10 Best Book Club Subscription Boxes Worth Paying For 

Posted on Aug 25, 2023

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Remember those times when reading a fantastic book was a solitary experience? You’d finish that last page, sigh with satisfaction (or maybe frustration), and wish you had someone to dive deep into discussion with. Entering: Book club subscriptions boxes! But with so many subscriptions popping up like plot twists, how do you choose the one that’s just right for you? 

In this guide, we’ll journey through the top 10 book club subscriptions, weighing their pros and cons like the cover critics we are. Let’s dive straight in.

1. Book of the Month

Price: $14.99 per month.

About this Subscription: 

With a curation of 5-7 standout reads up for grabs, Book of the Month gives you the power to review, pick, then dive right into a new world. Now, why would you choose BotM over your cozy, neighborhood bookstore? Early access to releases, for starters. Plus, it’s a cost-friendly avenue for the voracious readers among us.

Love choice? You can either handpick a book each month or opt to skip and give yourself a breather. No charges applied when you’re not feeling up to a new read. And while their adult fiction choices are commendable (think fresh, buzzing titles), they’ve still got some chapters to write, particularly in diversifying their lineup.


– Regular lineup of 5-7 fresh, anticipated reads.

– Early bird advantage with new releases.

– Financially savvy choice for regular readers.

– Flexibility to skip a month without any charges.


– The diversity of book choices is still a work-in-progress.

– Exclusively for US readers, so your globe-trotting friends are missing out.

All in all, Book of the Month is a treat for the US-based book aficionados who love being on the cutting edge of the latest titles. Just make sure to petition for your favorite international titles and share the love globally!

2. Rare Birds Book Club

Price: Starting from $15 per month.

About this Subscription:

Rare Birds Book Club fluttered into existence in 2017, thanks to Rachel, a true book aficionado. Driven by the passion that women’s writing needed its own dedicated stage where it could be both celebrated and fun to dissect, Rare Birds became that place. 

Dubbed as ‘the pioneering bookstore’, this book club has its sights set on amplifying women’s voices. When you subscribe, every month brings a new adventure: choose from two mysterious blurbs, then sit back and wait for a lovingly wrapped book to arrive at your doorstep. But the journey doesn’t end there; dive into the online forum bursting with buzzing discussions about the latest read. 

And if you’re ever in a generous mood? Gift your favorite book lover a 3-month Rare Birds immersion. 


– Puts the spotlight on women’s writing.

– Mysterious book blurbs add an element of surprise.

– Beautifully wrapped book deliveries for that extra touch of charm.

– Option to gift a 3-month subscription.


– Exclusively online-based discussions might not resonate with those who thrive in face-to-face book club settings.

This subscription, in essence, is a testament to the power of women’s writing and the joy of unwrapping a mystery every month! Perfect for the modern, digital-age reader with a penchant for surprises.

3. The Book Drop

Price: Starting from $25.99 per month.

About this Subscription:
Meet The Book Drop, where the joy of receiving a hand-wrapped book, accompanied by heartfelt notes, comes alive every month.

For the eco-conscious readers among us, you’ll be pleased to know their packaging screams sustainability and love for our planet. But the cherries on top have to be the exclusive author letters and potentially signed bookplates – making each month’s read all the more intimate.

If you’re torn between thrillers and romances or perhaps memoirs and fantasy, fret not! You can pick two genres, and they’ll alternate each month, keeping the suspense alive. Alongside your tangible reads, immerse yourself in spirited discussions with the included online virtual book club.


  • Carefully curated and hand-wrapped book each month.
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.
  • Bonus author letters and potentially signed bookplates.
  • Option to alternate between two genres of choice.
  • Included access to an online virtual book club.


  • The virtual book club isn’t inclusive of all genres.

The Book Drop offers a beautifully nostalgic experience, replete with personal touches and the promise of diverse genres. A perfect balance of the warmth of traditional bookstores and modern conveniences. Just keep an eye on that genre list for the virtual book club!

3.My Coffee and Book Club

Coffee Product Picture 1 4

Price: Starting from $38.99 per month.

