27 Best Podcasts for Publishing, Writing, & Growth

Posted on Nov 15, 2023

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If you’re anything like me, you probably get a ton of your information from podcasts or Youtube channels—some sort of medium in which you can listen and also do something else (yay for you multitaskers!).

When it comes to this industry, there are a few publishing podcasts that provide the best, and realest, information out there.

In this post, I’ll cover some of the best podcasts on publishing and a few related to it that can help you out along the way.

Here are the best podcasts for publishing, writing, and marketing:

  1. Self-Publishing School Podcast
  2. Writing Excuses
  3. The Book Marketing Show
  4. The Creative Penn
  5. Self-Publishing With Dale
  6. The Self Publishing Show
  7. The Bestseller Experiment
  8. The Kobo Writing Life Podcast
  9. Sell More Books Show
  10. Novel Marketing
  11. The Book Launch Show
  12. The Kindle Chronicles
  13. The Self Publishing Formula
  14. The Authorpreneur
  15. So You Want to Be a Writer
  16. Grammar Girl
  17. The Writer Files
  18. Dead Robots’ Society
  19. Helping Writers Become Authors
  20. Ditch Diggers
  21. The Write Now Podcast
  22. The Author Lab
  23. The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt
  24. The Story Grid Podcast
  25. The Writing Coach
  26. Writers on Writing
  27. Writing Excuses

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Continued learning makes the entire difference because…

The only way to make real change is to grow, and that often requires learning. After all, how can you do something differently if you don’t know what that something “different” is?

As an online education company helping people write and publish their books to bestseller status with our Become a Bestseller program, we know the information most don’t know or understand, and we break it down into chunks you can absorb and learn from.

That’s why we started up our own podcast again, and why we continue to put out free help for you on our Youtube channel and more!

Now let’s get into some of the best publishing podcasts, as well as great resources for writers in general.

The Best Publishing Podcasts

As we said, education is so important for continued growth, and that’s especially true when it comes to an industry so transformative as self-publishing.

It’s growing and changing every day!

That’s why we’re giving you some of the best podcasts to listen to with the most thorough, up-to-date information to learn and grow from.

Best Podcasts For Publishing And Writing Vintage Style Image Of Writer Listening To A Podcast

1 – Self-Publishing School Podcast

That’s right! We brought this back with brand new content hosted by Chandler Bolt, with interviews with the likes of Russell Brunson, Ruth Soukup, Pat Flynn, and plenty of new names you probably recognize coming up!

Some of our previous guests included Gary Vaynerchuk, Joanna Penn, and other experts who divulge some of their best secrets to our listeners.

Here’s one of our classic episodes with Ruth Soukup about self-publishing versus traditional and her own experience (spoiler: it’s not looking good for the traditional industry…yikes!).

You can check out more about our podcast on this page, and listen wherever you typically do!

We’ve been featured on WelpMagazine as one of the best publishing podcasts!

Don’t forget to subscribe, and hit us with a review 🙂

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2 – Writing Excuses

Writing Excuses covers much more than just publishing, and it’s all done in 15-minute bite-sized chunks for easy digestion.

It’s hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler—with the occasional guest speaker!

I could put this down in the writing section since they often go through questions and topics related to actually writing, but they also cover a ton of thorough information about publishing (both traditional and self-publishing), as well as general career advice from career authors.

Publishing Podcasts Writing Excuses

3 – The Book Marketing Show

Dave Chesson is the host of The Marketing Show as well as the man behind Kindlepreneur and their excellent Publisher Rocket product.

He covers topics ranging from launching with consistent sales, choosing between self-publishing versus traditional publishing, and other topics all authors or authors-to-be should be in-the-know of.

You can even learn how to revive a dead book!


4 – The Creative Penn

If there’s one thing Joanna Penn knows, it’s how to use a pen 😉

In other words, she knows her writing and publishing world, and she shares this knowledge with the rest of us via her podcast, The Creative Penn.

