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Posted on Nov 1, 2023

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For aspiring writers and storytellers, the journey to becoming a skilled and accomplished novelist is often a winding path filled with challenges, self doubt, and the constant quest for improvement. 

It is in this pursuit of storytelling excellence that online fiction writing schools like The Novelry come into play. The Novelry offers a structured and supportive platform designed to nurture your creative spark and transform your writing ambitions into published works of fiction.

But how effective is this virtual classroom in honing your literary craft? In this review, we explore everything The Novelry has to offer, including its courses, approach to teaching and the value it offers to budding authors. 

I’ve given my overall rating in the box below, but by the end, you should be equipped with the knowledge and insight to make an informed decision as to whether or not The Novelry is worth your consideration.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Novelry Overview

The Novelry was founded by Louise Dean in 2017, trying to address the issue of loneliness that often comes with being a long term writer.

After almost twenty years working solo, with four novels published, she began to wonder why of all the arts and crafts, writing was an exception to the benefits of collaboration. 

All those years, she had been writing in the dark, and when I finally got some feedback from my agent or an editor, it came late in the day when the novel was done. She felt I could use some company while she was writing and felt tired of writing alone.

So she decided to write in a different way, with other writers writing alongside her at the same time to help her stay on track.

The Bookseller publicized her experiment and some 200 writers offered to join her. For the next 90 days she wrote ‘live’ and put together the course materials for what would become the first online writing class, The Ninety Day Novel.

What is The Novelry?

The Novelry is an online fiction writing school which aims to take people from blank page to book deal. They strive to have a fun, feel good approach that turns aspiring authors into fiction finishers in as little as one hour a day. 

They claim to have an all star team of bestselling authors and top editors who will be in writer’s corners to guide them through every step of their writing journey. With go at your pace online courses, one on one coaching, and a community of fellow writing lovers, they will show you where to start, coax your story into shape, and assist you up until completion of the work. 

How does The Novelry work?

The Novelry splits their offerings into three main section; Courses, Coaching and Community. Full details of these can be found below.

Courses – The courses are broken up into three distinct sections. Find Your Story, Write Your Novel, and Edit Your Book. This is then further broken down into three different packages at various price points for writers to choose from, which we will touch on later.

Coaching – All of The Novelry’s coaches are published authors who are based around the globe who coach online to help writers become published authors. 

Community – When you join The Novelry for a course, your plan includes membership and access to all their online writing workshops and events.

With bestselling authors and a writing community that’s open day and night, their workshops are offered live online worldwide, available across all time zones and recorded for you to catch up on if you should miss one.

The aim of this is for writers to be able to explore the writing process in a safe space to deepen their craft and learn from bestselling authors. 

The Novelry Pricing

As mentioned above The Novelry has three different tiers of package available for writers.

The Novel Kickstarter Course$1950 

  • Find the story and write a first draft
  • The Classic Course 
  • The Ninety Day Novel Course 
  • Six Coaching Sessions 
  • A Year’s Membership

The Novel Development Course – $2250

  • Complete and edit the novel you started
  • The Ninety Day Novel Course
  • The Big Edit Course
  • Six Coaching Sessions
  • A Year’s Membership

The Finished Novel Course – $3499

  • The writer to author career path
  • The complete 3 step programme plus a full manuscript assessment for submission to literary agents
  • The Classic Course
  • The Ninety Day Novel Course
  • The Big Edit Course
  • The Ultimate Manuscript Assessment
  • Six Coaching Sessions
  • A Year’s Membership

Downsides to The Novelry

While online fiction writing schools like The Novelry offer valuable resources and guidance, there are several potential downsides that writers should consider. 

The most significant drawback is often the cost. Enrolling in these programs can be expensive, and for writers on a tight budget, it may not be a feasible option. 

Plus, not all writers may find the structure and curriculum of such schools suitable for their individual needs. Some writers thrive in a more flexible and self directed environment, and these programs may feel restrictive.

Another potential downside is the time commitment. Many writing schools have set schedules and deadlines, which may not align with a writer’s existing commitments and routines. This can lead to stress and frustration, especially if a writer is juggling other responsibilities.

Additionally, while the community and feedback provided by these schools can be beneficial, it is essential to recognize that the quality and effectiveness of the instruction can vary. Not all programs may live up to their promises, and some writers may find that they are not receiving the level of guidance or mentorship they expected.

What are the alternatives to The Novelry

There are various alternative options for writers seeking to hone their craft and improve their writing skills outside of enrolling in an online writing school like The Novelry. These alternatives provide flexibility, affordability, and unique opportunities for growth. Here is a comprehensive guide to some of these options.

Self Study: Many successful writers are self-taught. With an abundance of free and paid resources available, writers can develop their skills through self-study. Books on writing, online articles, and writing forums offer valuable insights and advice.

Workshops and Classes: Local writing workshops or community college writing classes are often more affordable than online schools. They provide opportunities for in-person learning and peer feedback.

Critique Groups: Joining or forming a critique group with fellow writers allows for constructive feedback and peer editing. These groups are often free and can meet in person or online.

Writing Conferences: Attending writing conferences or seminars can provide valuable networking opportunities and exposure to industry professionals. These events may include workshops and lectures on various aspects of writing.

Writing Retreats: Consider attending writing retreats in peaceful and inspiring locations. These retreats often provide a conducive environment for focused writing and offer opportunities to connect with like-minded writers.

Online Writing Communities: Joining online writing communities and forums allows writers to share their work, receive feedback, and connect with a supportive community.

Mentorship: Some established writers offer mentorship programs. Being mentored by an experienced author can be an invaluable learning experience.

Writing Software and Tools: Utilize writing software and tools designed to assist writers with grammar, style, and editing. Many of these tools are available for free or at a low cost.

Free Online Courses: Various platforms offer free online writing courses from reputed universities and institutions, such as Coursera and edX.

Book Clubs: Joining a book club can help writers gain insights into different writing styles and literary discussions, enhancing their understanding of storytelling.

Reading Widely: Reading a diverse range of books and genres can expand a writer’s knowledge and inspire creativity.

Library Resources: Local libraries offer writing resources, workshops, and access to books on writing and literature.

Each of these alternative options has its advantages and can cater to a writer’s specific needs, goals, and budget. Writers should explore these options to find the one that best fits their individual writing journey.

The Novelry Review – Final Verdict

In short, The Novelry is a well established online fiction writing school which can offer something valuable to aspiring authors. It provides a structured approach to writing and a supportive community of writers. 

However, while it may be the right choice for some, it is essential to remember that there are various alternative paths to becoming a successful writer. 

Self publishing, in particular, offers writers the freedom to pursue their creative vision without the constraints of coursework or tuition fees. It provides an opportunity for writers to learn by doing, gain real world experience, and maintain full control over their work. 

If you’re writing fiction and considering where to get more help, schedule a call with our team by clicking the image below.

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