SPS 081: How To Turn Your Book Into A Movie with Hal Elrod (Miracle Morning Movie Behind The Scenes)

Posted on Nov 25, 2020


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Today, I’m joined by Hal Elrod. Hal has become one of the most successful self-published authors globally. He is best known for his international best selling book, The Miracle Morning, which sells over 10,000 copies every month as a self-published book. He has earned over one thousand five-star reviews on Amazon and has cracked the code to creating an extraordinary income and impact as an author. Hal’s book is now being turned into a movie.

“A good friend of mine, who is a filmmaker, was at my house and was getting advice from me on what his next movie project should be,” Nick asked Hal how he was able to get his book to go viral. While brainstorming a new movie over dinner, Nick suggested creating a film based on The Miracle Morning.

If you want to get your message to more people, creating a movie from your book is a great avenue to provide your message to millions of more people. “It’s about taking what you are teaching in a book and putting it into a format that would reach, and could reach a greater audience.”

When creating the movie, Hal wanted to develop the screenplay as close to the book as possible. “The best way to tell your story is the results of your readers.” He reached out to his Facebook group, asking members to record and send videos of how his book changed their lives.

Planning an entire movie can be quite overwhelming. Hal’s advice, “Let go of knowing exactly how this is going to turn out and have unwavering faith that if you’re on a mission to change the world, we are going to capture some great stuff.”

Listen in to find out the movie-making process Hal journeyed through to create a movie based on his book, how he made a movie from his book with multiple storylines, and how he was able to get onto a popular radio show to promote his book.

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Show Notes

  • [02:59] Why Hal decided to turn his book into a movie. 
  • [05:07] Nick and Hal discuss how to create a movie from Hal’s book. 
  • [09:59] What the movie making process looked like for Hal. 
  • [11:51] The process of moving from book story to storytelling on film. 
  • [14:27] What the production of the movie was like from Hal’s perspective. 
  • [19:11] The final movie is the product of cutting out much of the B roll shot during production.
  • [21:26] Iterations and improvements learned when making his movie. 
  • [25:26] How the storyline changed throughout the movie process.
  • [30:08] Talking about the movie premiere.
  • [34:14] Hal’s plans for his next book. 
  • [38:08] Why he has decided to self-distribute his movie. 
  • [40:31] Nick Nanton and Nick Conadera as a film professional for your book.
  • [41:24] Why you should interview videographers.
  • [43:26] The two most important things you can do to support The Miracle Morning. 
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