Online Children’s Short Stories List: 25 Stellar Sites to Find Engaging Books

Posted on Mar 22, 2024

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Do you remember your first favorite story? Reading has never hit harder than it did when we were little. Escaping into a magical world and seeing it so vividly you’d forget where you were is an experience difficult to accomplish for most adults.

Instilling the value of reading in children early can help them develop empathy, critical thinking, imagination, and a passion for learning. Stories are important!

In the digital age, helping our kids access stories has never been easier. Whether you’re a parent or an educator, the internet is a treasure trove of free material. From classic tales to modern narratives, the internet offers endless options to suit any age group or preference. Here is our curated online children’s short stories list you can check out to get your kids reading!

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25 places to find short stories for kids online

Here are 25 sites to get you started! Some online sites for children’s stories listed here offer audio or video versions of the stories, and some even include activities and extra educational materials.

1. Storyberries

Storyberries wanted to create an accessible library of quality stories and poems for children. With classic and contemporary stories crafted to appeal to children, Storyberries aims to create the next generation of readers.

Search stories based on age group, read time, or topic.

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2. Storynory

Stornory hosts a library of classic children’s stories, poems, songs, myths, legends, and fairytales, as well as exclusive original stories.

3. Magic Keys

Magic Keys is an old-school aesthetic children’s story site that posts original submissions with cartoon illustrations.

4. International Children’s Digital Library

With no visible update since 2021, the ICDL site hosts many books for children from different genres, times, cultures, and formats. They are scanned in to be digitally enjoyed.

5. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a library of free ebooks. You can navigate to their children’s section to find thousands of titles for kids. We’ve even written a review of Project Gutenberg.


Bedtime’s library consists of submitted stories, so you can read to your kids and even submit your own work. They publish short stories, poems, and prayers.

7. Free Kids Books

Free Kids Books offers books for children of all ages, including young adult. You can read online or download the PDFs, plus they have star ratings for each publication so you can skim for the good ones! Free Kids Books has open submissions if you have written one yourself.

8. Epic!

Epic provides free ebooks, audiobooks, and learning materials for children up to the age of 12. This is a resource used by professional educators that parents and kids can access, too!

9. Time for Kids

This isn’t exactly a site for books, but on TIME for Kids, users can choose their group between Kindergarten and 6th grade to find articles for their age group. This is a fun way for children to enter the world of news and research.

10. Kids World Fun

Kids World Fun is a safe online space for your kids to explore and learn. Educational books, games, videos, and activities can encourage a love for reading. You don’t have to make an account, so there’s no stranger danger or risk of data mining. You can feel good letting your young ones loose here to learn and have fun.

11. Kids’ Story Room 

If your kid is more interested in audiobooks, Kids’ Story Room is the place for you. Voice actors bring children’s stories to life for those kids who might prefer storytime to reading themselves.

12. JustBooksReadAloud

If the URL isn’t self-explanatory enough for you, the header might be: “1127 children’s books read aloud.” Love a site that’s to-the-point.

13. KidLit TV

KidLit TV is another good option for read-aloud stories, plus other educational resources like blog posts, crafts, and activities.

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14. Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a wonderful site, especially for kids old enough to recognize certain celebrities. I, a fully grown adult, enjoy hearing some of my favorite actors and public figures animatedly narrating a children’s book, so I know your kids will love it!

15. BookTrust

This site has classic children’s stories alongside modern tales, plus interactive activities and online games for your little ones.

16. Free Children Stories

These free and original stories are categorized by ages for easy browsing.

17. Oxford Owl

Register for a free account to access Oxford Owl’s library of children’s stories, plus their other resources for parents looking for a little extra help for their child’s education.

18. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Along with his free online library of stories, Daniel Tiger also has games, videos, and activities for kids to enjoy.

19. DoozyMoo

Find PDFs and animated read-along videos on DoozyMoo. Whether your child prefers to read, watch, or listen, they can enjoy stories here.

20. Loyal Books

Loyal Books is a library of ebooks and audiobooks under public domain. Download them for free!

21. Imagination Library

Register your child for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program to receive a free, age-appropriate book in the mail each month!

22. RoomRecess

Check out Room Recess to find short stories for kids with read-along audio. They also have learning materials for K-6.

23. KidsGen

Read the classics, fairytale stories, and more on KidsGen.

24. Ririo

Ririo has free downloadables for kids of any age—scroll to the bottom of the page for a few reading recommendations depending on how old your child is.

25. Reluctant Reader Books

Does your kid hate reading? This is the site for you. Reluctant Reader Books specifically crafts their books for children who just don’t want to read.

Nurture young imaginations

I hope this online children’s short stories list gives you plenty of resources to nurture young imaginations and stir up the joy of reading. Establishing an interest in literature, research, and learning is one of the most powerful things we can pass on to the next generation.

If you’d like to check out some of our other articles on best kids books of all time, or maybe dive specifically into some kids’ mystery stories, feel free.

Happy reading!

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