8 Best Romance Authors: Which Authors to Follow and Even Learn From

Posted on Jun 20, 2019

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Brace yourself, because you’re about to feast your eyes on the best and totally non-partial or biased list of the best romance authors.

Out of the millions of crazy-talented authors out there, I’ve managed to put together 8 of the best romance authors I think were integral in shaping the lives of so many artistic, hopeless romantic souls vying for a place in this book genre.

Here are the 8 best romance authors:

  1. Jenna Moreci
  2. Josie Silver
  3. Rainbow Rowell
  4. Audrey Niffenegger
  5. Nicholas Sparks
  6. Judy Blume
  7. Richelle Mead
  8. Helen Hoang
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What makes a good romance novel?

It goes without saying that these romance authors’ books have become bestsellers. However, it’s a long way to get through to get on a bestseller list, but it’s real!

If you are one of those crazy guys who dare to overcome this path, make sure to pay attention to each and every detail of publishing your book.

Genuine romance authors know how to draw their readers’ attention right from the first page and even distract you from mulling over the plot even when you are not reading.

The most important point is they follow their idea, moving, sad, and a bit insane (or absolutely crazy one).

Best Romance Authors to Read and Learn From

Without further ado, here’s my list of the best romance authors.

You can read for fun or, if you’re looking to write a book, you can read and learn from their methods and techniques.

#1 – Jenna Moreci

While Moreci doesn’t just write romance, the romance included in her novels are drool-worthy, intriguing, and most importantly, healthy.

This author’s debut novel Eve: The Awakening featured a romantic subplot amidst interlopers, chimeras, and more and still held its own and shined.

Her second novel of a separate series, The Savior’s Champion is a romantic fantasy adventure where yes, the romance is a part of the main plot (and let’s be real, I could read about these characters’ love story forever!).

Moreci has a way of delivering the romance in a natural, yet intoxicating manner while sticking true to a healthy relationship—something this industry is in desperate need of.

If you love romance (along with some action), this is the author to keep an eye on.

Romance Author Jenna Moreci

#2 – Josie Silver

The Wolverhampton native is the author of One Day in December, a rising cult favorite that rose to fame thanks to the palpable warmth and charming characters that spring to life in every page.

Lovely doesn’t even begin to describe Silver’s writing; her words and stories are imbued with so much magic it’s hard not to cry or swoon when you’re so far deep into the story.

Although One Day in December is the first and only book in her repertoire at the moment, we’re hopeful for part 2 to Jack and Laurie’s whirlwind romance—or at least a spin-off!

One Day in December is the magic and chaos that ensues when you’re pretty certain you’ve just locked eyes with the love of your life, only for your bus to depart without him.

After a year of searching for him, you’re reunited one fateful night at your very own Christmas party—except he’s dating your roommate and BFF. Ten years of friendships, heartbreak, missed opportunities, and what ifs, roads not taken, and fate are reconsidered.

Josie Silver’s masterpiece is a reminder to everyone out there – hopeless romantic or otherwise – that true love and fate take inexplicable turns along the way to happiness, but it gets there.

So, to everyone out there who randomly locks eyes with someone cute on the way to work – if you feel it in your bones that they’re the one for you, go out there and do it! Who knows? They just might be the Jack to your Laurie!

#3 – Rainbow Rowell

If you love a good cry or heartwarming page tuner, then we reckon you should pick up any book from Miss Rowell’s highly acclaimed selection that goes from raw and real adult stories to warm and relatable teenager ones – all with a panache only the Nebraska local is capable of.

Rainbow Rowell has churned out masterpieces like Attachments, Landline, Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, and Carry On.

Out of the impressive lot, our winner is Eleanor & Park!

Romance Author Rainbow Rowell

Who knew domestic abuse, child abuse, themes of escape, bullying, and body image issues would make for one knock-out novel? Eleanor & Park is everything a coming-of-age story should be.

It makes you feel things so strongly, transports you to a time and place where all you can feel is Eleanor and how the world shifts around her.

Together you weep at her circumstances. Together your hearts flutter for one Park Sheridan. Together you escape to Minnesota in the hopes of surviving the hand you were drawn.

Riveting, raw, and real, this love story is something so uniquely special, it’ll be engraved on your brain for a long, long time.

#4 – Audrey Niffenegger

Okay, hear us out – time travel, unsurmountable passion, and a lifetime of waiting and intertwined destinies – could it get any better than this? Right, didn’t think so.

Niffenegger gave the world a gift when she released The Time Traveler’s Wife, one of the most widely successful romance books and films to have made it into the mainstream and cult favorite niche.

The story takes place between two lovers; Henry, a man born with the inexplicable ability to time travel, and Clare, a woman he has been drawn to meeting in several timelines.

They fall in love, and what follows next is a series of beautiful and tragic moments that teach us the pains of having to wait your whole life for the one that owns your heart.

We could only dream of creating work as stunning and riveting as this. We have so much respect for writers who hone their craft and go through the motions of delivering content that is nothing short of brilliant.

It can be a huge, daunting task, but thanks to lifehacks like Spreadsheeto to help the best of the best streamline ideas and get that creativity flowing quickly and efficiently.

#5 – Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is on this list of best romance authors, so that means this is pretty legit now, eh?

Kidding aside, this multi-awarded novelist and screenwriter is famous for bringing into the world a string of romance novels worthy of their own films.

Oh wait, most of them are already on the silver screen (and doing great at that!).

Sparks specializes in the language of intimacy and picturesque moments in time, and some of his greatest work include A Walk to Remember, The Notebook. The Last Song, Night in Rodanthe, The Lucky One, and Dear John.

Out of the string of popular picks, The Notebook is our favorite! (Shocker). Ryan Gosling aside, the story is impeccable from beginning to end.

Who doesn’t love young, passionate romance fueled by differences in societal rank and one nosey-as-hell mother out to get in the way of her teenage daughter’s whirlwind romance with a so-called hooligan?

Romance Authors

What you can expect from this fantastic read is a love story you’ll be begging the gods for.

#6 – Judy Blume

Hailing from New Jersey, Judy Blume is a multi-awarded child and young adult novelist whose incredible work has landed her permanency and veteran status in the hall of romance book fame.

The brilliant mind behind Tiger Eyes, Forever, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, Deenie, Blubber, and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Blume is out to conquer the world of fiction with one amazing book at a time.

Our favorite out of the impressive lineup? Forever!

Teenage sexuality, teenage angst… just all of the glorious, painful, and all too real moments about being a young teenager in love are captured perfectly in Blume’s tale of navigating through youth in all its awkward intricacies. 12/10 would read again!

#7 – Richelle Mead

The goddess of all things fiction, fantasy, and romance, Richelle Mead has reached household name levels of fame from exquisitely written novels that play up our favorite kind of scary – or in this case, sexy – ghouls: vampires!

Mead is the author of the Vampire Academy series, which has subsequently been turned into a movie.

Warning: not falling in love with Adrian Ivashkov is absolutely impossible.

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#8 – Helen Hoang

This American romance author’s debut, The Kiss Quotient, is a breath of fresh air for more reasons than one: her heroine is autistic – yes, you read that right – and suffers from Asperger’s disease.

Not only is her work inclusive, it’s also realistic and speaks to a much-needed group of people who have been underserved until her work.

Get. Your. Hands. On. This. Book. Honey. Or everything on this list, for that matter!

Every one of these guys is pure talent. But to succeed in this niche where every other one fails is impossible without a successful marketing campaign.

Hard difficult work, but undoubtedly worth trying!

Romance Author Helen Hoang
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