking for Authors & Course Building for Authors

Type of Book
Non Fiction – Music Industry – Performing Artist Career Support

What made you want to join Self-Publishing School?
I had a desire to “grow my business” and share my story, but had no idea what that meant at the time. Writing and publishing my first book has opened so many doors for me and launched me into an incredible career of consulting and I’m grateful!

Biggest worry before joining:
I didn’t want to make the financial commitment and then let myself down by not following through.

Most helpful part of the process:
Coaching and Community. The Coaching was HUGE to my success and pushed me to get things done a little quicker than I actually believed was possible. The SPS Mastermind community has been an integral part of my success and after joining the Business Accelerator Program, so much has changed for me for the better.

What was your result of working with us?
I didn’t know I had a business or a book idea prior to SPS, but I always dreamed of carving my own path in the music industry.. Just didn’t know what it would look like. So… 20 years of dreaming and 3 months to taking that solid piece of action to make my dreams a reality.

Biggest benefit of working with us:
I’m a full blown strategy consultant now, launched my LLC, get asked to speak at virtual conferences and music festivals, about to become a co-host of a podcast, have a solid foundation for my business thanks to the Accelerator program and coaching. I have the resources and connections I need to succeed! It’s incredible.

How has your life changed since joining our program/s?
Everything! I am supercharged and ignited to live a life on fire. To not settle. My self-belief is through the roof. I am modeling this for my three girls and living a life EMPOWERED!

Advice for anyone thinking of joining:
Stop Thinking. Start Acting. Join this Community. If you’re ready to put the work in and committed to overcoming old, BS mindsets that are holding you back, this is the place for you! If you need encouragement, accountability and community with likeminded go-getters, this is the place for you!

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What Will Your Author Advantage Journey look like?


Author Advantage Journey

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Added $30,000 to Her Business in 1 Month
The Yoga teacher who was overwhelmed with the thought of writing a book until she found SPS. She added $30,000 to her income in the first month via leads from her book and even inspired her daughter to write her book at 7 years old!

“My dad’s dying wish was for me to become a bestselling author and to hold the book in his hands before he died. I got the book in his hands.” – Qat Wanders
From “I Can’t Do This” to Published in 6 Months
After thinking about writing a book for 3 years, Amanda Florczykowski knew she needed something more—a community. Accountability. After joining Self-Publishing School, she went from “I Really Can’t Do This” to publishing her book in less than 6 months.

“The quality of content and coaching and community is by far leaps and bounds ahead.” – Amanda Florczykowski
From Failed Self-Launch to 1700 Sales in New Launch
His first book launch didn’t do as well as he expected, despite reading 5-6 books on publishing: just 60 books sold and a profit of $15 from his launch. After joining Self-Publishing School his second launch had more than 1700 sales and he is now motivating teens to find direction in their lives all over the world!

“What we do have is continuous daily sales, and more importantly, we have this foundation of skills in book writing we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. We’ve made this a critical part of our revenue stream.” – Jake Gunnoe
Publishing Herself & Inspiring Her Children to Publish
She published her book and also set an example for her 2 children to do the same! Imagine how different their lives are going to be being a published author before even going in to high school?

“It’s really changed my life because most 11-years-olds aren’t exactly a published author. And it’s just an amazing feeling when someone runs up to you and says ‘I read your book and it inspired me!’ because that was the entire point of me writing my book.” – Alaina Oommen, 11-Years-Old
Wouldn’t Have Become an Author Without a Coach
Writing a book is challenging. Hundreds of thousands of people start writing a book every year but never end up finishing. Barbara recognized that she would have been one of those people, and accepted the help that came along by joining and working 1-on-1 with her coach!

“The most valuable aspect of the course content I think to me, was really when I got into the marketing part of it. I didn’t know anything about marketing. Without that, I would have been totally lost.” – Barbara Condra
From Self-Doubt Writer to Finished Draft in 1 Weekend
After seeing how quickly a friend had written a book, something Brent had wanted to do so badly, he decided to do what his friend did in order to get the book finished quickly—join Self-Publishing School.

“This can be done, if you follow the process!” – Brent Chesney