SPS 130: How to Re-Launch Your Book The Product Launch Formula Way with Jeff Walker

Posted on Nov 3, 2021


Listen to today’s episode as I talk with Jeff Walker, who has transformed the way products are sold online. Creating the Product Launch Formula, Jeff has become one of the best training programs for launching products, services, and entire brands with colossal momentum and great success. Because of the success of his program, his Product Launch Formula has become the gold standard for launching products, services, and even entire brands with huge momentum and great success.

Why He Decided to Relaunch His Book

With his first version coming out in 2014, Jeff’s book quickly hit the NY Times Bestseller list. “We’re in an industry where everyone wants what’s new,” says Jeff. Even though there are new ways of marketing, his Product Launch Formula is a tried and true way to launch your product because the strategies are based on the way humans are influenced and make decisions.

Even though the strategies endured throughout the past two decades, Jeff developed his book and revised his content to change the tools and tactics to meet modern digital marketing. He rewrote his book, knowing that his latest edition wouldn’t have to be rewritten for another decade. In addition, Jeff wanted his book to be a legacy piece for himself and wanted to reach new people for a more significant impact.

Using His Book for Business Leads

Jeff believes that books are the best lead magnet for your business because the reader invests time with you to get to know you better through your book. Using a book as a lead magnet, he feels, is the best way to generate high-quality leads for your business.

Listen to discover why he couldn’t move his google reviews to the new edition of his book, the process he used in rewriting his book for the second edition, and his new book relaunch marketing plan.

Show Highlights

  • [02:26] Why Jeff decided to relaunch his book.
  • [04:09] How his book relaunch helped him to build his business.
  • [08:15] When he decided to switch publishers and how he switched publishing companies.
  • [13:32] What Jeff learned from rewriting and republishing his book.
  • [20:45] How Jeff outlined his new book content for his rewrite.
  • [29:30] Book marketing techniques he is going to implement.
  • [33:30] Advice on relaunching your book and why you can relaunch.

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