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Posted on Nov 16, 2023

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Given the sheer number of publishing companies that exist in today’s market, combined with the number of potential customers these companies are attempting to attract to do business with, it is no wonder that any competitive edge can be of vital importance.

Spiffing Publishing have therefore decided to market themselves as a “progressive” and “modern” publishing company. Encouraging to hear certainly, but what exactly do those words entail in practice?

In this review, we will be taking a microscope to these claims to establish what exactly it means and if it is just marketing slogans and buzzwords or if there is substance behind these claims.

I’ve included my overall rating in the box below, but by the end, you will be well equipped with the knowledge and insight to understand exactly what Spiffing Publishing does and be able to determine if they are worthy of your time, effort, and money as you decide the next steps in your publishing journey.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Who is Spiffing Publishing?

Slightly confusingly, Spiffing Publishing also seems to operate under a second name; Spiffing Covers.

Regardless of the name, they were founded as a result of their passion for helping authors to get their books to market in the most professional way possible. Since it was founded in 2012, Spiffing Publishing has aimed to develop unique strategies and standout assistance in order to offer every conceivable service that self publishers need to have the very best chance of success. They strive to create a blend of self publishing that is passionate, progressive, personal and professional.

On their website, they state that their defining moment came very early on in their development, and it catalyzed the start of a progressive ethos that would define how all of the teams at Spiffing approach collaboration with authors. 

It was the realization that it is not good enough to simply offer commodified services at arm’s length; authors need qualitative solutions to qualitative questions, and their books require great individual care. 

They heard about many cases of poor treatment from publishing companies, many of whom are unresponsive, aloof and whose services are often homogenized and rudimentary. 

In addition, they are told of those who charge for services and yet still take ownership and royalties out of the hands of the authors they represent. They believe that this is not true self publishing, and in their view, is often unethical.

Spiffing Publishing Services and Pricing

Spiffing Publishing has a dedicated services tab on their website which outlines all of their offerings, an overview of which has been included below.

  • Book Cover Design
  • eBook Conversion
  • Five Star Editing
  • Page Layout
  • Print and POD
  • Children’s Books
  • Book / Author Websites
  • ISBNs and Barcodes
  • Book Distribution
  • Book Launch Videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Specialist Books
  • Book Marketing Package

There is no available insight into the pricing of the above services, although there is a form fill out available for potential customers to receive a personalized quote.

This approach has its pros and cons. On the one hand, receiving a custom quote ensures that you will only ever pay for the services you need and will receive more of a bespoke service.

However, by not including any price guidance up front, it places a barrier between you and the end product which may take more time and effort without any guarantee of the result.

Spiffing Publishing Portfolio and Testimonials

Both the portfolio and the testimonials tab on Spiffing Publishing’s website offers insights into their prior work and all is positive. The books look professionally made with well designed cover art and the responses from previous clients are glowing in its praise of the company’s professionalism and efforts.

However, whilst not a criticism of Spiffing Publishing as an individual company, it is natural for anyone to include the best of both of these in order to portray the company in the most positive light possible and it is therefore advisable to do an independent search to gain insight that is not hand selected by the company itself.

In doing so, there is little information to find which is unusual. That is not to say customers have had any bad experiences but it is common to find independent reviews on third party websites of which there is little.

What are the alternatives to Spiffing Publishing?

When considering publishing options, you may find yourself at a crossroads between traditional publishing and the emerging trend of hybrid publishing companies, such as Spiffing Publishing. 

While hybrid publishers offer a blend of traditional and self publishing services, it is essential to explore alternative paths, particularly the advantages of self publishing.

1. Self-Publishing Independence

  • Advantage: Complete control over the creative process from writing to cover design.
  • Consideration: Requires a hands-on approach to marketing and distribution.

2. Cost-Effective Approach

  • Advantage: Self-publishing often involves fewer upfront costs compared to hybrid publishing.
  • Consideration: Budgeting for professional editing, cover design, and marketing is crucial.

3. Royalties and Profits

  • Advantage: Higher royalty rates for self-published authors, leading to greater potential profits.
  • Consideration: Increased responsibility for marketing to maximize book sales.

4. Speed to Market

  • Advantage: Swift publication process, allowing authors to reach readers more quickly.
  • Consideration: Quality may be compromised without thorough editing and professional design.

5. Flexibility in Content and Design

  • Advantage: Unrestricted creative freedom for content, format, and release schedule.
  • Consideration: Authors must handle formatting and layout or hire professionals.

6. Marketing and Visibility

  • Advantage: Direct control over marketing strategies and building a personal brand.
  • Consideration: Requires a proactive approach to promotional activities.

Potential Downsides of Hybrid Publishing

  • Costly Packages: Hybrid publishers often charge significant upfront fees.
  • Loss of Control: Authors may have less influence over design and marketing decisions.
  • Royalty Sharing: Hybrid publishers may retain a percentage of book royalties.

Exploring alternatives reveals that self publishing empowers authors with control, cost effectiveness, and creative freedom. 

While hybrid publishing may suit some, understanding the self publishing landscape is crucial for informed decisions on the journey to becoming a published author.

Spiffing Publishing Review – Final Thoughts

Spiffing Publishing is clearly a professional and well intentioned company, aiming to right some of the wrongs that exist in the hybrid publishing market.

The advantages of such an approach include professional guidance, editorial services, and assistance in navigating the complexities of the publishing world. 

However, regardless of speaking their truth in aiming to become a more modern and progressive company, there is an unavoidable fact in this model; the upfront costs. Writers still have to pay what can at times be substantial fees for their services, which is something many people are simply not in a position to be able to do.

As we reflect on the landscape of hybrid publishing, it becomes evident that self publishing stands out as a compelling alternative. The autonomy it offers authors; from complete control over content to flexibility in design and rapid speed to market—provides a liberating experience. 

Plus, the cost effectiveness of self-publishing, with the potential for higher royalties and profits, empowers authors to make their mark without compromising financial resources.

Spiffing Publishing therefore deserves your consideration as a viable option without question, but only on the condition that regardless of how well intentioned and professional they are, it is still a business that strives to make a profit and will require significant investment on your part.

If you’re still searching for the best path to publish your book and you’d like to talk through your publishing options, schedule a call with our resource team below.

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