SPS 051: Traffic Secrets Book Launch: A Behind The Scenes Look At How I’m Launching The Book with Russell Brunson (How I Use Books To Grow My Software Company)

Posted on Apr 29, 2020

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Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels and the author of three books: Dot Com Secrets, Expert Secrets, and his most recent book, Traffic Secrets. He was also a guest on episode three, where he talked about how to outline a book. To date, Russell has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books. Today we are going into how Russell is conducting his launch for book three of his trilogy.

As ClickFunnels grew, his business became less challenging and less exciting. For Russell, “Selling books extend my message more than anything else I’ve ever done.” Although never planning to write a trilogy, however, when he was offered to purchase Traffic Secrets from another offer, he realized he could easily create a trilogy series.

Russell brings us through his journey of writing, rewriting and republishing his books in hardcover. He tells how he revised his first two books while publishing the third in his series. Then, with his first advance from his new publisher, he realized he had to buckle down and write the third book by the deadline.

Although COVID has affected his book launch, his click funnel is sending thousands of people to his site, which is converting at a rate of 20,000 books per month sold for his latest edition. His book launch includes three phases, which involve social media, interviews on podcasts, and long-form content.

Listen in to find out how COVID affected his book launch, how he is using his click funnels, and the types of ads he is using for his funnel. Learn how Russell is using the content of his book to drive traffic to his book, the short term and long term strategies you can use to promote your book, and Russell’s plan to add radio, infomercials and social media buys into his three-phase book launch.

Show Notes

[02:37] Why books are the hardest project for Russell to make happen.

[03:46] Did Russell plan to have a trilogy from the very first book?

[06:06] Each book has its own stand alone funnel and how he manages his book funnels.

[08:25] How he manages so much content in a very short amount of time.

[11:12] Russell’s team and how they assisted him in writing his book. 

[13:48] The launch plan for his new book Traffic Secrets

[15:49] Phase II of his book launch and how COVID affected his launch, focusing on email traffic.

[17:29] Phase III of his book launch, which includes interviews on podcasts and social media.

[18:49] Short term and long term strategies for promoting your book.

[20:50] How to buy ads to target your market on other channels and platforms.

[25:43] Email marketing and click funnels.

[26:42] Russell’s thank you pages and how they lead into more sales.

[27:39] How Russell and his team have designed click funnels to be mobile-friendly.

[30:12] Lessons he has learned from writing his three books in his trilogy.


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