SPS 062: Creating The Perfect Book Title…And The Outreach Template You Can Use To Get Booked On Any Podcast with Dane Maxwell

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

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Joining me today is Dane Maxwell, a long-time friend, and mentor. Founder of The Foundation, an online education company that assists you in starting a business. He is an author and spoke at Advantage Live this past year, and guests of the conference loved his message. His new book, Start From Zero, was born from his passion of helping others start their business.

“With proper copy, you can potentially build a million dollar to a six-figure business with just words.” Dane recently read from The Sixteen Word Sales Letter that all you have to do for excellent copy is define one belief and answer ten questions to have your copy that will sell.

To create a great title, Dane suggests that your book title needs to be unique and come from within yourself. What are you feeling? How are you assisting others by telling your story? “If we are invested with our book title being successful, and that we in some way believe that our well-being depends on the success of the book, then that can create a state of survival and then can shut off a lot of creativity.” He suggests your book is a beautiful expression in the world and that your book is not identified with you.

When coming up with a book title, Dane suggests to “Look at the deepest parts of you that don’t yet feel like having permission to be seen and allow yourself to be witnessed by the world. If you give yourself that permission, then stand in the title that comes from that experience.”

Listen in to find why your book title is so important, how to find the right title for your book, and what Dane is doing for his book launch that no one else is doing right now.

Learn how he successfully launched his book Start From Zero, how he is using his book to grow his business, and how to write words that sell.

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Show Notes

  • [02:45] After starting over a dozen companies, why has Dane decided to write a book now?
  • [06:14] His haunting experience with a Numerologist predicting he would write a book in the near future.
  • [08:57] How to write words that sell in your book.
  • [10:50] I recall handwriting copy for one hour a day for three months to practice good writing.
  • [11:40] Fundamentals and framework for coming up with titles that sell.
  • [15:58] Clinging to outcomes hinders your creativity and performance. 
  • [17:24] How Dane comes up with titles for people’s books.
  • [21:09] What Dane is doing for his book launch that no other author is doing right now!
  • [24:53] “Cool stuff” happening from the publishing of his book.
  • [28:56] How Dane cold emailed podcasters to get to be on their show.
  • [34:12] The reach-out people he uses to promote his book.
  • [36:52] What would Dane say to pre-writing Dane?
  • [39:18] Where can you get a copy of Dane’s book?

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