SPS 024: From Self-Published Author to Front of Store Placement with Eileen Wilder

Posted on Oct 10, 2017

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Today, I am speaking with Eileen Wilder. She is a bestselling author, pastor, and coach who teaches women how to experience unstoppable self-confidence. After going through Self-Publishing School, she experienced breakout success publishing her first book The Brave Body Method on Amazon. Then eight months later, a publisher asked to acquire the rights to the book and released it nationwide. She has since gained national TV coverage, speaking opportunities, and out front placement at Barnes & Noble.

Through the success of this book, she has managed to serve more people than she had ever imagined. Although, starting wasn’t that easy. Eileen had an epiphany while at her grandmother’s funeral and realized she needed to do something great and share her gifts with the world. She still struggled with confidence, but was able to push through and build confidence through going through Self-publishing school and developing a powerful writing habit into her daily routine. Eileen shares her story, her book, and more with us on this episode.

You can find Eileen here:

Eileen Wilder Website
The Brave Body Method
Eileen on YouTube
Eileen on Twitter @eileenwild
Eileen’s Facebook Page

Show Notes

[01:33] Eileen had an epiphany at her grandmother’s funeral and decided that she needed to write a book.
[02:25] Eileen asked herself if she was really contributing to life. She needed to speak the message inside her heart.
[04:28] How Eileen struggled with lack of confidence and had a gradual awakening.
[06:21] The habit of writing 1000 words a day in Self-publishing school helped give her confidence and discipline to accomplish her goal.
[07:08] Her routine consisted of waking at 4:30 and going to the gym. Then she would sit down and write for an hour and a half.
[08:18] Through focused time and doing it every day and eventually her book was finished.
[11:08] Through SPS she learned how to structure, write, break things down, and market her book.
[12:44] How Eileen became obsessed with finishing her book and completing her goal. The power of laser-like focus.
[13:54] The domino effect of having discipline in her life and the ripple effect.
[14:40] Mindset changes and not having limiting beliefs when it comes to completing goals.
[16:19] Don’t share your writing with the wrong people.
[16:34] Being yourself and writing with your voice alone.
[19:26] Finding someone to support you and not letting others discourage you. Eileen found a lawyer and language master that helped her with her book.
[20:34] Your book won’t be for everybody. How we are meant to speak to who we are meant to speak to.
[23:06] Naysayers and people who are contrarians or people who may be jealous.
[23:53] How other people can discourage you when you make a decision to do something.
[25:39] Eileen reached out to everyone she could when she launched her book. She gave out advance copies and invited people to write reviews. She emailed everyone she could. When she launched she had 114 reviews from this method. It also helped her confidence.
[27:07] She also posted on forums and did all of the online marketing she could including reaching out to friends who had bigger platforms than she had.
[29:53] She had a small email list when she started, but since the book has been out it grows everyday. She put a call to action in the book for sign-ups.
[32:18] How Eileen met her publisher at an event. After researching her success, he made an offer. This opened more distribution channels like Barnes & Noble.
[34:55] Eileen used a coach for the contract negotiation and she was given a great deal.
[38:15] Creating one-page sales sheets for books and being your own PR agent and approaching producers of TV shows.
[41:31] Getting on Barnes & Noble was the craziest thing that happened, along with a book signing there.
[43:21] Final parting tip is to go for it and share how you can serve others.

Links and Resources:

The Power of Habit
Eileen Wilder Website
The Brave Body Method
Eileen on YouTube
Eileen on Twitter @eileenwild
Eileen’s Facebook Page

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