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Posted on May 15, 2023

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A powerful marketing strategy involves collaborating with fellow authors in your genre or subject to create a collective promotional effort. This entails establishing a central hub where all your books can be found, while each author leverages their social media platforms, email lists, or other marketing tactics to enhance the reach of the entire group.

By uniting authors’ efforts, this approach enables your readers to discover new books and authors, while reciprocally exposing your work to their audience. 

However, organizing such an endeavor demands considerable effort, expertise, and a touch of web development proficiency. Moreover, it can be challenging to find like-minded authors who are dedicated rather than simply coasting along, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome for everyone involved.

Nevertheless, if successfully executed, this strategy can yield remarkable results. But how can an author navigate these complexities? 

Ebook Fairs is a tool that aims to help writers do just this. In this review, we will take a look to see whether they have accomplished those aims, and ultimately, whether or not a writer in this situation would be advised to use it.

This closer look at Ebook Fairs covers:

  1. What is eBook Fairs?
  2. Who would benefit from using Ebook Fairs?
  3. What are the advantages of using Ebook Fairs?
  4. How does Ebook Fairs work?
  5. How much does Ebook Fairs cost?
  6. Our final verdict on Ebook Fairs

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Ebook Fairs?

EbookFairs is an innovative service designed to facilitate collaborative promotions among authors. It enables authors to coordinate virtual “fairs” where they collectively promote each other’s books.

While similar services like Book Funnel or StoryOrigin exist, EbookFairs distinguishes itself by providing valuable support from its administrative team. They assist with creating promotional materials and ensure that everyone is actively participating by offering specialty links and technical guidance.

The primary advantage of EbookFairs lies in its ability to streamline the process of organizing large group promotions. It simplifies the coordination and execution of marketing efforts, making it easier for authors to reach a wider audience and enhance their book’s visibility.

By joining EbookFairs, authors gain access to a dynamic community of fellow writers. This collaborative environment fosters synergy and mutual support, allowing authors to navigate the intricacies of the publishing industry together.

EbookFairs serves as a gateway to countless opportunities for exposure and discovery. Through this platform, authors can tap into new readership pools and introduce their work to enthusiastic audiences. It offers a fresh avenue for authors to expand their reach and attract readers who are actively seeking new literary experiences.

Embracing EbookFairs empowers authors to leverage the collective efforts of a vibrant community. By working together, they can amplify the impact of their promotional activities and broaden their fan base. This collaborative approach enhances the visibility of each author’s books, leading to increased discoverability and potential sales.

Who would benefit from using Ebook Fairs?

EbookFairs caters to a specific niche within the author community. Seasoned authors who possess a firm grasp of organizing extensive group promotions with fellow writers may find the service redundant and unnecessary for their needs.

Nevertheless, for the vast majority of authors who are still navigating the path to sustainable income from their craft and lack experience in coordinating large-scale group promotions, EbookFairs presents a valuable solution.

What are the advantages of using Ebook Fairs?

One of the standout benefits of EbookFairs lies in its ability to simplify the process of executing successful group promotions. As many writers know, marketing and promotion can be a challenging aspect of the publishing process. Without proper guidance or technical expertise, it can be challenging to coordinate successful promotions that reach a broad audience.

EbookFairs streamlines this process by providing authors with a user-friendly platform that allows them to collaborate with other writers in their genre or subject. By participating in these virtual “fairs,” authors can amplify the reach of their promotions by leveraging the collective efforts of their peers.

Another advantage of EbookFairs is its accessibility. The service is designed to be easy to use, even for authors with little to no technical expertise. EbookFairs offers specialized support and promotional materials to ensure that every author involved in the fair is equipped with the necessary tools to promote their work effectively.

Through its intuitive platform, EbookFairs enables authors to focus on what they do best – creating compelling and engaging content. The service takes care of the technical and administrative aspects of group promotions, allowing authors to devote their energy to their writing.

For authors looking to break into new markets and expand their readership, 

EbookFairs provides an excellent opportunity to connect with a broader audience. By collaborating with fellow writers in their genre, authors can gain exposure to readers who may not have discovered their work otherwise.

