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Self-Publishing School PRO

Our flagship 90 day program that will take you from blank page to published author in 90 days, and show you how to use your book to grow a 6-figure income. To date, over 1,200 authors have enrolled.

Self-Publishing School MASTER

Our MASTER program includes the world class training of PRO and adds additional training, our proprietary “review sweeper,” and our private rolodex of the services and outsourcers we’ve used for each of our book launches.

Self-Publishing School VIP

Our most elite program for those ready to invest in themselves and the success of their book. It includes all the benefits of MASTER, as well as 6 one-on-one consultation calls with a bestselling author in your niche, and a full year of unlimited email consultation.

Book Marketing Bootcamp

This program is designed specifically for published authors who are looking to sell more of their books and make a greater impact. In this program, Chandler walks through the exact blueprint he followed to launch Published to bestseller status.

Self-Publishing School Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a short, result-oriented program designed for those who want to see momentum and results before investing in one of our flagship programs. By following this program, you will go from no idea to completed book outline in as little as 24 hours.

Join Our Mastermind Community

Join our community of like-minded writers, coaches, influencers, and entrepreneurs to support you on your publishing journey. Includes access to weekly live Q&A calls with Chandler or one of our world-class coaches, who will answer any of your writing questions.

Self-Publishing Success Summit All Access Pass

Gain access to every presentation from the massive event that brought over 40 world class, industry leading speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs together to discuss how to write and market a book that has the power to change your life and business.


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