SPS 110: Supporting A Cause Or Charity With Your Book Launch (How To & Mistakes To Avoid) with Susie Harder

Posted on Jun 16, 2021


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About Susie Harder

Susie has a history of designing and building successful programs. During her time in Fresno Unified School District, Susie designed and piloted a successful framework for a Fluency Consultant role to utilize specialty skills and support SLPs. In 2016, Susie created a private practice focused on supporting children, teens, and adults who stutter.

Within her practice, she built a mentoring program for children and teens who stutter to help guide younger children experiencing similar challenges. Most recently (2020), following the devastation of the Central California Creek Fire, she decided to write a book to help children who lost homes in the fire. While writing the book, she created a unique platform to reinvent how children connect with literacy and books. Through the Junior Authors Program, children are involved in ongoing votes to help build the book from rough draft to a published book on Amazon.

Susie’s Personal Story about Why She Wrote her Book

Using books to promote conversations, Susie decided to reach out to kids who lost their homes in the California fires last year to emotionally support them while going through tough times. Then, she used her experience with helping children to write her book. The process evolved from a story that can help kids develop a business around her publication and support kids.

Advice for Children’s Book Authors

Susie says, “You can learn how to write a book,” especially if you have experience with kids and understand what they like. She suggests not to come from a preaching standpoint but to build your book in a meaningful way. “As educators, we have the ability to build-in any message we want.” You can choose the themed message of the book to become a guided conversation for your little readers.  

“The access to learning how to make a book unlocks all those things you know and love.” She explains how books impact kids on a different level, including helping kids process their emotions at home.

Listen in on today’s episode and find out why Susie chose to donate her profits to her cause, which marketing channels she decided to use for her PR, and how she developed her vision from her idea.

Show Highlights

  • [03:05] Why Susie wrote her book
  • [06:41] When Susie decided to add SPS coaching to her journey.
  • [10:33] Her advice for others who are writing children’s books.
  • [14:10] How she planned her book launch and incorporated her cause into her marketing strategy.
  • [18:21] Doing unpaid work and how it pays off in the future.
  • [25:34] Her biggest win and most rewarding part of her journey.
  • [29:53] The ripple effect of her book campaign into her business. 
  • [32:53] Going through the process of SPS children’s book school.
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