We’ve actually had Joanna Penn on our podcast and know she’s a just a well of knowledge when it comes to writing fiction, nonfiction, and the behind-the-scenes publishing details.

Check out her podcast wherever you listen!

5 – Self-Publishing With Dale

Dale is a powerhouse of information in the self-publishing industry. He has a popular Youtube channel along with his podcast, Self-Publishing with Dale.

Publishing Podcasts - Self Publishing With Dale

Dale’s content ranges from marketing your book as a self-published author to audiobooks, ghostwriting, and more topics authors should be aware of int his industry.

We’ve even gotten together with Dale for our own little swap of information, and to learn more about him and his specialties.

You can check out that video below!

6 – The Self Publishing Show

“The Self Publishing Show” is a podcast dedicated to guiding aspiring authors and seasoned writers through the intricate process of self-publishing.

Hosted by bestselling authors Mark Dawson and James Blatch, the show provides insightful interviews with successful authors, industry experts, and self-publishing professionals. Listeners gain access to valuable tips, strategies, and practical advice on various aspects of the self-publishing journey, from writing and editing to marketing and book promotion.

The hosts share their own experiences and discuss the latest trends and tools in the rapidly evolving self-publishing landscape.

7 – The Bestseller Experiment

The Bestseller Experiment is a podcast that takes a deep dive into the world of writing, publishing, and book marketing. Co-hosted by Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux, the podcast aims to explore the journey to writing a bestseller.

The Marks embark on a year-long experiment to write, publish, and market a best-selling novel, inviting a range of successful authors, agents, and publishing professionals to share their insights along the way.

The podcast offers a mix of interviews, discussions, and updates on the hosts’ progress, making it an engaging and informative resource for aspiring authors and anyone interested in the intricacies of the publishing industry.

8 – The Kobo Writing Life Podcast

The Kobo Writing Life Podcast is a valuable resource for authors looking to navigate the world of self-publishing and reach a global audience through Kobo’s platform.

Hosted by Stephanie McGrath and Joni Di Placido, the podcast features insightful interviews with successful authors, industry experts, and Kobo professionals.

It covers a wide range of topics, including book marketing, writing tips, industry trends, and the business side of self-publishing. Authors can gain valuable insights into optimizing their book listings, leveraging promotional opportunities, and connecting with readers.

The Kobo Writing Life Podcast serves as a practical guide for authors seeking to enhance their publishing journey and make the most of Kobo’s distribution platform.

9 – Sell More Books Show

Sell More Books Show is a popular podcast dedicated to helping authors boost their book sales and succeed in the world of self-publishing.

Hosted by Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen, the show offers a weekly roundup of the latest news, trends, and strategies in the publishing industry.

With a focus on practical advice, the hosts share actionable tips on book marketing, promotion, and effective writing techniques.

They also discuss relevant industry news, book launches, and success stories, making the Sell More Books Show a valuable resource for both aspiring and experienced authors.

10 – Novel Marketing

Novel Marketing is a podcast that serves as a valuable resource for authors seeking to enhance their book marketing skills and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of publishing.

Hosted by Thomas Umstattd Jr. and James L. Rubart, the podcast covers a wide range of topics related to book promotion, audience engagement, and successful marketing strategies.

With a focus on practical advice and actionable insights, the hosts share tips on building an author platform, effective book launches, social media strategies, and various marketing tactics tailored to the needs of both traditionally and independently published authors.

It provides a blend of industry expertise and real-world examples, making it an essential listen for writers looking to elevate their marketing game and connect with a broader readership.

11 – The Book Launch Show

The Book Launch Show is a podcast dedicated to guiding authors through the intricacies of launching and marketing their books successfully.

Hosted by bestselling author Tim Grahl, the podcast offers practical advice and proven strategies for planning and executing effective book launches. Each episode delves into specific aspects of the book launch process, covering topics such as building an author platform, crafting compelling book descriptions, leveraging email lists, and navigating the world of book marketing.