How does Ebook Fairs work?

Let me take you through the step-by-step process of utilizing EbookFairs, a powerful platform that revolutionizes the way authors coordinate their book promotions:

Step 1: Account Creation and Profile Setup

To embark on your EbookFairs journey, the initial step involves creating an account. While the process is relatively straightforward, it’s important to note that access to most features requires payment. However, once inside, you can set up your author profile, adding the personal touch that represents your unique writing persona.

Step 2: Adding Your Books to the Database

Once your profile is ready and you’ve completed the payment process, it’s time to showcase your literary creations. EbookFairs offers a seamless experience for adding your books to their extensive database.

By including all the relevant information, such as your Amazon ASIN number, EbookFairs can automatically load details like the book’s title, link, and cover image. This efficient process simplifies the task of presenting your books for inclusion in individual fairs. Although it is recommended to review the information for accuracy, overall, the book addition process is user-friendly and efficient.

Step 3: Creating and Joining Fairs

With your books successfully added, you can now embark on the exciting journey of creating or joining fairs. EbookFairs provides a straightforward and intuitive interface for these actions. If you decide to create your own fair, you will be presented with a screen that allows you to add essential details, such as the fair’s theme or genre. This customization ensures that the fair aligns with your specific promotional objectives.

Step 4: Fair Review and Analysis

Once the fair receives an ample number of submissions, it falls upon the fair owner to diligently review each submission and ensure its appropriateness for the book fair. This step ensures that the fair maintains a high standard of quality and relevance, promoting an engaging and valuable experience for both authors and readers alike.

Step 5: The Commencement of the Fair

When the fair begins, certain aspects are locked in place. This includes the submissions, which can no longer be added or removed, creating a sense of stability and consistency. EbookFairs automatically generates unique links for each author, allowing precise tracking of incoming visitors to their respective pages. This valuable data empowers authors to gauge the impact of their promotions and adjust their strategies accordingly.

To further support authors in their promotional efforts, EbookFairs provides a range of promotional materials that can be utilized to amplify the fair’s visibility. These materials enhance the professional presentation of the fair, capturing the attention of potential readers and enticing them to explore the showcased books.

Step 6: Promoting the Fair and Engaging with Readers

With the fair in full swing, authors participating in the event have the opportunity to actively promote it across various channels. Social media platforms, email newsletters, and other marketing avenues serve as powerful tools to drive traffic to the fair and attract potential readers. EbookFairs takes promotion a step further by incorporating gamification elements. 

Authors are incentivized through small rewards for achieving top positions in terms of visitor traffic to their pages. This gamified approach enhances engagement and motivates authors to actively contribute to the fair’s success.

Ebook Fairs pricing – How much does it cost?

EbookFairs offers two pricing structures to choose from:

1. Monthly Subscription: For $9.99 per month, you gain access to our platform and its features.

2. Yearly Subscription: Alternatively, you can opt for an annual subscription at $99.99 per year, which provides continuous access throughout the year.

You might be wondering why you should consider paying for a service that facilitates group promotions. Can’t you collaborate with other authors independently and organize group promotions for free?

While it is indeed possible to collaborate independently, it often requires significant organizational efforts. By using a service like EbookFairs, however, you can achieve more effective and fruitful results. The key advantage lies in the fact that all participating authors have a vested interest in the success of the promotions.

The concept of “having skin in the game” is quite appealing. It means that every participant in EbookFairs is financially invested and committed to the platform’s objectives. This level of dedication ensures that authors take their involvement seriously, resulting in a more proactive and impactful promotion experience.

By paying a modest monthly or yearly fee, you and other authors demonstrate your commitment to utilizing the EbookFairs system. This shared commitment fosters a sense of collective responsibility among participants, encouraging everyone to actively promote the fairs they are involved in.

Ebook Fairs review – final verdict

Ultimately then Ebooks Fair serves a niche community of writers well.

Those in a situation in need of such services would be well placed to utilise this tool.

And whilst it isn’t free, the pricing is modest meaning there will be no significant outlay despite a potentially significant upside. 

3.5 Stars

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