11 Authors Like Michael Crichton to Quench Your Sci-fi Thirst

Posted on Mar 12, 2024

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You might think that authors are a dime a dozen, but there aren’t too many authors like Michael Crichton. You might know him from the iconic Jurassic Park. Yeah, that author.

Authors like this don’t come around every day. And despite his books being in the science fiction genre, there’s more to his tales than just advanced technology. It’s that along with other specific elements that makes his work stand out.

Whether you want to find more books to read because you can’t get enough or to learn the unique ability that makes his stories last to write your own novel, reading more authors like Michael Crichton is a must.

Here’s what we’ll cover about authors like Michael Crichton:

  1. What book does he write?
  2. How to find authors like Michael Crichton
  3. List of Authors

What book does Michael Crichton write?

Michael Crichton, a prolific author known for his use of mixing science fiction, thriller, and adventure, and has written bestselling novels like Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, Timeline, and Congo.

His books are often characterized by their gripping narratives, meticulous research, and imaginative take on scientific concepts in a way that’s also grounding, based more in reality than something akin to science fantasy the way many newer science fiction novels are.

You can see some of his most popular works in the image below:

Popular Books By Michael Crichton

11 Authors Like Michael Crichton Who Blend Science with Reality & Mystery

Ethical consequences of science reaching too far, mysteries, real-life scenarios that feel as if they could truly happen…these are the unique qualities of Michael Crichton’s books, and it’s the criteria we’ve used to compile this list.

1. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Known for their collaborations on the Pendergast series, Preston and Child’s novels combine mystery, suspense, and a touch of the supernatural.

Among their most popular reads are Old Bones, a story about an archaeological curator and historian exploring the cite of where explorers went missing back in 1847. Though they were after answers, especially a diary of the accounts that took place (cannibalism amongst them), they discover far more than that.

This story is the first in a 4-book series with 4.3 stars and over 14,000 ratings. Its primary genres are historical mysteries, but you’ll find similar elements to the sci-fi adventures that make these two authors like Michael Crichton.

2. James Rollins

Rollins’ Sigma Force series combines historical mysteries with cutting-edge science and technology, delivering thrilling and fast-paced narratives but like Crichton’s stories. He takes real life locations with seemingly otherworldly events to give you a similar tone to Jurassic Park, combining history, current life, and human nature.

3. Dan Brown

Renowned for his Robert Langdon series, which includes The Da Vinci Code, Brown’s novels often involve cryptic puzzles, historical conspiracies, and adrenaline-pumping action. Like Crichton, Brown often weaves real historical and scientific elements into his fiction, giving his stories a sense of authenticity and depth.

Part of why fans want to find more authors like Michael Crichton has to do with the idea that these instances “could happen” if the right circumstances were to come to fruition. It’s less far-fetched than other works of science fiction.

4. Robin Cook

A physician turned author, Cook is known for his medical thrillers that delve into the dark side of modern medicine and technology. While Crichton often explores the ethical and scientific implications of technology and biology, Cook’s novels often focus on medical mysteries, diseases, and the healthcare industry.

This is even more poignant given our world’s recent history with the Covid 19 Pandemic. In fact, Robin Cook capitalized on this through his book Viral, which takes place during the pandemic. His work is less historical-based, but these qualities still make him one of the authors like Michael Crichton.

5. Clive Cussler

Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series combines underwater adventures, historical mysteries, and thrilling escapades, which hits all the notes of readers who love authors like Michael Crichton. He also uses historical basis to tell his stories, including Mayan culture in one of his most popular books The Mayan Secrets.

Though this book is technically fifth in a “series” of 13, the stories themselves are standalone and they follow unique instances and mysteries. In this one, they discover the skeleton of a man clutching a Mayan pot, and inside the pot is a book.

You’ll get the same sense of adventure and science fiction mixed together, which makes Clive Cussler on of the authors like Michael Crichton.

6. Greg Iles

With novels like The Devil’s Punchbowl and Natchez Burning, Iles blends southern gothic elements with gripping suspense and intricate plots.

Readers who enjoy Michael Crichton’s books often find themselves drawn to Greg Iles for several reasons. Both authors excel in crafting gripping, suspenseful narratives that blend intricate scientific or historical elements with compelling storytelling.

Like Crichton, Iles is known for his meticulous research and ability to create vivid, realistic settings that draw readers into the story. Both authors are also great at exploring complex ethical and moral dilemmas within their narratives, challenging readers to consider the implications of scientific advancements or societal issues. So you’ll get the same sort of deep after-thoughts that’s common with authors like Michael Crichton. Plus, his stories are fast-paced, intelligent thrillers, so readers are likely to appreciate Iles’ similar approach to storytelling.

You can find one of his more popular works in The Quiet Game featured below.

