SPS 074: This One Quiz Funnel Will Sell More Books & Turn Readers Into Paying Customers (Better Than A Free + Shipping Funnel) with Ryan Levesque

Posted on Oct 7, 2020


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Today, joining me is Ryan Levesque, the Inc. 500 CEO of the Ask Method Company and author of the best-selling book Ask. Ask is the #1 marketing book of the year on Inc.’s book list. Ask helps readers avoid the single biggest mistake when starting a business and guides readers to answer the important question of what type of business they should start.

Ryan believes everyone should write a book. “If you can convince someone to read a book, they are investing hours of their life. You can convey your beliefs and ideas.” Books are one of the few ways you can personally relay your message and advertise in one medium. “You own physical shelf space with a book, which is the best advertising medium in the world.”

Looking to get people from Amazon or Barnes and Noble to your email list? Ryan recommends using a quiz funnel. By creating a short quiz related to the content in your book, your potential client can use the quiz results and outcome as a path to purchasing your upsell that is offered. “I see this as a universal strategy that any non-fiction writer can incorporate into your book.”

Two main funnels attract different types of buyers: people who are aware of your brand and the potential customers unfamiliar with your brand. Find out how to advertise to these two distinct markets.

Listen in to find out how you can use pixel segmentation in your book marketing, how to become an expert in your space by using quiz funnels, and how Ryan’s new software company fits into his brand.

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Show Notes

  • [02:55] Why Ryan decided to write his book and how they work with his business model.
  • [05:20] Which book marketing ideas worked out well for Ryan’s book.
  • [07:45] Marketing differences in his second book. 
  • [10:23] Which marketing factors outperform when offering a book with free shipping.
  • [10:25] CPA – cost per acquisition and AOV – average order value. 
  • [13:28] Attracting potential clients with a quiz funnel.
  • [16:05] Using assessment and quizzes to buy your book or service.
  • [19:26] Ryan’s publishing strategy with his trilogy.
  • [20:52] Two main funnels that attract different types of buyers.
  • [23:08] How you can use pixel segmentation in your book marketing.
  • [30:25] Ryan’s new software company and how that fits into his brand.
  • [33:12] Transferring your expertise into a piece of technology. 

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