SPS 109: How To Sell More Books & Make A Full Time Living As A Non-Fiction Author with Scott Allan

Posted on Jun 9, 2021

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About Scott Allan

Born and brought up near Surrey, close to London, in the town of Epsom, which is home to The Derby, one of the most famous horse races in the world.

As a child, Scott wanted to be a footballer, boxer, clown, cartoonist, and a taxi driver. At 17, he began writing for a football fanzine and presenting a weekly radio show on hospital radio. He majored in media production at university and was going to be a cameraman, but found that writing scripts and doing bits of journalism was more fulfilling. “It was only after I left uni working for free on local papers, fanzines, and an extra journalism course that I stumbled into my first proper writing job.”

Twenty years later, Scott wrote his first book and has continued to write books ever since. He is the author of Fail Big, Relaunch Your Life, and Empower Your Thoughts. He’s sold over 200,000 copies in six languages worldwide and is the co-creator of one of our SPS courses.

Why Scott is Passionate About Being an Author

In junior high, Scott found a typewriter and proceeded to “hammer out this book I’ve been writing all summer.” Although he took a hiatus, he always had to author a book in the back of his mind. “One day I got so tired of telling myself that I have to write this book I just sat down and started doing it.”

He sat down with no outline or plan and started writing his book from the content that came to his mind. Four years later, he produced a book that contained 100,000 words. Splitting his book into three parts, he hired an editor and completed his book publishing.

Marketing and Selling His Books

When he first published his books, he wasn’t sure how to market or sell his new publications. He didn’t have a plan on how to market and decided to join Self-Publishing School, which gave him the connection to a community of authors.

He recommends making a good launch for your book, which starts creating a good branded cover, title. Next, you want to get reviews within the first 30 days and create ads to get your book noticed. Also, you’ll want to have a connected series that flow well together and make sense in the order that you publish your series.

How to Sell Your Book Long-Term

“Know your genre and know if your book is going to sell or not.” He recommends researching your book topic with tools that are available online. Next, look at other book covers in your genre. From there, create an eye-catching book design. “Go deep into keyword research and embed those SEO words into your book description and in your title and subtitle, if possible.”

Listen in on today’s episode and find out why Scott decided to continue to write non-fiction work, how to sell more copies of your self-published book, and how to relaunch your book.

Show Highlights

  • [02:25] Where Scott gets his passion for writing and being an author.
  • [06:45] Why he decided on continuing to write non-fiction
  • [08:23] Scott’s advice on how to sell or sell more of your currently published book.
  • [11:26] When you should relaunch your book and how you can successfully relaunch.
  • [16:04] Fundamentals of selling your book long-term.
  • [20:33] How the three-legged-stool concept can help you sell more books.
  • [25:21] What you should spend time on when marketing your book.
  • [30:49] Commonalities among successful booksellers.
  • [36:27] How to get the most out of your book coaching sessions.
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