SPS 145: What I’ve Learned Talking To 4,657+ Aspiring Authors with Matt Emmorey (Becoming an Author-ity Figure)

Posted on Feb 23, 2022


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What if you could distill down the key takeaways from conversations with over 4,657 authors and aspiring authors? Matt Emmorey is here to do just that. Matt is the author of  Where The Rubber Meets The Road, a book about getting more with less effort. The story also revolves around him living in a van for a year and all of the life lessons he’s learned along the way. He is also the host of the Authority Figures podcast, which features success stories from bestselling authors on how they reached the top. 

Matt is also a resource specialist at SPS who has had over 30,000 calls. Today, we dive into Matt’s story and why he wrote his book. We learn what he would do differently if he had it to do over. We dive into how his book is a mix of storytelling and self-help. Matt shares a lot of wisdom from his experiences and his author conversations. Such as, we aren’t going to get permission to tell our story. 

We talk about the number one challenge that aspiring authors face. How it’s okay to get help, and you don’t have to be a perfectionist. It also doesn’t’ have to take ten years to write a book. We also talk about what keeps many aspiring authors from getting started. We also talk about coachability and common traits that successful authors have. Matt shares advice and talks about his new podcast. We also talk about how you can have a conversation with Matt and get a free copy of my book by reviewing the Authority Figures Podcast. 

Show Highlights

  • [02:29] Matt shares why he wrote his book, Where The Rubber Meets The Road. He lived in a van for a year, and it turned out to be a total failure. 
  • [03:22] He wrote the book in order to take his story back and have it count for something.
  • [05:12] If Matt could launch again, he would build a list of purchasers and continue having a conversation with them. He missed out on opportunities. 
  • [08:10] Matt fell victim to an apartment rental scam and ended up moving back in with his mom for a while.
  • [10:26] His book is a mix of storytelling and self-help. 
  • [11:08] We aren’t going to get permission to share our experiences. 
  • [13:11] The number one challenge that aspiring authors Matt spoke with face is not having a process for writing and completing the book. Some people have been working on their books for years. Know what to do every day and dive in. 
  • [15:47] Doubt is what keeps most people from getting started. You can’t hurdle all of the obstacles at once. 
  • [17:59] Common traits with successful authors include coachability and lack of attachment to the outcome. 
  • [20:07] Go deeper and look at the real reason why you’re doing it. At surface level, it may be money. Going deeper, it’s having more time with your family. Something of value is a much more efficient fuel source. Aim at heaven.
  • [22:08] Advice for aspiring authors: Don’t try to make your book perfect. Don’t obsess over perfection. Publish and make room to continue to write more books.
  • [24:04] The Authority Figures Podcast is Matt sharing conversations talking to people who are doing something that they love. It’s also cool to see people build a business by a book. 
  • [26:49] The podcast is for people who love learning about random things and listening to cool stories. It’s also for people who want to write a book.
  • [28:06] to the Authority Figures podcast and get a free copy of Published.: The Proven Path From Blank Page To 10,000 Copies Sold go to PublishedBook.com/free to get that. 
  • [28:44] Parting advice: Life can be almost effortless if you have the right people in your corner showing you what to do. Getting help does not diminish your accomplishments.
  • [29:35] Book a call with Matt if you’re serious about writing a book or need to make progress.  

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