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Posted on Aug 29, 2023

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Christian publishers are specific for a reason. Each has their own interpretation of what they’re looking for as it relates to the Christian faith, and you want to make sure your book aligns with what they want.

But you also want to make sure you align with what they want.

We’ve put together a significant portion of Christian publishers for you to research and submit to, and some do accept submissions without an agent.

Find one that works for you and get to researching!

Christian Publishers to Pursue with Submission Guidelines

Not all Christian publishers are the same. Some focus on certain types of books while others take on different ones. And of course, each publisher will have their own rules for submitting along with different royalties for their authors, though you likely won’t learn the latter until you are in negotiations.

Either way, we have a big list for you to peruse and see if you want to work with them to publish your book.

1. Zondervan

Zondervan is a Christian publisher that features a wide range of book types. It has imprints that boast academic books, fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, as well as devotionals.

On its site, you can browse the books they’ve published to get a feel for if you’d be a good fit for them and vice versa.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: There are only two imprints that accept unsolicited submissions. Meaning, if you do not have an agent, you can submit here. Without an agent, you can’t submit to any other imprint. The two open for unsolicited submissions are the Zondervan Reflective and Zondervan Academic. These are the steps to submit:

  1. Use the name of the imprint you’re submitting to in the email subject line and email it to [email protected].
  2. Submit your book proposal in this email, with the proposal not exceeding 5 pages.
    • The book proposal should have a description of your book, the unique angle your book has that will contribute to the imprint, a table of contents with a sentence or two describing each chapter, who the ideal reader is, and your qualifications for writing the book.
  3. Read more submission guidelines for this Christian publisher here.

2. Thomas Nelson

Like Zondervan, this is one of the Christian publishers with a wider range of topics they cover, including imprints with gifts, fiction books, children’s books, and nonfiction books.

Uniquely, they publish devotionals but also journals and other non-book publications.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: This Christian publisher does not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions, which means you will need a literary agent in order to get published through Thomas Nelson. You can read more from their manuscript submissions page here.

3. Tyndale House Publishers

This Christian publisher uses the specific angle about publishing life-changing and inspirational Christian books as well as bibles. Like others, it has a wide range of books it publishes, including books for all age ranges, plus stickers, gifts, and church resources.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: Tyndale House Publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. So if you don’t have an agent, you can’t submit here.

4. Bethany House Publishers

This Christian publishing house is an imprint of Baker Publishing Group and is one of six divisions amongst it.

If you write Christian adult fiction or nonfiction, then this might be the publishing house for you! They pride themselves on being part of the largest Christian book publisher, with their focus on uplifting readers’ faith and free time.

Specialty: Adult fiction and nonfiction

Submission Guidelines: Baker Publishing Group does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, so you would need an agent in order to publish through them. You can read more about their submission guidelines here.

5. Moody Publishers – www.moodypublishers.com

If you’re interested in this Christian publishing house, you’re in good company! The widely known book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman was publishing through this press. But they do have a very large roster of authors, so the company is abound!

Moody Publishers was actually founded in 1894, making it an incredibly established house.

Specialty: Adult and children’s

Submission Guidelines: This publisher does—on occasion—accept unsolicited manuscript proposals, but those with an agent or authors who have already published with them will get priority. You can email your submission to [email protected] but you must follow all submission guidelines:

  1. Include all the details required for your query from this submissions guideline page.
  2. Prep your manuscript in Microsoft Word with normal English as the base for style, grammar, and punctuation.
    • Do NOT submit with Google Docs, it will not be opened or accepted

6. Kregel Publications

This is one of the Christian publishers that’s been around for a while, beginning in 1949 with a goal of providing resources to evangelical readers. Right now it holds over 500 titles with the purpose of sharing the Christian Faith. They have catalogs available to peruse online, categorized by season of release.

Specialty: Unspecified

Submission Guidelines: This is another one of the Christian publishers that does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Learn more about the submission guidelines here.

7. Chalice Press

Chalice Press focuses on progressive Christian voices, offering books that address social justice, inclusivity, theology, and spirituality. It includes categories raning from Activism to family and parenting, spirituality, and church resources.

Specialty: progressive content for adults and teens

Submission Guidelines: Chalice Press is currently not accepting proposals, but that may change! Keep an eye on their submissions guidelines page for when they open for submissions.

8. Barbour Publishing

Barbour Publishing produces inspirational fiction, non-fiction, devotionals, and gift books, often with a focus on Christian living and values. You can also find cookbooks among this spread, specifically Amish originated ones. They’re an employee owned publishing house as well.

If you’re looking for a place to publish, this might be one of the Christian publishers to check out and see if you align!

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, and all submissions must be sent through a literary agent. Read more on their book submissions page.