About this Subscription:
Are you the kind who thinks the smell of fresh pages pairs perfectly with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee? – well then ‘My Coffee and Book Club’ book club subscription box is just for you. They’ve figured out the delightful concoction that is caffeine and storylines.

Here’s how it goes down: every month, bask in the aroma of a 12-ounce bag of some of the finest coffee beans. Paired with this caffeinated joy are 2 brand-new hardcovers in your chosen genre. A box filled with the two things you love the most. Not to mention, they’ve got an e-book option too, for days you wish to tread lighter.


  • A perfect blend of coffee and reading: 12-ounce premium coffee bag with 2 new hardcovers.
  • Flexibility in choosing your coffee type and fiction genre.
  • Added e-book option for a versatile reading experience.

– On the slightly pricier end than other book club subscription boxes on our list.

Whether it’s the weight of a hardcover or the convenience of an e-book, coupled with a robust or mellow coffee – they’ve got you covered.

4. Chocolate and Book

Price: Starting from $14.99 per month.

About this Subscription:
Oh, the rich, velvety allure of chocolate and the immersive world of a good book – both timeless, both universally adored. Marry them, and you’ve got Chocolate and Book, the subscription box that understands our heart’s deepest desires.

Every month, unbox delight with an acclaimed paperback that promises to whisk you away. But what’s a great story without a treat? Hence, nestled beside the book, you’ll find a tempting chocolate treat. Often, to elevate the experience, they’ll throw in a comforting drink, ensuring you’re cocooned in pure bliss.


  • A combination of two of life’s greatest joys: a good book and delicious chocolate.
  • Every box comes with a well-reviewed paperback.
  • Inclusions often extend to a comforting drink, making the reading experience cozier.


  • Shipping costs aren’t included, which can elevate the overall price.

For those moments when you need a sweet escape – quite literally – Chocolate and Book delivers. It’s like receiving a warm, chocolaty hug alongside a captivating tale.

5. Fresh Fiction

Price: $29.95 per month.

About this Subscription:
Fresh Fiction isn’t just a subscription box, it’s a passionate love letter to the world of romance fiction. Every month, subscribers are treated to a tantalizing collection of 3 to 5 paperback novels. But that’s not all! A sprinkle of eBook codes also find their way into the box, ensuring that digital readers aren’t left out.

While mainly centered around romance, the box occasionally spices things up by introducing a mystery or paranormal novel. This is the ideal subscription for those who fear they’ve nearly exhausted the romance genre – Fresh Fiction promises to rekindle that flame with emerging authors and new bestsellers.


  • Curated with a blend of cutting-edge bestsellers and budding authors.
  • Combination of physical books and eBook codes ensures everyone’s reading preference is catered to.
  • Dabbles occasionally in other genres like mystery and paranormal, adding a surprise element.


  • Priced slightly higher compared to other subscription boxes in the market.

For the die-hard romantic who’s looking for fresh tales of love and longing, Fresh Fiction is a lovely bet. While the price point might be a slight hiccup, the curated collection often proves to be worth the investment.

6. My Thrill Club

Price: $18.99 per month.

About this Subscription:
This subscription box is a pulse-racing blend of mysteries, thrillers, horrors, and the delightful element of surprise. Each month, subscribers will unwrap two hardcover books that promise a mix of high-octane drama and suspenseful plots.

Whether you’re sunbathing on a sandy beach or snuggled up in your bed during a stormy night, these books will ensure that adrenaline is always a page-turn away. While the club does feature eminent authors like Jo Nesbo and Ian Rankin, part of the thrill is discovering those under-the-radar authors who spin tales that leave you wanting to read more.


  • Tailored for those who seek suspense and excitement in their reading.
  • Monthly selection includes bestsellers as well as hidden gems.
  • Versatility in genres: from spine-chilling horrors to intense thrillers.


  • Might not appeal to readers who aren’t fans of suspenseful genres.

For those who believe that the best kind of stories are the ones that keep your heart racing, My Thrill Club is undoubtedly your ticket to an exhilarating literary adventure.

