SPS 066: Myers Briggs for Writing A Book: How To Use Your Unique Personality Type (And Strength) To Maximize The Success Of Your Book with Gary Williams

Posted on Aug 12, 2020


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Joining me today is Gary Williams, the author of the book Choose Your Best Life, and is an outstanding coach at Self-Publishing School. Gary has enthusiastically assisted hundreds of students with over 4,000 hours in coaching calls to publish their book. Learn how the Myers-Briggs personality assessment can be used as a tool when you write your book and his process he has learned and refined for book writing, and how you can apply this methodology to change in your life.

Myers-Briggs test gives you an understanding of the four different types of preferences for individuals with differing personalities display. This tool can be used to find a preference type. “The goal is to identify your natural preference and to be able to uncover that so we can identify our unique personality type.”

You understand and receive information through sensing and intuition. “Those who prefer to use sense, prefer to use their concrete sensing to understand the world around them. Typically, this person prefers to receive information that is black and white, that’s concrete and very factual.” On the flip side is intuition, represented by the letter “N.” These personality types prefer theory and process information using their “sixth sense.”

“There’s this concept underneath cognitive functions, and there’s this whole deeper layering looking at the process of your mind.” Different types of personalities will write and continue the process of writing differently. Those who prefer structure will move through the more structured kind of work well, while those who prefer using their intuition will welcome the open-ended creative processes. “It’s cool to see how these different preferences can play out and manifest themselves in a journey like writing a book or completing a new project.”

Listen in to find out why you can be both a thinker and a feeler, why a sense of completion needs to happen before moving on, and why people who are “perceiver” will handle their completion goals differently.

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Show Notes

  • [02:29] Gary explains the purpose and application of the Myers-Brigg test.
  • [04:50] There are eight different letters that result in 16 different personality types.
  • [05:23] Details about the four sets of pairs of the Myers-Brigg dichotomy.
  • [07:46] Breaking down what it means to be extroverted and introverted.
  • [11:46] The ladder of abstraction and how it applies to personality types.
  • [13:03] Defining thinking and feeling at a conceptual level. 
  • [15:55] The real meaning behind judging and perceiving.
  • [22:50] Take the 16 Personalities Test linked below.
  • [24:22] Why a personal coach gives you a more personal experience when you’re learning.
  • [27:10] How personality preferences play out in the book writing process.
  • [31:52] Set a concrete deadline for your book and have an accountability partner.
  • [35:55] Gary gives tips on marketing your self-published book.
  • [38:14] Limiting beliefs of introverts.
  • [40:22] Common personality traits and habits of successful authors.
  • [44:41] The ability to have open reflection and dialogue is a powerful tool for successful authors.
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