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Posted on Aug 14, 2023

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When it comes to aspiring authors and their decision to embark on a self publishing journey, there are of course various challenges that must be overcome along the way. Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult to navigate is book reviews.

In such a saturated market, it can be difficult for authors to stand out and receive sufficient book reviews to both achieve credibility and draw the necessary attention to their book in order to make it a success.

However, the silver lining lies in the emergence of solutions tailored to address this very concern. One of these solutions is a product called ‘Pubby,’ a promising platform designed to bridge the gap between writers and the coveted reviews they are striving to receive.

In this article, we take a deep dive into who Pubby are, what they do, and ultimately if they are worth consideration for self publishing authors facing this common problem. I’ve provided my overall rating below, then you can dive into the sections that are of most interest to you.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This Pubby review contains:

  1. What is Pubby?
  2. What does Pubby offer?
  3. How much does Pubby cost?
  4. Further information about Pubby?
  5. Alternatives to Pubby?
  6. Pubby – final verdict

What is Pubby?

Pubby operates as a platform aiming to cater to the needs of self-published authors seeking authentic and meaningful reviews for their Amazon-listed books. The mechanism revolves around a community of fellow authors, all sharing the common aspiration of garnering reviews. Upon registering with Pubby, authors are enabled to upload their work and specify the preferred review types.

The spectrum of review options includes standard reviews, where authors provide a book file for free reading; Kindle Unlimited reviews, facilitating access for Kindle Unlimited members; and Verified Purchase reviews, involving eBook purchases from Amazon within a $4.99 price range.

The acquisition of reviews on Pubby operates through something called “snaps,”which is the community’s internal currency. Earning snaps is predominantly achieved by reviewing books authored by other members. However, recognizing the constraints faced by busy writers, alternative snap-earning avenues are available.

These amassed snaps can subsequently be exchanged to receive reviews for one’s own books. Notably, Pubby commences every author’s journey with a sign-up incentive of 1,500 snaps, typically sufficient for acquiring the first review without the need for additional snap accumulation.

What does Pubby offer?

As per their website, Pubby has a list of highlighted features which we will outline below;

Unlimited Reviews – On Pubby, authors have full control of when and how often they get reviewed. Pubby’s Author Dashboard informs users when readers start reading their book, and when they have posted their reviews

Bonus Reviews – Pubby has a Readers Program which lets readers read for free in exchange for their reviews. This means that users get bonus reviews without having to use snaps

No Commitment – Subscriptions are available to cancel anytime and user plans can be changed to fit publishing activity and budget 

Fast Turnaround – Pubby has no waitlist. Their standard turnaround is just 3 days and with their ‘Speedy’ option, authors can contribute extra snaps for a 24-hour turnaround

No Charge or Fee Per Review – Pay one flat fee per month, not per review like other book review sites. There is no cap on how many reviews users can receive per month

Privacy – Users’ books are only seen by interested reviewers allowing them to choose whether they provide a free copy of their book or require readers to read through their book listing’s purchase options

How much does Pubby cost?

Pubby offers a flat pricing structure without any tiers, which creates a simple process for any potential users. For $20 per month, (free for the first ten days), users will receive unlimited reviews for all their books. As per their website, this plan also includes individual customer support and a 30 day money back guarantee if users are unsatisfied with the offering.

Whilst some authors may be skeptical about a financial outlay of this kind, the vast majority are likely to see the value in such a service and see it as a long term investment that will pay dividends in the long run. Indeed, one only has to glance at the review section on Pubby’s website to see a long list of users who are more than happy with the service.

Further information about Pubby

At Pubby, authors can receive reviews directly on their book listings, as their reviewers post their evaluations directly. If users choose to cancel their membership or free trial, their reviews will remain intact on, and their earned snaps will be recorded for future use upon their potential return to Pubby.

Pubby also offers a 10-day free trial for all membership plans, during which users can retain the book reviews received forever, and cancellation can be easily managed through the ‘Account Settings’ page within the initial 10 days to avoid any charges.

Refunds are available within 72 hours of users’ most recent payment, and the cancellation process does not necessitate contacting support. Upon subscribing to Pubby’s memberships, authors are granted access to an Author Dashboard, facilitating book uploads and snap and review tracking. It is important to note that Pubby safeguards users’ data privacy by not revealing any information to public users or external services such as Google and Amazon.

Additionally, only reviewers who have agreed to review users’ manuscripts will have access to it. Pubby accepts a variety of file types, including .epub and .pdf, and welcomes books from all genres.

Alternatives to Pubby

Despite the clear positives of a product such as Pubby, some authors may simply not be in a financial position to spend $20 a month. Also, a self-publishing author may not have the time on their hands to spend reviewing other users’ works in order to earn the ‘snaps’.

There are other review platforms like Booksprout or Bookroar, with similar offers.

If you’d prefer to not use any of those types of services, there are other options you can consider in order to maximize getting more book reviews.

Firstly, engaging with existing social networks can yield organic reviews from friends, family, and acquaintances. Additionally, leveraging personal websites or blogs to offer advanced reader copies in exchange for reviews can garner authentic feedback.

Participation in writer groups, both online and offline, can establish connections with fellow authors willing to exchange critiques. Collaborations with book bloggers and reviewers can also lead to unbiased appraisals. Moreover, joining online book clubs or reader communities can foster genuine discussions and reviews. 

These alternative routes not only have the potential for authentic reviews but also nurture a sense of camaraderie among authors and readers, creating an environment of mutual support without having any financial expense.

Pubby review – our final verdict

A book’s success hinges greatly on the invaluable currency of reviews and platforms like Pubby have emerged as genuine solutions to an age-old problem for self-publishing authors. With a communal spirit at its core, Pubby not only alleviates the often daunting task of acquiring reviews but also fosters a network of supportive peers.

The convenience of multiple review options, the ingenious “snap” system, and the provision of a free trial are the keys to making Pubby a viable option. 

Sufficient reviews not only bolster a book’s visibility but also offer a reliable signpost to readers seeking their next book of choice to read. Ultimately, for authors in a position to afford it, Pubby is an excellent option to garner sufficient reviews for their books and help them and the work, a success. 

If you’re still exploring options to get more reviews and publicity for your book, and you’d like to discuss it with someone, schedule a call with our team by clicking the image below.

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