SPS 060: 1M+ Books Sold Through An Infomercial…And How I’m Selling 5k+ Copies/Week With A Free + Shipping Funnel with Dean Graziosi

Posted on Jul 1, 2020


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Joining me today is Dean Graziosi, a New York Times Bestseller, entrepreneur, real estate expert, and speaker. His most recent book, Millionaire Success Habits and his podcast of the same title has inspired and given action to millions of people worldwide. He and Tony Robbins teamed up and launched the Knowledge Business Blueprint. In this interview, Dean and I will talk about how to use books to build a knowledge-based business, and how Dean has accomplished this goal with his own books.

With dyslexia, Dean has had trouble and has struggled with reading his entire life. “I had never read a book cover to cover, and I was terrible at writing.” However, in 2005, he decided to write his first book to clear someone’s mindset to get the sales results they want. He wanted this book to be a tool in which the reader could use to achieve their dreams. Totally Fulfilled was this book – the first book published by Dean.

When he finished his book, he hired an editor who he was excited to work with. After sending over his manuscript, she called him and said, “Dean, there are certain rules to writing a book, and you can break a few of those rules, but you broke every single one of them!”. She advised him to rewrite his book, and, with this information, almost decided to delete his entire idea and throw it into the trash.

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At this point, he hired another editor and asked her to clean up his book. She did, and when his book released, it hit the New York Times Bestseller list in four weeks! Dean suggests if you know your topic, and it’s from your heart, go out and share your knowledge and passion in your book.

Dean recommends overdelivering on your value, with your first two upsells, then sell the big ticket item. People will be excited to purchase your big ticket item because they will expect you to deliver great value.

Listen in to find why your mindset is a pivotal element in creating a book, why writing a book can make a significant impact in your life, and why you should extract marketing pieces from your book. Learn what Dean is doing now to move thousands of books a day, and how books bring out the essence of the author, and why writing an excellent book gives you a level of credibility.

Show Notes

  • [01:48] The why and how of Dean’s first publication.
  • [03:25] Even though Dean knew nothing of writing a book, he moved forward with his idea of publishing his own book.
  • [05:25] What marketing tactics took Dean’s book to New York Times Best Seller list.
  • [07:21] Choose a topic that speaks from your soul.
  • [11:40] Going on a journey with a book and getting intangible and tangible value from a book.
  • [14:29] How Dean brought back his old marketing model to sell his books.
  • [16:53] Why one particular message resonated with Dean’s market so well.
  • [21:47] How to break the noise and do away with flashy get rich quick sales.
  • [24:55] Overdeliver on your first two upsells to provide a high-ticket item your customers will want to purchase.
  • [27:41] How Tony ties in KBD launcher with his book sales.
  • [29:40] Using outcome journaling based on getting yourself into flow state.
  • [32:00] Finding mentors and trainers when you purchase a book.

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