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Posted on Sep 9, 2021

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Whatever you do, don’t invest in Five Minutes to Famous by Susie Moore before you read this full review!

Five Minutes to Famous is a course that shares the process Susie Moore used to elevate her platform into the stratosphere, eventually being featured on and getting endorsed by the likes of Ariana Huffington.

But is Five Minutes to Famous a good fit for you and your needs? What exactly does it teach? Read on to discover all that and more so you can decide if Five Minutes to Famous is the best course for your goals.

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What is Five Minutes to Famous by Susie Moore?

Five Minutes to Famous is a process taught by Susie Moore that allows anyone to leverage their unique voice and perspective to create a powerful platform. Moore’s method uses the power of pitching to editors and writing for their publications as the basis for growing your personal brand and influence.

Susie Moore is an author and coach who focuses on helping people feel confident and live the life of their dreams. People love Susie for her ability to bring brightness and positivity to any situation and that energy definitely comes across on Five Minutes to Famous.

So why should you consider investing in Five Minutes to Famous?

If you dream of writing for some of the biggest publications out there, but don’t know how to make it happen, Five Minutes to Famous gives you a proven process to follow, no matter who you are or what background you have. 

Five Minutes to Famous Pros and Perks

So what are the best things about Five Minutes to Famous?

After taking the full course more than once, these five things stood out:

1.   Applicable for writers of all types

Although Susie Moore happens to be a coach, don’t make the mistake of thinking this course is only useful for other coaches looking to grow their influence.

While the ideas taught in Five Minutes to Famous will definitely be useful if you’re a coach or consultant, I promise they will work just as well no matter your area of expertise happens to be.


The core skills taught in the course, like reaching editors at publications and pitching to them successfully, apply to any niche or field.

Susie also emphasizes that you don’t need to have any kind of formal writing education at all to use her program. She reassures you that your natural voice is good enough.

2.   Susie Moore’s energy and teaching style

I’d say that perhaps the biggest highlight of Five Minutes to Famous is Susie Moore and her bubbly teaching style.

It’s easy to imagine parts of the course, like the process of finding editors’ contact details, being dry and uninspiring in the hands of a teacher without Susie’s personality. Instead, you will find yourself paying attention and being drawn to her energy and charm.

If you’re unfamiliar with Susie Moore, why not check out this podcast we did with her before getting started with Five Minutes to Famous? Read some of her articles and get a feel for her style. That way, you’ll know if Five Minutes to Famous is likely to be something you’ll enjoy.

3.   No fluff, all substance

If you’ve taken several courses over the years, you’ll no doubt have encountered one that was full of repetition, useless information, and a meandering structure.

Thankfully, Five Minutes to Famous is far from those things.

In fact, the ‘Five Minutes’ part of the course name comes from Susie’s desire to offer a digestible and understandable program that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

4.   Applicable to long-term success

One of the cool things about Five Minutes to Famous is it doesn’t just teach you valuable skills. It also teaches you how to leverage those skills to build the platform and life you truly want.

This is a lot better than other courses that other information without explaining how to best use it and how it fits into the wider picture. Susie does a great job of explaining exactly why everything she teaches matters and how it will help your goals.

5.   Incredible scripts and examples

The process of pitching an editor can be fraught with nerves for writers that have never done it. If you’ve ever spent time agonizing about how to word an outreach email, or if it’s polite to follow up, you’ll know just how that feels.

Five Minutes to Famous takes away the guesswork and uncertainty by showing the exact techniques that have worked for Susie Moore. You can use them yourself safe in the knowledge you’re following a proven formula instead of winging it.

Five Minutes to Famous Areas of Improvement

Now that you know the things I loved most about Five Minutes to Famous, let’s stop and consider things the course could have done better or differently.

1.   Could use additional examples

The examples that are included in Five Minutes to Famous are great. They take the guesswork out of what to say and when and how to say it.

However, the course could benefit from even more of these. There are so many different styles of writing that it would be great to see some examples of pitches, follow-ups, etc. from writers other than Susie Moore. Her polite, bubbly tone works really well for her, but other writers might find it doesn’t work for their personal style.

2.   Might be too short for some people

One of the key attractions of Five Minutes to Famous is its promise to teach the most essential information in the most succinct way possible.

This brevity will be appreciated by people who understand that’s what they’re getting. But for people who are fans of long, in-depth courses that cover lots of material in incredible depth, this might not be the best fit.

