Book Launch ROI Business Calculator

Book Launch ROI Business Calculator

Just input your core offer product or service average order value to see just how much you can scale your business in the next 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years by writing and self-publishing a high quality book with Self-Publishing School!

What does ROI stand for in business?

ROI stands for “return on investment.” This is calculating how much money you make back from something you invested in. Like your return on investment from purchasing a course on how to write and publish a book, and how much money you gained back from using that book to grow your business.

Overall, you want to make sure you’re making more money than you’re spending on initiatives to grow your business.

That means you want a high ROI on anything you’re investing to bring you more money.

How to calculate ROI

ROI is calculated by the amount you earned from a certain investment divided by the investment’s cost, which gives you a decimal. Multiply this by 100 to get the percent, as ROI is usually expressed as a percentage.

Here’s an example of how to calculator ROI:

Investment return in revenue  / the cost of the investment x  100 = ROI%

Let’s use our Become a Bestseller program cost (already factored in for the calculator above) as an example:

Say you made $31,000 in business from your published books by generating leads from readers and you paid $5997 for our program with coaching.

This would look like:

31,000 / 5997 x 100 = 516% ROI

What is a good ROI for business?

While it can depend on your business’s size, most experts will tell you than 10 – 15 percent is a good ROI percentage to shoot for. However, the higher the percentage, the more profitable that investment is.

As you can see from above, if you have a high ticket offer, your investments in certain initiatives (like publishing a book with our Become a Bestseller program) can be much higher, which is more profitable for your business.

Ultimately, ROI is a tool used to measure the success of your investment. The higher the percentage of ROI, the better that investment was for your business.

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