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Posted on Feb 6, 2024

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If you’re looking for writing classes, this Gotham Writers review is for you. Writing classes can take your book to the next level, bring in a strong readership, and establish you as a credible author in your genre.

But how do you determine which writing classes are best for you? How do you determine which writing aspects you need to focus more time on? And how do you make the decision about which writing classes to invest in? 

In this article, I cover what you need to know about Gotham Writers so you can make an educated choice on whether or not to invest in what they offer. 

Gotham Writers Review: What’s Covered

What Is Gotham Writers?

Gotham Writers, established in 1993, is a hub for writers to learn both creative writing and business writing. They describe themselves as:

“A creative home where writers develop their craft and come together in the spirit of discovery and fellowship. We’ve been teaching creative writing and business writing since 1993.”

This brief summary points out the importance of both sides of the writing process: the creative aspects as well as the business side. 

Writing without a focus on business can tank an author’s career. Focusing strictly on the business side can quickly deplete the creative elements of writing.

So what exactly does Gotham Writers offer? 

Gotham Writers Review: What They Offer

In this Gotham Writers review, I first cover their free resources for the general public. Gotham Writers also offers paid classes and various additional resources, but for now, let’s look at what they offer everyone. 

Gotham Writers Review: The Free Side

After you type in their name or website name (writing classes dot com), you will see they offer an entire drop-down menu of resources.

The resources include: 

  • Inside Writing
  • Reading/resource lists
  • Writer’s toolbox
  • Gotham blog

Let’s briefly discuss each.

Inside Writing 

Recorded live between 2020 and 2022, the discussions are saved in the Gotham Writers archives. You can also access them on any podcast platform.

Reading/resource lists

This list is extensive, and available for anyone. 

The resources provided cover the following:

  • Blog and Newsletter Writing
  • Business 
  • Children’s Books
  • Essay and Opinion
  • Feature Articles
  • Fiction 
  • Food Writing
  • Publishing Short Nonfiction
  • How To Get Published
  • Humor
  • Memoir 
  • Mystery 
  • Nonfiction Book Proposal
  • Playwriting
  • Poetry 
  • Romance 
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Screenwriting
  • Songwriting
  • Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Travel 
  • True Story: Teen Creative Nonfiction
  • TV Writing
  • Teen Creative Writing
  • Video Game Writing

While these lists link to books you can purchase, free, easily accessible lists on so many topics is truly impressive. 

Writer’s toolbox

While the toolbox houses some of the resources mentioned above, it also includes fresh material. 

This material is:

  • Ask The Writer
  • Author Q&A
  • Character Questionnaire 
  • Faculty Articles
  • Tips From The Masters 

Simply providing a free character questionnaire would make a great giveaway for writers. Gotham Writers gives it away without even asking for your email address. 


Last but not least, browse the Gotham Writers blog for short, digestible content on writing.

Gotham Writers Review: The Paid Side

Let’s now turn our Gotham Writers review to the paid side of their company. Many writers wonder, How long does it take to publish a book? The answer is subjective, but it largely depends on how much help the writer receives in the process.

One-On-One Feedback

Gotham Writers offers one-on-one coaching, for a fee, for writers at many stages of the writing process. These services range from anywhere from several hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars. 

Of course, your investment reflects the amount of coaching you receive. From help on creative writing to helping you through your higher education process, Gotham Writers has you covered. 

But, a Gotham Writers review wouldn’t be complete without a taste of more definitive price points. 

Here are a few that you may be interested in:

  • $595, nonfiction book proposal
  • $375, query letter coaching 
  • $300, blog launch 

They also offer Creative Writing Doctoring. This comes in a tiered system so you can choose what best suits your needs. The rate for Doctoring is $80 per hour. Gotham Writers uses the following example to provide an idea of what this service entails:

Book Doctoring (novels, memoirs)

1 hour for every 15 pages read (1 page = 275 words) plus

1 hour for written critique plus

2-hour consultation, either in person or via phone or Zoom.

For example, a 58,000-word novel (approximately 211 pages) would be: 14-hour read plus 1 hour for a written critique plus a 2-hour consultation. Total: $1,360.

In short, the longer your book is, the more financial investment necessary. However, there is also the option to invest in one of their classes, learn the material, and apply it to your manuscript on your own. 

Group Classes

One of the beautiful things about Gotham Writers is that they offer in-person and online classes (both asynchronous and live). So, if you choose an in-person option, you’ll be flying to New York City. Some will love it, some will not. That’s why online is also available as a great alternative.

It takes a little digging to find price points for the classes. However, if you choose a class and click ENROLL, the price point will come up. 

For example, when browsing through their site, I choose to look at the Fiction Writing online course. They price this ten-week workshop at $439, with a registration fee of $25. The total comes out to $464. 

Alternative Options To Gotham Writers

It’s easy to look through this Gotham Writers review and feel a bit overwhelmed at the amount offered, layout of the website, and the ala carte price points. If you have the time and finances to invest, it may be worth trying one-on-one coaching or a more full and comprehensive program where everything is included for one simple price. 

Whatever the case, below are a few alternatives to make yourself aware of:

1. Hire your own book coach 

You may want to consider working with a book coach long-term. This way, you can ensure you have someone to guide you every step of the way. 

2. Enter writing contests 

You can learn how to win self-published book awards. A big part of this process starts with entering a writing contest. Often, contests provide feedback. This feedback can be invaluable for aspiring authors. 

3. Learn how to query and pitch your book

If you’re planning on going the traditional publishing route, expect to spend years querying agents, begging for their attention. You’ll likely get some query letter responses, and with each one, consider their feedback and how you can improve. You’re in it for the long haul and you want an agent to pick up your book.

If you’re planning on going the self-publishing route, it’s still good to learn how to pitch your book, because you’ll essentially be doing that when you write the book description on Amazon. The difference is that you’re selling your book directly to a reader, not to a literary agent or gatekeeper.

4. Self-publish on Amazon

Learning the ins and outs of self-publishing on Amazon is a lesson in itself. Not only will you learn the details of the self-publishing process, but you will also put your book out into the world. Publishing a book is on many people’s bucket lists. Why not scratch this one off yours and learn a great deal in the process?

5. Learn social media marketing 

If you dream of becoming a full-time author, do your own study. Get feedback from fellow writers in online writing communities. Eventually, you may want to consider learning how to use Facebook ads for authors and create your own website. These two steps can tremendously benefit your future writing career.

Gotham Writers Review: Final Thoughts And Next Step

Gotham Writers offers many resources for writers, both free and paid. The website could benefit from a bit more streamlined approach, as well as price points stated more clearly. But overall, these resources seem helpful for writers at various stages of the writing journey.

Once you finish your draft, you’ll need to learn how to self-edit, as well as learn what to expect from a professional editor. Knowing what to expect is the first step to making an informed decision, so download your free guide today!

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