Authors Like Michael Crichton Gre Iles The Quiet Game

7. Steve Berry

Berry’s Cotton Malone series offers a mix of historical mysteries, conspiracy theories, and international intrigue, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. He’s one of the recommended authors like Michael Crichton because he, too, excels at blending together intricate plots that are grounded in historical fact or scientific theory.

Berry, like Crichton, meticulously researches his work, which lends authenticity to his narratives and allows readers to learn while being entertained. It also creates the same effect mentiond earlier, with the thought of “this could actually happen.” That fear—suspense, even—is what readers love. You’ll find this author’s work in categories like historical suspense and international mystery and crime.

8. Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly is known for his high-octane thrillers. As he’s one of the authors like Michael Crichton, Reilly’s novels often feature intense action, ancient mysteries, and larger-than-life characters. Though he uses less technology in his stories, they’re more often based in legend, but still offer the thriller aspect similar to Crichton.

9. Michael C. Grumley

Grumley’s Breakthrough series combines science fiction with suspenseful storytelling, often exploring the mysteries of the deep sea and beyond. Think Jurassic Park, but in the ocean.

Grumley is considered one of the authors like Michael Crichton because he incorporates complex scientific concepts into his storytelling, creating thought-provoking scenarios that feel both plausible and engaging; the same “it could happen” feeling many of these authors like Michael Crichton have—the unique aspect of their science fiction versus stories more outlandish.

Grumley’s skill lies in his ability to balance intricate scientific details with fast-paced plots and well-developed characters, much in the vein of Crichton’s storytelling. Additionally, both authors excel at creating suspenseful and immersive narratives that keep readers on the edge of their seats, making Grumley a compelling choice for fans of Crichton’s work. The Great Zoo of China is one of his primary pieces of work, and centers around a secret the Chinese government has been keeping for years.

10. Tess Gerritsen

Gerritsen’s novels, particularly the Rizzoli & Isles series, blend medical suspense with gripping storytelling, making them perfect for fans of authors like Michael Crichton. While Gerritsen’s work falls more in line of medical mystery than adventure, you’ll still appreciate the nuance and deeper look at ethical practices in science and medicine.

11. Richard Preston

If you like Jurassic Park due to its biological nature, then you’ll enjoy Richard Preston. This quality makes him one of the authors like Michael Crichton who shares this piece. Like Crichton, Preston delves into complex scientific concepts, often rooted in biology or environmental science, and presents them in a way that is both accessible and thrilling.

Both authors excel at creating tense, suspenseful narratives that are grounded in realistic scientific possibilities (#ItCouldActuallyHappen), often exploring the potential consequences of human interference with nature or technology, like in Jurassic Park. Plus, Preston’s attention to detail and meticulous research mirror Crichton’s commitment to accuracy, making his work equally engaging and thought-provoking for fans of Crichton’s unique brand of techno-thrillers.

The Hot Zone is one of his most popular novels, and it follows the (actually true) story of the origin of the Ebola virus.

How to Find Authors like Michael Crichton Yourself

While most algorithms will recommend you similar authors, there are ways you can take matters into your own hands. We’ve listed many above, but if you want to continue the search, here’s how.

Here’s how you can find authors like Michael Crichton for yourself:

Browse Similar Authors

Check out authors who are often compared to Michael Crichton via Amazon’s algorithm. Their works often feature thrilling adventures, scientific elements, and fast-paced plots reminiscent of Crichton’s style. You can find them by going to his Amazon author page and scrolling to the bottom to see the “Customers also bought items by” section.

Here’s what that looks like:

Authors Like Michael Crichton From Amazon

Explore Genre Categories

Look for books in the science fiction, thriller, and adventure genres. Many authors in these categories share Crichton’s knack for blending science with suspenseful storytelling. If you want to make this even easier, go to your favorite Michael Crichton book on Amazon and scroll down to the “Product details” and click one of the categories in the “Best Sellers Rank” section.

Like this:

Find Authors Like Michael Crichton On Amazon

Readers’ Recommendations

Visit online forums, book review sites, and social media platforms to see what other readers suggest. Reddit is also a great place to post a question about other authors, specifically the r/books subreddit or the r/scifi subreddit, specifically a post like this. Even Facebook groups are a great place to find recommendations.

Plus, you may discover lesser-known authors whose works resonate with you.

Library and Bookstore Recommendations

Ask your local librarian or bookstore staff for recommendations based on your love for Michael Crichton. They often have great suggestions based on popular authors.

It’ll help the most if you get a fan of this author specifically, because sometimes you might just be pointed into the science fiction section. Make sure to specify the “adventure” part of science fiction for a more specific answer.

Online Reading Communities

Join online reading communities such as Goodreads, where you can find book lists and recommendations based on your favorite authors and genres. But keep in mind that Goodreads can often be skewed, and the reviews tend to run negatively (because they’re not really monitored for fake or hateful reviews).

No two authors are the same, of course. Each will have their own take and voice on similar ideas. That said, all of these authors have a mix of qualities that make them authors like Michael Crichton.

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