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Joining SPS ranks in the top five list of the best things I ever did in seventy years of life. And trust me, that is not because I’ve had a boring or non-productive life. If you have a story or a series of stories that you want to tell—that you need to tell—and if you want to tell the best story you can: join this program.

Fundamentals of Fiction


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“I ended up with $70,000 in cash at the end of it—I had 40 students and then I had another 12 that was in receivables. So I ended up, with that launch, doing $82,000 total. My life changed, because I listened to what you told me!”

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“At least 100 people followed through and wrote me a review, shared it on social media, and that was the biggest thing—that strategy came from you and that was what sold 10,000 copies of my book in the first couple months.

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Added $30,000 to Her Business in 1 Month

The Yoga teacher who was overwhelmed with the thought of writing a book until she found SPS. She added $30,000 to her income in the first month via leads from her book and even inspired her daughter to write her book at 7 years old!

“My dad’s dying wish was for me to become a bestselling author and to hold the book in his hands before he died. I got the book in his hands.” – Qat Wanders

From “I Can’t Do This” to Published in 6 Months

After thinking about writing a book for 3 years, Amanda Florczykowski knew she needed something more—a community. Accountability. After joining Self-Publishing School, she went from “I Really Can’t Do This” to publishing her book in less than 6 months.

“The quality of content and coaching and community is by far leaps and bounds ahead.” – Amanda Florczykowski

From Failed Self-Launch to 1700 Sales in New Launch

His first book launch didn’t do as well as he expected, despite reading 5-6 books on publishing: just 60 books sold and a profit of $15 from his launch. After joining Self-Publishing School his second launch had more than 1700 sales and he is now motivating teens to find direction in their lives all over the world!

“What we do have is continuous daily sales, and more importantly, we have this foundation of skills in book writing we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. We’ve made this a critical part of our revenue stream.” – Jake Gunnoe

Publishing Herself & Inspiring Her Children to Publish

She published her book and also set an example for her 2 children to do the same! Imagine how different their lives are going to be being a published author before even going in to high school?

“It’s really changed my life because most 11-years-olds aren’t exactly a published author. And it’s just an amazing feeling when someone runs up to you and says ‘I read your book and it inspired me!’ because that was the entire point of me writing my book.” – Alaina Oommen, 11-Years-Old

Wouldn’t Have Become an Author Without a Coach

Writing a book is challenging. Hundreds of thousands of people start writing a book every year but never end up finishing. Barbara recognized that she would have been one of those people, and accepted the help that came along by joining and working 1-on-1 with her coach!

“The most valuable aspect of the course content I think to me, was really when I got into the marketing part of it. I didn’t know anything about marketing. Without that, I would have been totally lost.” – Barbara Condra

From Self-Doubt Writer to Finished Draft in 1 Weekend

After seeing how quickly a friend had written a book, something Brent had wanted to do so badly, he decided to do what his friend did in order to get the book finished quickly—join Self-Publishing School.

“This can be done, if you follow the process!” – Brent Chesney

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“I Landed my first client at $6,000 with my book not launched yet, and my course not live yet! I also landed my first high ticket client at $28,000 Canadian from a podcast appearance, and that’s just my beta launch price.”

Course Building For Authors, Become a Bestseller

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Because I joined SPS, I now have an author career. For five years I tried and failed to sell more than a few hundred dollars in books. Now, I’m earning a part-time income that keeps growing. I have direction and purpose as an author.”“

Fundamentals of Fiction

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“Fear was a big one for me. But brave is taking action. So I decided to take action. I haven’t found another company who is friendly, who offers high quality and comprehensive content required for all things book publishing!”

Become a Bestseller


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do you help me even if my book is already written?
Yes! If you haven’t even started or have the book already written, we here at Self-Publishing School have a program for your next steps toward success—no matter your goals!
Q2: How long does it usually take to write and publish a book with Self-Publishing School?
With our proven, step-by-step process, we help authors go from blank page to published author in as little as 90 days (or less, if you’re dedicated).
Q3: Do you have ghostwriters?
No. We believe authors should tell their stories themselves, and we teach you how to do this quickly and with quality.
Q4: Are you a publishing house or will you publish the book on Amazon for me?

No, and this is the best part! We fully teach you how to write, market, and publish your book all by yourself in a step-by-step, repeatable process that empowers you to take control, self-publish for more royalties, and enables you to publish more books with life-time access to our materials.

Q5: Do I have to book a call in order to get started?

Yes! Part of our enrollment process includes a 1-hour call with a Publishing Success Strategist to ensure you’re a good fit for us, we’re a good fit for you, and to get you started in the right program and with the right coach to fit your needs.
You can start by scheduling your call right here.

Q6: Do you offer payment plans for your programs?

Yes. Our payment plans are listed alongside the pay-in-full pricing.

Q7: Do you take royalties from my published book?
Absolutely not. We are an online education company, not a publisher, which means you keep 100% of the profits you make from your book royalties, unlike traditionally published authors making sometimes less than 10% of their book’s earnings.
Q8: How long do I have access to the program for?
For life! You’ll maintain your login and access to the online program portion forever.
Q9: What is “group coaching”?
Our group coaching calls happen daily, and you’re free to join whichever call makes sense with the stage you’re in. These allow for our authors to mingle, ask questions and get answers, learn from one another, and make progress together, fully guided by one of our own coaches.
Q10: What types of books do you teach us to publish (paperback, audiobooks, genres)?
We teach you how to create and self-publish all types of books (even hardback). This includes ebook, Kindle, paperback, children’s books, and the entire audiobook production and publishing process as well.
Q11: Do you ONLY help write and publish a book?
Nope! Here at Self-Publishing School, we can help you write and publish a book successfully AND continue your success Beyond The Book, no matter your goals. We have programs to help you gain promotion for your book via PR and Speaking, sell more books on Amazon through advanced marketing tactics, and even help you build and launch an online course that’s connected to your book and mission.
Q12: Do you edit the book and design the cover for me?
No. Book production costs are not included in the program costs. However, we do provide a rolodex of trusted, high quality, SPS-Approved editors, designers, and more for you to choose from with exclusive Self-Publishing School Author discounts, cutting down on the time, cost, and increasing quality of the final product.
Q13: How soon can I start?
If there is a time available for your 1-hour strategy call today, you can start as soon as today! Ultimately, you can start the very same day you decide to join Self-Publishing School with immediate program login access.