“I Didn’t Want to Die With a Story Inside” – How He Did it

Posted on Dec 9, 2022


It’s never too late to write and publish a book successfully, no matter what anyone tells you.

Not at 40, not at 50, and not even at 80. The idea that there’s a timestamp on your ability to publish a book is a false narrative we’ve been feeding ourselves to avoid confronting something scary.

And we all know what’s scariest to us is the most important to us.

Bill Soroka knew as much. He decided to write a book when he was only 4-years-old.

A few decades later, he followed through on that commitment. Better late than never, right?

How many times have you thought, “I should write a book this year,”? How many people have even told you that you should write a book?

It’s actually a common aspiration, with about 80% of people expressing the desire to write a book.

So why, then, do only 2% of people follow through?

Usually, and what we hear most often from students, is that they just don’t know where to start or they don’t think it’s a possibility for them.

But with Self-Publishing School, Bill Soroka was able to keep the promise he made to his 4-year-old self and publish his book because ultimately, he didn’t want to die with a story still inside.

Everyone Has a Story Inside of Them

We’re big believers here at Self-Publishing School that everyone has a story inside of them.

No matter what you’ve done or have gone through, your perspective and events in your life makes that story unique—and worth telling. At only 4-years-old, Bill knew just as much.

But, as with what happens as we grow older, his own perceptions and likely that of those around him made him think he couldn’t do it, that it was impossible.

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Misconceptions in the Publishing Industry Almost Led Him to QUIT

We know how much information out there about the publishing industry is false. Particularly when it comes to the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

And Bill was a victim of those misconceptions for years.

It prevented him from following his oldest dream to become an author because he just thought it wasn’t in his realm of possibility.

“Self-Publishing School made publishing on my own a possibility. Not understanding how the publishing world worked, I just assumed I wouldn’t be able to do it or I’d have to work too hard to get myself published.”

This is not uncommon. After all, who wants to spend years simply looking for an agent to take them on, and then have to go through the process of seeing which publishing house will take their book?

And then have to wait in line another couple years for that publishing day to come?

But this is what people think is their only option to publish a book. When it’s simply not.

“When I saw Self-Publishing School and saw the success other people were having doing it, and held a book in my hand that was self-published that was good, it really opened my world.”

If you want to check out some of our students’ published books, head over to the Self-Publishing School Library!

The Community Made All The Difference

From never getting past three pages, to publishing a great book was Bill’s biggest accomplishment, to which he credits the community at Self-Publishing School greatly.

It’s hard to showcase just how big our community is and how willing and ready we are to help each other at the drop of a hat.

In addition to the community within Self-Publishing School team members, the Mastermind Community (which each student gets into for free) is made up of over 2500 members, there to aid others in the journey based on their own experiences.

Here are just a few pictures showcasing how the community can help in so many ways.

The Best Part of the Process Was Also The Worst

Few people see writing a book as something as impactful as it really is.

Bill was able to experience first-hand what publishing a book can really do for your mind and spirit.

“When you write a book, you meet every demon that you have inside; the insecurities, the fears, the procrastination, everything that came up.”

Writing and publishing a book is a vulnerable process. Many people who don’t succeed often get overwhelmed by the process without the right support.

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Feeling doubt as writer is common, but it should never stop you from pursuing your dreams.

It might be a scary journey, but it’s worthwhile.

Just take it from Bill:

“Who I become by writing this book is my favorite part of writing this book.”

If you’re ready to experience that growth the way Bill did, don’t wait. Start today!

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