What You’ll Learn With Susie Moore’s Five Minutes to Famous

Five Minutes to Famous contains five modules as well as bonus material, a workbook, and access to a Facebook group.

So what does each module teach?

Module 1 – Your celebrity identity

The first module of Five Minutes to Famous focuses on helping you explore who you are as a writer and the message you want to share.

It teaches:

  • How to make sure your writing work is aligned with your brand
  • How to focus on your strengths and share them in a unique and memorable way
  • Techniques for making yourself more appealing to editors than anyone else
  • The best writing topics to get recognition and attention from media publications and readers
  • Ways to establish yourself as an authority in your field, so your perspective becomes sought after

This is one of the most important modules in the whole course. Without these important foundations, you won’t be equipped to go through the pitching process that follows.

As well as important mindset and identity advice, module 1 also teaches some invaluable practical information like different types of content and how to align your writing style with any given publication.

Module 2 – The Money Spot

After you’ve established who you are as a writer and what you want to say in module 1, module 2 switches focus to finding who you want to write for and how to find them.

This module covers:

  • How to have a thorough understanding of who exactly it is you’re looking to reach
  • The process of finding exactly which media is being consumed by your intended audience
  • Ways to connect with editors and gatekeepers at major media institutions – even if you don’t have a personal connection
  • How to tell the difference between opportunities that will move the needle for your goals and those that won’t
  • How writing can help boost your personal website through the power of SEO

The second module of Five Minutes to Famous does an incredible job of making really ambitious goals seem achievable.

As well as teaching you exactly how to get in touch with your dream publications, this module also helps preserve your precious time by explaining how to avoid going after the wrong opportunities.

Module 3 – Rejection proof pitching

Module 3 covers what many writers find to be the hardest part of the process – pitching.

If you’ve ever pitched before, you know how challenging it can be to overcome rejections and keep moving forward. Five Minutes to Famous covers exactly that.

Module 3 covers:

  • How to reach out to editors no matter what topic they are responsible for
  • A special technique to never run out of ideas that editors at Huffington Post and other major media publications love
  • The power of linking your writing to trending topics that editors need content about
  • Polite but assertive follow-up strategies to get a yes response from busy editors…without becoming an annoying stalker
  • How to follow up with an editor in a way that gets results without annoying them
  • My unique ‘laddering up’ sales technique to leverage each media feature to get more and bigger publications to approve your pitches
  • Susie Moore’s personal method for stacking success and ensuring your writing career and status grows over time

Success writing for multiple publications comes largely down to pitching. Pitching is so important as it’s not just the key to success, it’s also something that causes a lot of writers to give up prematurely.

It can be super frustrating and a waste of time to pitch without seeing results. Paying attention to this module will equip you with both the mindset and practical skillset you need to succeed.

Module 4 – Swoon Worthy Content

Of course, pitching is only part of the process. You also need killer content that delivers exactly what editors and audiences are looking for.

The course’s fourth module covers:

  • The five keys your article must contain to get featured
  • How to write content that not only keeps readers interested but encourages them to take action
  • My formula to make the writing process easy, fun and fast
  • Techniques for keeping writing enjoyable and quick
  • Proven methods for writing in a way that makes readers want to become future customers
  • On-page optimization ideas to make sure your website is ready for all the attention it will be getting

Writing in a way that bears fruit for your business and its goals isn’t something that comes naturally for most people.

Thankfully, Five Minutes to Famous breaks it down in an easy-to-understand and repeatable style.

You won’t be left guessing how to write content that converts after taking this module.

Module 5 – The Wildfire Factor

The final module of Five Minutes to Famous shows how publishing a piece of content isn’t the final stage in the cycle.

It breaks down exactly how to make a piece of content work harder for your business even after it’s gone live.

Module 5 teaches:

  • How to carry out a series of simple steps to ensure your content reaches the widest audience possible
  • The secrets of syndication that enable your content to reach fresh audiences
  • Methods to repurpose and repackage content to boost your efficiency and effectiveness
  • Susie Moore’s unique topic remix technique that allows existing content ideas to find new formats and homes
  • How to network and make connections with editors and other influential players within your field
  • The million-view trick to get your work shared by influencers who are happy to spread the word
  • Proven ways to get influencers interested in sharing your content with their followers

If you’re ready to leverage Susie Moore’s secrets to catapult your career to new heights, click here and check out Susie Moore’s Five Minutes to Famous now!

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