SPS 014: Before Book” vs. “After Book” with Brian Tracy

Welcome to episode 14 of the Self-Publishing School podcast. Today, I am joined by Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company that specializes in the training and development of people and organizations. Brian is a coach, speaker, and bestselling author with over 45 published books. He has consulted with more than a thousand companies and has addressed over 5 million people in his over 5000 worldwide talks and seminars.

Brian has written and produced over 300 audio and video learning programs, including his bestselling Psychology of Achievement. He speaks to worldwide audiences on the subjects of personal and professional development. Prior to founding his own company, Brian was CEO of a $265 million development company. Brian speaks four languages and considers himself a bibliophile and obsessive reader with a huge library of books. I am excited today, to talk with Brian and find out how he used his books to build a massive International brand and speaking and coaching career.

You can find Brian here:

Brian Tracy International
Brian Tracy Books
Brian Tracy on Twitter @BrianTracy
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Show Notes:

[01:55] After selling a million audio programs Brian was approached by a literary agent in 1978. His first book was Maximum Achievement.
[03:19] His second book was on selling, and he became the top sales trainer. Books help establish you as an expert.
[04:33] Brian made a decision to write a book every 90 days. This was 15 years ago.
[05:13] He reads about 2-3 hours a day and he has the intellectual capital to write his books.
[06:37] He writes for some of the greatest publishers in the world.
[06:57] Characteristic that determines success is long term perspective. Long term goals.
[09:52] Think like rich people and you earn far more money. The way you think changes your life.
[10:56] Brian researches subjects he enjoys until it reaches critical mass and he has enough knowledge to write a book on the subjects.
[11:50] Successful entrepreneurs help people, and successful books help people with great ideas.
[13:54] Brian’s writing process and how he expands chapters based on his knowledge.
[18:51] When to write your second book, after your first book. Just get on with it.
[20:58] In the 70s and 80s there were major book promotion industries. Radio and TV interviews were what you wanted to do.
[24:02] Being prepared to invest an enormous amount in promoting a book. Books don’t sell themselves.
[25:30] How self-publishing is great, but the books still need to be promoted. Put your whole heart into promoting your book.
[27:43] Brian has a 20 point system for writing a book.
[28:37] Brian creates videos and announces the release of his book to his mailing list.
[29:28] Brian’s publishers have a system for sending out announcements of his books and sends them to book fairs, and Brian will add a video to help promote. If there is an opportunity to promote a book he will promote it.
[36:40] You never know what will happen when you write a book. Brian turned a book into a bestselling talk called The Success of the Journey.
[39:07] Brian’s series of short books or small books that sell for $9.95 each. Each book has 21 ideas and chapters in it.
[42:05] Balancing being an International bestseller with a speaker. Brian Tracy is the most popular author in Iran, he makes no money from his books there, but he does get paid for speaking.
[43:51] How being an author establishes you as an expert and your income doubles after writing a book.
[45:14] How to have proven success formulas.
[46:33] To write on a subject, you must know 10 words for every word you write. Really know your subject matter. Put in 300 hours on your subject.
[53:53] Maximum Achievement is Brian’s favorite book he has written. It changes people’s lives.
[58:04] Save yourself years of hard work, by learning how to write a book before you write. You can learn any skill you want to achieve anything you want.

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Brian Tracy International
Brian Tracy Books
Brian Tracy on Twitter @BrianTracy
Brian Tracy on YouTube
Brian Tracy on Facebook
Brian Tracy on LinkedIn

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