SPS 087: How To Sell 2X More Books After Launch Than During Launch Week & Get 100’s Of Reviews with Ryan Moran

Posted on Jan 6, 2021



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Today, I’m joined by Ryan Moran, who is the author of a new book, Twelve Months to One Million and the founder of Capitalism.com, where he teaches entrepreneurs to build businesses and invest their profits. He is best known for his work helping over 300 entrepreneurs build seven-figure companies.

“I think very strategically, my two favorite board games are Risk and Monopoly.” Although he had a plan and strategy to release his book, the pandemic shut the world down, and Ryan had to rethink his game plan.

When planning his book, Ryan had difficulty thinking about what he should write and how he should write his book. Talking with his future agent, Ryan quickly figured out his topic. He needed to narrow his focus from giving many details to bringing the reader from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

“One of the things that worked best is that I gave my editor permission to edit me ruthlessly.” He also gives his video editors this permission as he wants his content to make sense and be valuable to the listener. “Having that permission to take what I say is not so sacred, and to have a lot of words get deleted, made the book better. It didn’t make my ego happy, but it made the book much better.”

Ryan talks about the launch’s focus, which is to have your book sell more copies one year from the date of publication than it did when you launched your book. “Right now, my sales are more than double right now than when we launched.” He talks about the importance of “going all-in” on every positive review you get, when you land and sell a customer, how to leverage your relationships to market your book, and how he changed his plans for a speaking tour when COVID hit.

Listen in to find out how to get over a hundred book reviews, book marketing pivots that worked during the pandemic, how to land audiobook sales, and how to strategically plan your book marketing.

Show Notes

  • [02:19] How the pandemic affected Ryan’s book marketing plan.
  • [04:38] Why Ryan decided to write his first book.
  • [06:15] The book writing process he decided to take for his first novel.
  • [07:45] What he would have done differently in his book publishing process looking back.
  • [09:33] Ryan’s book marketing strategy and how he had to pivot during the pandemic.
  • [12:22] Where Ryan’s book is now with reviews and sales.
  • [16:05] His experience with business and the hard work that comes along with a business and book.
  • [20:49] Ryan’s pre and post-COVID marketing plans and the pivots he made to sell his book in a down market.
  • [25:10] How he received over 400 reviews before the first year of book publishing.
  • [28:16] When Ryan knows that people are consuming his book.
  • [30:27] How his book fits in with Ryan’s long-term business strategy.
  • [34:07] Why you need to have confidence in your book before your book publication. 
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