9. Abingdon Press

Abingdon Press offers a wide range of Christian books, including fiction, non-fiction, devotionals, and academic works, spanning multiple topics and genres. The few categories they promote most are bibles, bible studies, and christian leadership books.

You can check out their site to see upcoming titles and other books they’ve published.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: Thankfully, this is one of the Christian publishers that you don’t need an agent to submit to, so go ahead and try! First, submit a consideration for a proposal to www.umpublishing.submittable.com, and make sure to include:

  1. A short summary of the book
  2. Who you think this book is for (audience)
  3. Chapter outline
  4. Author biography and references to your credibility in publishing
  5. Platform
  6. Book marketing plan
  7. View more specifications on their book submission page.

10. David C Cook

David C Cook produces resources for churches, ministries, and individuals, including books, curriculum, music, and media, with a focus on spiritual growth and ministry support.

Specialty: Adults

Submission Guidelines: They do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions. However, you can learn more about submitting to Christian publishers like this on the submission guidelines page.

11. Harvest House Publishers

Harvest House specializes in Christian living, self-help, and family-oriented books that inspire, encourage, and provide practical guidance. You’ll find a variety of book topics, including nonfiction, fiction, children’s, as well as gifts with the same focuses.

Specialty: family-oriented

Submission Guidelines: They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, so you’ll need an agent if you want to pursue this Christian publisher. Learn more about their requirements here.

12. Whitaker House

Whitaker House offers a wide variety of Christian books, including classic and contemporary titles that cover spiritual growth, Christian living, and theological topics. Like other Christian publishers, you can also find cookbooks of various types with this publisher.

So if you’re writing and wanting to publish a cookbook, this could be an option for you! They also cover workbooks for children, so even including a companion set of a book and workbook would work well here.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: Not open to unsolicited manuscripts, and you will need a literary agent or to attend a writers’ conference and be asked to submit. You can learn more about that process here.

13. Worthy Publishing

Worthy Publishing is an imprint of Hachette Book Group and is another of the Christian publishers that releases books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature, often with a focus on faith, inspiration, and hope. Currently, you’ll find several books by women and about women navigating the Christian faith.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: Not open to unsolicited manuscript submissions, and you will need a literary agent in order to publish here.

14. WaterBrook Multnomah

WaterBrook Multnomah, an imprint of Penguin Random House, is another one of the Christian publishers that supports books that span fiction, non-fiction, devotionals, and Christian living.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: While this is another of the Christian publishers that doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, they do have an option to fill out a form for more information on the process.

15. Herald Press

Herald Press is known for publishing books on Anabaptist-Mennonite perspectives, focusing on topics like peace, justice, community, and faith. Take a look at their website to see if this is one of the Christian publishers you’d feel great about merging your faith-based book with.

Specialty: Adults

Submission Guidelines: You do not need a literary agent to submit your manuscript to this publisher! Here are some of the guidelines to send your book here:

  1. Complete the proposal form offered on their site
  2. Include a single page summary of your book
  3. Include a table of contents and summary for each chapter
  4. Submit the first chapter and one additional chapter
  5. Include the name of the bible you used
  6. A resume or brief explanation as to why you’re qualified to write such a book

16. InterVarsity Press

InterVarsity Press is one of the Christian publishers specializing in thoughtful Christian literature, academic works, and resources that engage with faith, culture, theology, and social issues.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: Nonfiction books are not accepted unsolicited. However, if you go the submissions page, fiction books are accepted but they have specific requirements so make sure to read those thoroughly!

17. Leafwood Publishers

Leafwood Publishers offers books that explore spirituality, discipleship, and Christian living, often catering to a broad audience. If you’re looking for Christian publishers that offers more personalized, experiential-based books, this one is worth looking into.

Specialty: Adult / Academics

Submission Guidelines: It’s not easy to find, but they do have a submissions page where you can fill in the information of your book for consideration. Click here to see that page and submit your book.

18. Redemption Press

The name says it all. Redemption Press supports Christian authors by offering publishing services for books that encompass faith, personal growth, and Christian principles.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: There is a comprehensive list of submission guidelines for this Christian publisher, so you’ll want to read them thoroughly to ensure you’re meeting all of them.

19. Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas was acquired by Iron Stream Media, but still focuses on faith-based fiction and non-fiction that entertains, enlightens, and encourages. This is another of the Christian publishers that offers a wide range of books, from adoption and fostering stories, to Christian living, Christmas, children’s books, and plenty more.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: There aren’t available submission guidelines, but you can learn more about what they do and how they can help you here.

20. Ambassador International

Ambassador International publishes books that inspire and uplift readers through fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature. Oddly enough, this publisher is located in both Greenville, South Carolina as well as Belfast, Northern Ireland.

