SPS 116: What I Learned Launching The Most Successful Books Of The Last Decade with Daniel Decker

Posted on Jul 28, 2021


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About Daniel Decker

Daniel is an incredible cutting-edge pioneer for executing book launches as well as a behind-the-scenes book marketer. He has worked with Tony Robbins, Maria Shriver, and David Bach, among his high-end clients. He has sold millions of books for his clients and creates highly influential platforms to continue to market their books. In addition to marketing others, Daniel is also a best-selling author with his book Stay Positive: Encouraging Quotes and Messages to Fuel Your Life with Positive Energy

How Daniel Jumped Into Book Launching for Clients

Before marketing books, Daniel owned a direct-response ad agency, so he’s no stranger to the details and challenges of digital marketing. Being a friend and business partner of Jon Gordon, he agreed to help him launch and market his first book. 

With this first book-marketing success, Daniel developed his new business marketing books for other authors. For Jon’s book alone, he’s sold over 5 million copies! “We pivoted his brand and took the success that he had, and pivoted to the brand he has now.”

Outside of the Box Book Marketing Ideas

Seventeen years ago, Daniel was the first person to create a book marketing launch team for his client. Today, these are an essential component of any book launch. When promoting clients, Daniel asks about the available resources for their brand and utilizing these resources to create a buzz for their book launch.

Biggest Book Marketing Challenges 

“One of the biggest challenges clients come to me with is they are coming to me too late, or the author is thinking too short-term.” Many authors have a hard time asking others to promote themselves, but the reality is that the “messenger has to be willing to spread the message.” Your book won’t sell just from publishing. You have to work and promote yourself and your platform to show others who you are and why they want to buy your book. “Many authors underutilize their own platform because they are afraid to promote the book because they don’t want to come across as ‘salesy.’

Listen in to find out what the most successful book launches have in common with each other, how you can use the processes that Daniel uses to have a successful book launch, and how to use multiple marketing strategies to sell your book to success.

Show Highlights

  • [02:57] How Daniel transitioned from an advertising agency to a book marketing business.
  • [04:29] The book marketing process he created for Jon Gordon.
  • [05:27] Outside of the box book marketing ideas that Daniel uses for his clients.
  • [07:04] Daniel’s big picture for executing a successful book launch.
  • [09:11] Marketing and buying ads on Amazon for your book.
  • [10:20] How to overlap marketing strategies to sell more books.
  • [12:25] Leverage points you can use as an author to promote your new title.
  • [17:16] Metrics to use for gauging the success of your book.
  • [21:51] Top marketing tips that move a book launch to success.
  • [24:37] Big splash marketing and event ideas to promote your new book.
  • [26:12] How to sell books after your launch.

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