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Posted on Aug 14, 2023

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There are many benefits for a writer to choose the route of self publishing; increase in creative control, higher percentage of any revenue and autonomy over the entire project to name but a few. However, these upsides do not come without any challenges and one of the most pervasive is the issue with getting a sufficient number of book reviews to both establish credibility and raise the profile of the book high enough for it to be a success.

Thankfully, there are now numerous companies who have set up to address this issue and in this article we will be taking a close look at one of them; Get Books Reviewed.

We will break down in detail their exact offering, features, price points and finally whether or not they should be worth consideration for any self-publishing authors who feel their work needs an increase in review numbers.

This Get Books Reviewed Review contains:

  1. What is Get Books Reviewed?
  2. Who is Get Books Reviewed for?
  3. Pros of Get Books Reviewed
  4. Get Books Reviewed cons
  5. How much does Get Books Reviewed cost?
  6. Alternatives to Get Books Reviewed
  7. Get Books Reviewed review – final verdict

What is Get Books Reviewed?

Get Books Reviewed can perhaps best be described as a membership community that offers an exceptional opportunity to engage with a collection of captivating and uplifting books, crafted by authors who share a common quest for insightful reviews.

The process is simple: all books find a home within a centralized database, meticulously categorized for easy access. This arrangement ensures any user’s literary work gains visibility, catching the eyes of fellow members who might consider reviewing it.

As an author, your engagement entails submitting an unlimited number of books to the reader’s club, facilitated by a single, predetermined monthly or annual membership fee. It is important to emphasize that this is not a payment for, or an exchange of, book reviews.

Instead, your membership fee grants you “access” to a dynamic reading club boasting a diverse and ever-evolving library of literary gems. Their algorithm operates in such a manner that while authors actively review works by their peers, reciprocity is avoided.

For instance, if you write a review for one of my books, my visibility of your contributions is intentionally diminished, eradicating any potential for unintentional bias. 

This approach eliminates any chance of perceived book review “swaps,” assuring a level playing field where the reviewer remains anonymous, fostering impartiality and integrity throughout the process.

Who is Get Books Reviewed for?

Authors who would find immense value in utilizing a service like Get Books Reviewed are those who have chosen the path of self-publishing and seeking genuine feedback without the intricacies of reciprocal reviews. This platform caters particularly well to writers keen on discovering new and uplifting literature while also striving to have their own works acknowledged by a like-minded community. It is an ideal fit for authors who understand the importance of diverse perspectives and are open to constructive critique from fellow literary enthusiasts. 

Moreover, this service offers a level playing field, appealing to authors who appreciate the transparency of an algorithm that eradicates potential biases. Whether established writers looking to explore new genres or emerging authors seeking to gain visibility, this service offers a unique space for mutual support and genuine engagement that extends beyond the confines of traditional review swaps.

Pros of Get Books Reviewed

Unlock the benefits of a rapid review process with turnaround times as short as 1-5 days upon review submission, enhancing the visibility of your book on Amazon swiftly. 

For an affordable monthly fee, access an unlimited stream of book reviews, a service easily cancellable at any time, granting you the flexibility you need. 

Recognize the significance of consistent book reviews backed by research demonstrating their impact, where the quantity of reviews outweighs ratings, provided they exceed a 3.5-star threshold. 

Moreover, these reviews hold substantial social proof, influencing the quality and quantity of Amazon book reviews which are vital elements in establishing credibility.

Embrace the synergy between reviews and active book listings; each review prompts downloads, maintaining your Amazon presence and bolstering organic rankings. 

As downloads and reviews surge, so does Amazon’s acknowledgment of your work, amplifying its visibility over time. 

Get Books Reviewed cons

No free option, financial outlay for self publishing authors may not be viable.

Website lacks a filled out FAQ and “raves” section designed for members’ feedback.

Users may not have the time to spend on a platform reviewing other books in order to earn the necessary tokens for garnering book reviews of their own work.

How much does Get Books Reviewed cost?

Get Books Reviewed has two price offerings, monthly and annual, full details of which can be found below.

Monthly – Free for 10 days, then $19.99 per month

Annual – Free for 10 days, then $15 per month

Both of these plans include unlimited potential reviews for each book, no charge or fee for book reviews, individual and customized customer support and the ability to cancel the subscription anytime with just one click.

Alternatives to Get Books Reviewed

While Get Books Reviewed is a great offering, authors looking to enhance their review count have various alternative avenues to explore. Engaging with existing personal networks presents an organic way to gather reviews from friends, family, and acquaintances who are genuinely invested in the author’s success. Authors can also leverage social media platforms to reach a broader audience, offering their books to potential reviewers in exchange for unbiased feedback. Collaborating with book bloggers and reviewers in the genre can provide a fresh perspective and attract a wider readership.

Participation in writer forums and online communities allows authors to connect with peers willing to exchange reviews. Engaging with readers through book clubs or online reading groups can lead to valuable feedback. Utilizing author newsletters or blogs to provide advanced reader copies can create a loyal audience eager to contribute reviews. Additionally, tapping into services like beta readers or hiring professional review services can offer well-rounded evaluations. 

It is worth noting that while Get Books Reviewed emphasizes anonymity, some authors might prefer building personal connections within their review process. Ultimately, the path chosen should align with an author’s goals, comfort level, and desire for authenticity in the pursuit of bolstering their book’s recognition.

Get Books Reviewed review – final verdict

When it comes to self-published authors, Get Books Reviewed offers an innovative solution that will likely strike a chord with writers seeking genuine recognition and an increase in review numbers. Their commitment to fostering an environment of equitable support, free from the constraints of reciprocal reviews, underscores its dedication to the craft and camaraderie of writing.

By uniting authors in a space where discovery, constructive critique, and personal growth intertwine, they have emerged as a genuine solution to a seemingly age-old problem.

The benefits of using Get Books Reviewed extend far beyond its operational mechanics. As reviews accumulate organically, authors stand to gain not only in terms of visibility and credibility but also in the enrichment of their writing journeys. Each review becomes a stepping stone toward refining narratives and resonating more deeply with an audience. 

Ultimately then, all of this is a clear positive, and any authors facing such a challenge who has the financial ability to commit to Get Books Reviewed would be well placed to invest in their service and turn over another stone in their quest to make their work as visible and therefore as successful as possible.

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