SPS 128: How I Sold 1,000,000+ Copies Of My Book Through An Informercial with Anthony Morrison

Posted on Oct 20, 2021


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Today I’m chatting with Anthony Morrison, an infomercial creator. He has several businesses and has written books, including The Hidden Millionaire: 12 Principles of Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You, and has sold over a million copies of his book.

Starting His First Business

Anthony started his first business in affiliate marketing over a decade ago. He was successful and wanted to share his business methods with others, so he put his business process in his book The Hidden Millionaire and Advertising Profits from Home. The purpose of his books was to teach entrepreneurs how to think and act to make the right decisions.

Buying Books from Infomercials

People who purchased Anthony’s books from his infomercial were looking to find out how to change their mindset and think like an entrepreneur. So with Advertising Profits from Home, he started teaching people how to live like an entrepreneur and what the lifestyle entails daily. 

Listen to discover his mantra “self-made” pertains to how he created his infomercial around selling his books and why you want your CTA to be a phone call.

Show Highlights

  • [02:23] How Anthony started his affiliate marketing business.
  • [05:03] Learning how to create infomercials to sell his books with Dean.
  • [11:55] How he structured the infomercials to sell his books.
  • [20:14] Using a phone number as a CTA for your sales.
  • [29:06] Finding price points for his products and services.
  • [36:20] The process of automating a webinar.

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