7. Once Upon A Book Club

Price: $49.99 per month

About this Subscription:
Far beyond just diving into captivating tales, this subscription offers an interactive reading journey. Every monthly box unfurls a newly released book, perfectly paired with handpicked gifts, echoing key moments and elements within the story.

As you progress through the book, you’ll be prompted to open these curated surprises, enriching the narrative and making you feel as though you’re living within its chapters. Both enthralling for solo readers and an inspired gift idea, it transforms reading from a solitary activity into an enchanting, multi-sensory adventure.


  • An interactive reading experience that truly engrosses the reader.
  • Versatile genre choices for both adults and young adults.
  • The tangible connection to the story through coordinated gifts.


  • International readers might have to bear additional shipping costs.
  • Higher priced compared to other book subscriptions out there.

For those who believe reading is not just a pastime, but an experience, Once Upon A Book Club is where stories leap off the pages and into the very space around you. Happy immersing!

8. Call Number

Price: Starting from $45.99 per month

About this Subscription:
Discover the resonating voices of Black literature with Call Number – a one-of-a-kind, library-inspired book subscription box. Designed to spotlight and champion contemporary Black authors and literature from the African Diaspora, Call Number is more than just a reading experience – it’s an exploration of culture, history, and identity.

This service is a literary gem for those keen on diversifying their personal libraries. Every quarter, subscribers are treated to a carefully chosen book, accompanied by a tailor-made spine label and catalog card, ensuring you can organize and cherish these titles in your home library.


  • A celebration of contemporary Black literature.
  • Curated by a professional librarian ensuring quality picks.
  • Unique library-themed items adding charm to each box.
  • Helps in building a diverse personal book collection.


  • Shipping costs are separate.
  • Quarterly shipping might be a wait for some eager readers.

With Call Number, every quarter feels like a deep dive into the profound world of Black literature. Let each box be a call to adventure, understanding, and appreciation.

9. Bubbles and Books

Price: $26.92 per month

About this Subscription:
Dreaming of a romantic escape paired with the sheer relaxation of a spa evening? Bubbles & Books brings that dream right to your doorstep! This subscription is the perfect pairing of literature with luxury.

Every month, Bubbles & Books offers a literary haven with 1-2 handpicked paperback romance novels, ensuring your nights are filled with enchanting tales of love and passion. And for those moments when you can’t sit with a physical book, they provide 5+ bonus romance ebooks, making sure the romance never stops.

The curated items, including rejuvenating sheet masks, aromatic bath salts and bombs, handcrafted soaps, aromatic candles, soothing teas, and indulgent bubble baths, ensure every evening feels like a retreat.


  • Perfectly pairs the joy of reading with the luxury of relaxation.
  • Versatile range of books with both paperbacks and ebooks.
  • High-quality bath and spa products ensure a premium experience.
  • Tailored for the romance genre lover.


  • Might not be suitable for readers not interested in romance.

With Bubbles & Books, every month promises a rendezvous with romance and relaxation. Embrace the passion, enjoy the pampering, and let every evening be an escape.

10. My Sci-Fi Club Subscription Box

Price: From $16.00 per box

About this Subscription:
Are you constantly journeying across otherworldly dimensions in your mind? My Sci-Fi Club Subscription Box has you covered, ensuring that the universe of fantastical fiction is never out of reach.

Each month, My Sci-Fi Club handpicks and delivers 2 brand new hardcover titles, tailored to your science fiction and fantasy cravings. At checkout, you have the power to customize your reading journey by choosing between Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or a delightful concoction of both.

What makes this club truly exceptional, aside from its affordable price tag, is its commitment to voracious readers. If, by any chance, you’re an incredibly fast reader and consume both books before the next box arrives, fear not! A quick email to them will secure an additional ebook for your reading pleasure – absolutely free.

Best Book Club Subscription Boxes | Summary

In the literary realm, book club subscriptions box have become a fascinating way to engage with both old and new tales, offering readers the thrill of monthly surprises. From the rich narratives to sensual allure, our guide has introduced some of the best options for every kind of bibliophile.

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