Tim Grahl draws from his extensive experience in the publishing industry, providing insights that cater to both first-time authors and seasoned writers.

12 – The Kindle Chronicles

The Kindle Chronicles podcast, hosted by Len Edgerly, is a comprehensive exploration of the world of Kindle and e-books.

With a focus on Amazon’s Kindle ecosystem, Len provides insightful commentary on the latest Kindle devices, e-book trends, and the evolving landscape of digital publishing.

The podcast features interviews with notable authors, industry experts, and innovators, offering listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the world of e-books.

Len’s passion for reading and technology is evident in each episode, making the Kindle Chronicles a go-to resource for Kindle enthusiasts and anyone interested in the intersection of literature and technology.

13 – The Self Publishing Formula

The Self Publishing Formula, founded by best-selling author Mark Dawson and marketer James Blatch, is a comprehensive resource for independent authors seeking success in the self-publishing arena.

The associated podcast provides valuable insights into the strategies, tools, and tactics that can elevate an author’s career. Episodes cover a wide range of topics, from book marketing and advertising to writing craft and industry trends. Mark Dawson, known for his expertise in book marketing and self-publishing, shares his experiences and interviews industry experts to provide actionable advice for aspiring and established authors alike.

14 – The Authorpreneur

The Authorpreneur is a dynamic and informative show designed for authors seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of writing, publishing, and entrepreneurship.

Hosted by Amelia D. Hay, an author and business coach, the podcast explores a wide array of topics essential for authors aspiring to turn their passion for writing into a successful business venture.

Episodes cover practical insights into book marketing, building an author platform, self-publishing strategies, and the business side of being an authorpreneur.

The Best Writing Podcasts

It’s not enough to know how to publish a book successfully. You also need to make the book you’re publishing stand out above others—especially in this industry.

So to bring you help with that half of the equation are our top podcasts for writers.

1 – So You Want to Be a Writer

Australian-based Valerie Kho and Allison Tait host this podcast that delves into the world of author interviews, cover their processes, important issues in the literary world, and overall writing guidance.

You can check out their podcast here.

2 – Grammar Girl

This tried-and-true writing podcast is on its 770+ episode, bringing some insight into the more technical side of writing.

While you may get broader overviews from time to time, Grammar Girl is largely known for helping you understand how writing works, how the sentences fit together, and why certain things and rules are the way they are.

From episodes like “Why do we say ‘cool on your heels’?” to specific episodes highlighting how your language can affect the perception of time, you’ll be more informed and you might come up with some cool ideas for our own stories.

Writing Podcasts Grammar Girl

3 – The Writer Files

The Writer Files podcast covers topics ranging from writing to productivity, creativity and even neuroscience.

Essentially, everything you’ll need to hack your way to writer life.

While they don’t post too often, they do have consistent uploads every two weeks max, so you’ll have something new to consume (in order to further put off your writing, I’m sure).

You can listen anywhere podcasts are published!

Publishing Podcasts The Writer Files

4 – Dead Robots’ Society

A twist on ye old Dead Poet’s Society, Dead Robots’ Society is a podcast all about so many lovely, nerdy aspects of writing. If you like chatting Gods and Monsters, dystopian topics, and more, this might be the podcast for you!

You can check out their website right here, and download wherever you listen to podcasts!

5 – Helping Writers Become Authors

Helping Writers Become Authors is a podcast and website dedicated to exactly as it says!

Once you begin your writing journey, there are a ton of steps involved in turning that writerhood into authordom. This writing podcast helps you along with that very initiative!

From this podcast, you’ll learn tips for writing a great opening hook to the benefits of writing and much more to take you from hobby writer to fully published author.

Writing And Publishing Podcasts Helping Writers Become Authors

6 – Ditch Diggers

Keeping up on the latest publishing news isn’t as easy as it seems. In the world of self-publishing, with all its moving parts, it’s important to keep up on trends and changes in the marketplace on a highly consistent basis.

