25 Online Poetry Communities for Poets and Poetry Lovers

Posted on Aug 2, 2023

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Step into the enchanting world of online poetry communities, where writers from every corner of the globe come together to share their hearts and hard work.

Here is a list of 25 real and vibrant online poetry communities.

Whether you’re a seasoned poet seeking like-minded souls or a budding wordsmith eager to improve your craft, these communities offer nurturing spaces to connect, inspire, and celebrate the beauty of language.

25 Online Poetry Communities

Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation began as a way to support the publication of Poetry magazine. It has since expanded to include programs, events, and exhibitions for poetry and poets.

They have a physical location in Chicago, Illinois, but there are also online opportunities. Get involved by looking for events related to your interests!

Who should join: Poets of all skill and experience levels

Cost of entry: Free


Poets.org provides many opportunities for poets to learn about poetry and get their own work published. Many of their programs are free to use.

Membership costs range from $35 – $5,000 and can count as a tax-deduction. These membership fees go toward supporting programs like poets.org, Poem-a-Day, Teach This Poem, and other free programs for poets.

Who should join: Poets eager to learn

Cost of entry: Free, unless you’d like to buy a membership to support the organization

Writers Cafe

WritersCafe.org is an online writing community for writers to share their work, request reviews, and network with other writers, among other things. This site is great for poets looking for community, support, and writer resources. The site is active, posts regularly, and is free to join.

Who should join: Writers Cafe seems to cater to beginner and intermediate poets

Cost of entry: Free

All Poetry

All Poetry provides groups for members to join with specific topics, publishing opportunities, contests, and more. Account registration is free.

Who should join: Poets looking to pursue poetry more earnestly

Entry cost: Free

Write Out Loud

Write Out Loud is intentionally a comfortable and inclusive community, open to any and every poet. WOL is a source of information, community, and support for poets. Grab a schedule for their monthly open-floor poetry nights at multiple locations.

Who should join: English poets from “still-too-nervous-to-do-open-mic to Nobel Prize winners”

Entry cost: Free


Poeticous is for both writers and readers of poetry. They feature poems in several languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Who should join: English, Spanish, Italian, or French speaking poets

Entry cost: Free—Poeticous has a donation page for users who would like to support the community

The Young Writers Society

The Young Writers Society is an online collective of, would you believe it, young writers. Chat in online forums and clubs with other writers, share your books, shorts, and poetry, participate in roleplay writing games, and more.

Who should join: Teen and young adult writers

Entry cost: Free

The Write Practice

The Write Practice focuses on writing improvement and pursuing publication. If you’re ready to strap in and get serious about your poetry, this might be a good place to start. For free, you get access to the writing community and a writing class. With paid tiers, you can access things like writing workshops, publishing opportunities, writing contest entries, and more.

Who should join: Writers who need an extra push to hone the craft or poets looking to self-publish and are willing to invest money into it

Entry cost: Free to $99/month

Poetry Magnum Opus

Poetry Magnum Opus is an open forum for poets, if you’d like to share your pieces, read from others, and participate in an active community of poets.

Who should join: Poets looking to socialize 

Entry cost: Free

Poetry Free-For-All

This is another open forum for poets, but look out! The site banner contains the following threat: “WARNING! We’re mean. We’re nasty. We’re merciless. We’re cruel. We’re vile. We’re heartless.

We’ll slash your soul to ribbons. We’re an evil clique conspiring to annihilate your self-esteem. Ready?”

Who should join: Writers with tough skin and a sense of humor

Entry cost: Free

Inked Voices

Inked Voices is a platform for writers to get together, support each other, and learn the craft. They provide private online workspaces for submitting, critiquing, and reviewing each other’s work. Groups are between 5-15 members. There is a price for entry, but you can try it out with a free 14-day trial.

Who should join: Writers looking for feedback who are willing to put a little money into it

Entry cost: $36/3 months or $99/year


When it comes to online forums, Reddit has you covered for every conceivable topic. This subreddit is for sharing work, swapping feedback, and connecting with other poets.

Who should join: Writers familiar with the Reddit format

Entry cost: Free

Power Poetry

Power Poetry is a nonprofit site that promotes poems by/about marginalized communities and social causes. They are actively fighting for recognition and support for social issues, partially by offering scholarships to writers.

Who should join: Poets passionate about social causes

Entry cost: Free

The Poetry Society

The Poetry Society runs education and commissioning programs, hosts performances, readings, and competitions, as well as supporting and informing the general public about writing and poetry. They are based in the UK.

Who should join: British people who are looking for a larger organization

Entry cost: Between 27 and 125 pounds annually.

Teen Ink

Here’s another option for young poets—Teen Ink is a magazine devoted entirely to art, writing, etc., by teens. The publication is 100% submissions from teenagers around the world. You can subscribe and submit work to the magazine, browse contests, access a college guide, and more.

Who should join: Teens

Entry cost: Free

Jericho Writers

Jericho Writers provides a more formal setting, offering creative writing courses, tutoring sessions, and more for writers looking to expand their craft. They also offer a variety of critique and editing services. 

Who should join: Writers seeking a more formal or professional experience

Entry cost: Free access to the online community, beta readers, community events, and the newsletter. 150 pounds per year gets you online events, 8 professional courses, 280+ hours of masterclasses, AgentMatch, and more


Wattpad has been a staple of the online writing world for years, collecting many, many diverse writers and connecting them with others. Share your work, read and critique others, and make some poet friends.

Who should join: Poets familiar with Wattpad

Entry cost: Free

Button Poetry

Button Poetry is one of the most famous poetry publishers in the online sphere. Submit your poems for publication, read the blog, and enter contests for poetry.

Who should join: Poets!

Entry cost: Free


While X/Twitter is getting a bit murky lately, it’s worth keeping an eye on. If things turn back to normal, this was a great platform to connect with other writers and share your poetry. Twitter is free to use and the potential reach is vast.


Instagram is also not what it once was. Social media apps trend toward prioritizing marketplaces and transactions rather than content from actual creators. That said, it’s still not fully useless! It’s free to use, with a large potential reach, so you might experiment around with hashtags to find your people.


Tumblr is the social platform known for housing some of the strangest people and content on the internet. This is great news for poets, who are often quite strange! There are many poetry blogs you can submit work to for reposts, and you can use hashtags to find other writers. Also free to use.


Medium is a popular option for writers of all genres to share their work. Whether you write poetry, essays, educational articles, short stories, or anything else, Medium is a free platform for writers to share their work.


Commaful is a huge community of writers of all genres and formats. Share, read, and learn with other writers for free.


This site offers magazines, submission opportunities, and community, as well as help and information about literary agents, publishing, careers, internships, and more. Subscribe to the digital magazine for only $12 for the whole year!

Are you ready to share your poetry?

I hope you’re able to find the perfect poetic home for yourself and your writing among these online communities.

Whether you prefer a classic online forum or a lively social platform, remember that a community is what you make it!

Try to bring a positive attitude and open heart into any new writing space.

Happy writing!

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