SPS 091: Publishers Hate Him! Thinking Like An Agent & Getting Publishers To Compete To Give You A Massive Book Deal with Nathan Latka

Posted on Feb 3, 2021



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Nathan Latka was the most polarizing speaker at Author Advantage Live. A lot of the audience loved him. The rest of the audience hated him. 

…and so much more. Listen to this episode and let me know what you think!

Nathan Latka’s Publisher Bidding War

Nathan is the principal of the private equity firm Founder Path. Besides, he is the executive producer and host of the Top Entrepreneurs Podcast and produces his Facebook show. His book, How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital, is #3 on the Wall Street Best Seller list.

He decided to publish a book because he is a lover of competition. “I’m really competitive, I like to play games, and I like to play games that have money attached.”

You want to think like an agent when you approach a publishing company. “You have to control or have a clear path to controlling distribution.” Nathan started his prep work almost two years prior with his first step launching a podcast, so publishers knew he had a channel in which to sell his book. Secondly, he reached out to CEO’s with a promise that if they bought his book, he would dedicate space in his book to their business, along with a link back to their site.

After receiving tremendous response from companies, he used this data as collateral to land an agent. Once landing an agent, he and his agent contacted publishers with a focused script. Three publishers replied back to start the bidding war, which gave Nathan leverage for his book deal.

Find out the most critical question all publishers ask that you must have an answer for before you step foot through their door. Learn why Nathan wanted to get onto the cable for interviews, what he put in his marketing weapons tool chest, and how he created a quality book.

Show Notes

  • [02:21] Writing a book for his business and company goals.
  • [06:09] How Nathan created the bidding war among publishers.
  • [11:00] Why Nathan wanted to get on cable as part of his book contract.
  • [13:32] Using transcription to get from content in his head to content on the page.
  • [17:14] Why he put his image on the cover of his book.
  • [20:01] Nathan’s top three marketing strategies for marketing his book.
  • [22:43] How to get your book opened by referencing specific pages.
  • [25:29] Marketing your book on podcasts.
  • [32:17] The one page document which Nathan used to raise over a million dollars at age 21.
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