That’s what Ditch Diggers helps you do.

From updates in the publishing industry to growing your audience and more, it’s there.

You can listen where podcasts are published!

7 – The Write Now Podcast

The “Write Now” podcast is a literary gem hosted by author and writing coach Sarah Werner. With a warm and encouraging tone, Sarah shares her passion for writing and fosters a sense of community among aspiring and established writers alike.

Each episode is a blend of insightful monologues, personal anecdotes, and interviews with authors, offering listeners a diverse range of perspectives on the writing process.

“Write Now” covers various aspects of the writing journey, from overcoming creative blocks and finding inspiration to practical advice on publishing and marketing.

8 – The Author Lab

The Author Lab is a podcast designed to provide valuable insights, tips, and advice to aspiring authors on their writing and publishing journey. Hosted by Bree Herron and A.C. Fuller, the podcast features interviews with successful authors, literary agents, and other professionals in the publishing industry.

The discussions cover a wide range of topics, including writing techniques, the publishing process, book marketing, and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the literary world.

The Author Lab aims to be a supportive and informative resource, offering practical guidance to help writers hone their craft, navigate the complexities of the publishing industry, and ultimately achieve success in the world of books. FREE Audiobook Teaches You How To Write A Book!

9 – The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt

The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt is a podcast hosted by Andrew J. Chamberlain, dedicated to providing writers with a diverse set of tools and resources to enhance their creative process.

Each episode explores different aspects of writing, offering practical advice, interviews with established authors, and discussions on various writing techniques.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including character development, plot structure, storytelling techniques, and the business side of being a writer.

Andrew J. Chamberlain engages with his audience in an approachable and insightful manner, making The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt a valuable resource for writers at all levels of experience.

10 – The Story Grid Podcast

The Story Grid Podcast, hosted by Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl, is a valuable resource for writers seeking to improve their storytelling skills.

Shawn Coyne, an editor with decades of experience, and Tim Grahl, a book marketing expert, collaborate to break down the mechanics of storytelling and guide writers through the process of creating compelling narratives.

The podcast explores topics like story structure, genre conventions, character development, and the editing process. Listeners can gain practical insights and actionable advice on refining their manuscripts.

The Story Grid method, developed by Shawn Coyne, is a key focus, providing a systematic approach to analyzing and enhancing the storytelling elements of a manuscript.

11 – The Writing Coach

The Writing Coach Podcast, hosted by writing coach and author Kevin T. Johns, is a valuable resource for writers seeking inspiration, advice, and practical tips to enhance their writing journey.

Kevin engages with a diverse range of guests, including successful authors, editors, and writing experts, to explore various aspects of the writing process.

The podcast covers topics such as overcoming creative blocks, honing storytelling skills, navigating the publishing industry, and establishing a writing routine.

Kevin’s thoughtful interviews and solo episodes offer actionable insights and encouragement for writers at all stages of their careers.

12 – Writers on Writing

Hosted by Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, the “Writers on Writing” podcast is a rich resource for both aspiring and experienced writers.

The show features engaging interviews with accomplished authors, agents, editors, and other professionals in the literary world. With a focus on the craft of writing, storytelling techniques, and the intricacies of the publishing process, each episode provides valuable insights and advice.

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett skillfully guides discussions on various writing-related topics, making the podcast a go-to for those seeking inspiration, practical tips, and a deeper understanding of the writing journey.

13 – Writing Excuses

“Writing Excuses” is a renowned podcast that serves as a masterclass in the art and craft of writing.

Launched by seasoned authors Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells, the podcast caters to writers of various genres and experience levels.

Each episode, typically 15 minutes long, delves into specific aspects of writing, offering practical advice, tips, and insights. The hosts cover a diverse range of topics, including plot structure, character development, world-building, and the challenges of the writing process.

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