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Posted on Nov 15, 2023

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The topic of ghostwriting is somewhat of a sensitive one in the literary world. Some writers will go to great lengths to hide the fact that they have used a ghostwriter whereas others are proud to showcase the fact.

Regardless, the number of companies offering ghostwriting services have skyrocketed in recent times and writers who wish to have some outside help with their writing have numerous options and opportunities to consider.

One such company doing just this is Bookwriting Founders. Their main offering is ghostwriting services but they also provide general publishing offerings as well.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at Bookwriting Founders to uncover exactly what they provide, how much it costs, what people who have used their service have to say about it and ultimately, whether or not Bookwriting Founders should be be considered worthy of your choice for ghostwriting or indeed any other publishing services.

What is Bookwriting Founders?

There is little to be found on the website of Bookwriting Founders that offers any real insight into the backstory of the company or the owners themselves.

What we do know is that they have both offices in the UK and the USA and all of their copy on their website is in the English Language. Their LinkedIn page has a location set to Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Bookwriting Founders Services

Bookwriting Founders as touched upon earlier primarily seem to offer ghostwriting services, and they list the following genres they are able to work within.

  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Biography
  • Informative
  • Autobiography
  • Memoir
  • Writing Samples
  • Childrens Book
  • Business 

Their process for the ghostwriting service is also outlined on their website, which we have reproduced below to provide further insight into how they say it all works.

Signing Up – “Firstly, you start by signing up on our Website. You can sign up and then email us about your project or chat with our support staff. You will start by telling us a brief idea about your project.”

Questionnaire and Brief Form – “After that, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire about your project to tell us exactly how you want the book to be written. You can also share some manuscripts that you’ve written, so we have a better idea of what to write.”

Outline – “After reading your questionnaire, we will process an outline of your project, where we will highlight the details of each and every chapter. After your approval and revisions, we will consider the outline to be final and then proceed onward.”

Call Scheduling – “After the initial outline, we will schedule a call with you for chapter one. This is the most important part of the project, as this will lay the foundation of your entire project. We will write the first chapter based on your call recordings, and the same goes for each chapter to come.”

Approval – “We will write chapters based on your recordings and have them approved by you after each chapter. You can tell us the direction you want the story to take, and we will adjust it all accordingly.”

Delivery – “After everything has been done, we will proceed toward the final delivery of the project. This is where you will get everything included in your project, and you need to approve it one last time.”

Alongside their ghostwriting services they also offer more conventional book publishing services, which we have outlined below.

  • Editing: Developmental Editing, Editorial Assessment, Structural Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading
  • Book Printing: Paperback or Hardcover, Range of Sizes, Book Binding Options
  • Book Publishing
  • Book Marketing: Branding and Publicity, Book Video Trailers, Author Website
  • Audio Books

Bookwriting Founders Pricing

Unfortunately, and rather frustratingly, the pricing tab on Bookwriting Founder’s website does not offer any actual insights into how much any of their services cost. 

All it does have is a page with each service which once clicked upon provides a form fillout with a request for information such as name, email address and phone number.

This is an issue for two main reasons. Firstly, it provides a barrier between you and them, adding an extra hurdle to clear through the lack of transparency.

Secondly, the only way to find out about pricing specifics is by offering up personal information which you may not be comfortable doing, especially in an era when there is healthy and well deserved skepticism surrounding personal data usage by companies and the likelihood of receiving spam calls or emails.

An independent search online shows that pricing seems to vary wildly depending on the different services customers have selected, but there is one consistent which again is a worry which we will touch on next.

Other Bookwriting Founders Reviews

As mentioned above, it took an internet search to uncover any insight into Bookwriting Founders pricing, but in doing so also revealed some very troubling experiences that previous customers have had.

Many say outright that the company is at worst a scam or at best is a very poorly run service. If it is one one review, this may be forgivable but there is a level of consistency in this negative experiences which does little to inspire any confidence.

In the interests of balance and fairness, there are a number of positive reviews too, but even these provide pause, as they often appear generic or so vague it could have been written about anything.

In short, the best possible case scenario is that Bookwriting Founders has produced decidedly mixed results for its customers thus far.

What are the alternatives to Bookwriting Founders?

When considering writing and publishing options beyond a company like Bookwriting Founder’s services, you can explore various alternatives that offer flexibility and control over your work. Below is an outline of some of the various paths you could take.

1. Self-Publishing Platforms

  • Utilize platforms like Amazon self-publishing (Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP) or other self-publishing platforms for full control over the publishing process.
  • Manage formatting, cover design, and pricing independently.

2. Freelance Ghostwriters

  • Hire freelance ghostwriters through reputable platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, allowing direct collaboration and negotiation.

3. Writing Communities

  • Join writing communities, such as Wattpad or Scribophile, to share and receive feedback on your work.

4. Traditional Publishing

  • Pursue traditional publishing avenues by submitting manuscripts to literary agents or publishing houses.

5. Writing Workshops and Courses

  • Enhance your writing style through workshops or online courses, gaining insights without relying on external services.

6. Beta Readers

  • Engage beta readers to provide feedback on your manuscript before publishing, ensuring diverse perspectives.

7. DIY Marketing

  • Learn about book marketing strategies to independently promote your work through social media and other channels.

8. Hybrid Publishing Models

By exploring these alternatives, you can tailor their approach based on your goals, preferences and budget. Each option offers a unique pathway to bring your stories to readers.

Bookwriting Founders Review – Final Thoughts

Bookwriting Founders simply do not do enough to inspire confidence that investing money in their services is a worthwhile decision.

From the troublesomely negative reviews to be found online and the lack of transparency over pricing, to poorly written copy on their own website and a multitude of other options available, there are far better ways to spend money when trying to get assistance with writing and publishing a book.

If you’re still exploring your writing and publishing options and want to discuss it with someone, schedule a call with our resource team below.

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