SPS 148: Growing Your Real Estate Investing Business Using A Book with AJ Osborne

Posted on Mar 16, 2022


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AJ Osborne is the author of The Investors Guide to Growing Wealth in Self Storage: The Step-By-Step Playbook for Turning a Real Estate Asset Into a Thriving Self Storage Business. He’s also an SPS alumni, so it’s exciting to learn about his success. Over the last decade, AJ has built a portfolio of over a hundred million dollars in self storage investments without the help of outside capital or management.

He has an incredible story about why he wrote his book. Bottom line, he wanted to get other people excited about his business and needed a way to let them know what he did. The book did incredible, and was the best selling book in his industry. He gave away every single piece of information away for free. He also started a podcast, an inner circle, and created deals and found investors. 

AJ’s business was already successful. After the book, he more than doubled his square footage in the storage industry and new business opportunities sprung up everywhere. He even has a private equity company now. In this episode, we learn all about the wonderful success that AJ has had. He also shares a bit about his story, how he found SPS, and what he would have done differently if he was starting out again. 

Show Highlights

  • [03:18] AJ shares the incredible story of when and why he decided to write his book.
  • [03:47] The book also led to him launching a podcast and multiple other companies.
  • [04:21] Through the book, people learned more about his strategy and ended up wanting to invest in his projects.
  • [05:59] They now even do wholesale deals and find people who want to invest in those.
  • [06:33] When he wrote the book he had about 1 million square feet. Today, he has 2 million square feet and 650,000 in development and 500,000 square feet under contract right now. 
  • [07:02] The book helped propel his success in three years as opposed to 10 years to build the initial business.
  • [07:30] They also became a private equity company.
  • [08:13] AJ found SPS through a ConvertKit conference. 
  • [10:16] He niched down and found people in that niche through podcasts. He also used Amazon Ads and had a landing page to get emails. His own podcast also helped a lot. 
  • [14:40] AJ shares his strategy to get a base of reviews. He did some prelaunch speaking gigs that really help get quality reviews. He also asked for reviews on his podcast. 
  • [18:24] AJ shares how he landed podcast interviews and got on the BiggerPockets Podcast.
  • [24:25] When using books to grow your real estate business be sure to know the purpose. The book is there to produce value and give the readers what they need to know. Structure the book for the results that you are trying to achieve.
  • [25:55] Make your book stand out from other books in your industry.
  • [28:20] Publishing a book can be overwhelming. SPS provided AJ with a compass and a plan to follow. 
  • [30:49] When you have good expertise and believe in your topic, people will want to read your book. Have the confidence to put yourself out there.  

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