They’re also one of the Christian publishers to include graphic novels and comics in their rosters.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: This publisher accepts submissions without representation, meaning you do not need an agent to submit. Here’s the submission page that includes a form you need to fill out.

21. FaithWords

FaithWords, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, offers a wide range of Christian books, including fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, and devotionals.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: As with the other imprints of Hachette Book Group, they do not accept unsolicited submissions and any book proposals must come from a literary agent.

22. Discovery House Publishers

Discovery House Publishers releases books and devotionals that emphasize biblical teachings and encourage spiritual growth.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: Not accepting submissions.

23. New Hope Publishers

New Hope Publishers produces books that tackle practical Christian living, ministry, discipleship, and personal growth.

Note: New Hope Publishers was acquired by Iron Stream Media and therefore have updated publishing guidelines and processes.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: There aren’t available submission guidelines, but you can learn more about what they do and how they can help you here.

24. Castle Quay Books

Castle Quay Books publishes books that promote Christian values and personal transformation across a variety of genres. You’ll find a variety, from personal experiences to fiction stories and children’s books.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: You can submit your manuscripts unsolicited with this publisher! Here are a few submission guidelines, but make sure to read the rules for yourself.

  1. Format your novel in Microsoft Word
  2. Include information about you and your biography
  3. If writing fiction, make sure to include your expertise if it’s relevant to the plot
  4. The working title of your book
  5. Book description
  6. Marketing plan for the book
  7. Additional information is needed and available on the submissions page

25. WestBow Press

WestBow Press, a self-publishing division of Thomas Nelson, enables Christian authors to share their stories, insights, and spiritual journeys. This division focuses on how faith can be used in family dynamics and improve family values.

Specialty: family

Submission Guidelines: Their submission guidelines are very dependent on the type of book and your desired outcome. Read the submission guidelines here for more information on working with this Christian publisher.

26. Upper Room Books

Upper Room Books publishes spiritual resources, devotionals, and books that encourage contemplation, prayer, and growth.

Specialty: Meditations and daily practices

Submission Guidelines: Click here for a comprehensive list of book submission guidelines and what they’re looking for.

27. Lamp Post Publishing

Lamp Post Publishing offers books that emphasize Christian principles, inspiration, and stories of faith. It’s not dissimilar to other Christian publishers, and covers much of the same types of books.

Specialty: range

Submission Guidelines: There are no submission guidelines available, but you can contact them from this page and ask about their process.

28. Cladach Publishing

Cladach Publishing focuses on books that inspire spiritual growth, redemption, and personal transformation.

Specialty: wide range

Submission Guidelines: While they don’t necessary take unsolicited manuscripts, they do accept submissions from those they meet at writers’ conferences, and through friends or acquaintances of current authors. Check out their submissions page to get more information on how to work with them.

29. Deep River Books

Deep River Books publishes a range of Christian titles that explore faith, relationships, and personal development. They have four imprints containing various books for children and more.

Specialty: range

Submission Guidelines: They don’t want you to send your entire manuscript, but you can send the following:

  1. One page summary or synopsis
  2. An outline less than 2 pages
  3. Two or three sample chapters
  4. Check out their submissions page for where to send the information

30. Gospel Light Publications

Gospel Light Publications produces resources for Christian education, children’s ministry, and discipleship and is a part of the David C Cook publisher.

Specialty: Children’s curriculum

Submission Guidelines: You will have to reach out and contact them directly for additional information.

31. Standard Publishing

Standard Publishing was acquired by the David C Cook publisher and creates curriculum, resources, and books for Christian education, children’s ministry, and spiritual growth.

Specialty: Children’s

Submission Guidelines: Refer to the submission page for David C Cook to learn more.

32. Destiny Image Publishers

Destiny Image Publishers releases books that emphasize spiritual growth, healing, prophecy, and charismatic Christianity.

Specialty: range

Submission Guidelines: They accept emailed book proposals! You can find the email address along with any other additional information on submitting your manuscript here.

33. Westminster John Knox Press

Westminster John Knox Press is a prominent publishing company focused on producing religious and theological books. It is closely associated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and has a history dating back to the 19th century. The press is known for publishing a wide range of works related to Christian theology, biblical studies, spirituality, ethics, and social justice.

Its publications cater to both scholars and a general readership, aiming to contribute to theological discussions and promote understanding of faith-related topics.

Speciality: range

Submission Guidelines: There are many particular rules for submitting here. Click here to view the submission guidelines and include all the necessary requirements for your book.

While not all of these Christian publishers accept manuscript submissions from those without an agent, some do! It’s worth a shot to submit your manuscript, especially if you’ve decided that traditional publishing is your goal.

If you need to land an agent first, learn how to query an agent so you can access the rest of the Christian publishers at your disposal.

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