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Posted on Dec 15, 2022

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What is KDP Reporting?

KDP Reporting is a series of pages within the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) interface that show users different types of sales and orders data for their own published and scheduled books.

In 2022, Amazon revamped the KDP Reporting page to let authors access relevant book data in a more effective way.

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What changed in KDP Reporting?

Amazon renovated the KDP Reporting section of their site. Currently, the old version of Reports is still available. If you find the new system is overwhelming or dissatisfying, simply click “Reports (Old)” on the menu to revert back to the old display.

Here’s what’s new.


The dashboard gives users a daily overview of royalties, orders, and KENP reads. Users can also see the day’s top-earning books in royalties, units ordered, and pages read. Other data on the Dashboard overview includes the top formats for the month, as well as top marketplaces for the month.

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Showing a daily running count is new for KDP Reporting. The most comparable feature of the old system is setting the Sales Dashboard to show the last week of sales, then hovering over each day for the details.


This update provides authors with more immediate data and insights into their book sales.


The Orders tab shows sales distribution for all of an author’s published books in one place. The bar graph below shows each book represented by its own color, including returns on the lower side of the graph. Users can filter orders by timeline, author, book, marketplaces, formats, pricing, and distribution.


The old system for orders is also represented on the Sales Dashboard in the above section. The data breakdown in the new version is more customizable and visually consumable.


The KENP (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages Read) page shows how many Kindle pages have been read in certain books, timelines, formats, and marketplaces.


In the old KDP, this information was also compiled in the general Sales Dashboard page. As you may have noticed, the new Reporting format separates information into relevant categories, rather than crushing everything onto one page.


The Month-to-Date report page shows the unit sales and KENP read for the current and previous months for each published book.


This page is pretty similar to the old version of Month-to-Date—the data is just visually more comfortable to read.

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Old version:


The Promotions page shows all upcoming and current promos running on your books. Here’s the new page:


And the old version:



Here’s where you can see past and current data for pre-order periods.


Compared to the old version:


Royalties Estimator

This tool enables users to view estimated royalties from a selected period.


This tool wasn’t available on the earlier version of KDP Reports—instead, they provided the prior month’s royalties, as well as royalties from sales. The current version estimates royalties based on pages read in addition to copies sold. This tool can help authors more accurately estimate and plan their publishing budgets and schedules.

Kindle Vella Dashboard

The Kindle Vella Dashboard is new to the recent update—this is the page that allows you to view reports from publications on Kindle Vella.

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Source: The Side Hustle Club

Other Pages

The Prior Months’ Royalties and Payments pages have stayed virtually the same between iterations. They both underwent a slight visual upgrade, but contain the same content.

The last items on the new Reports page menu are “Reports (Old)” where you can revert to the old version of Reports, and “Take a survey,” which sends you to a survey to let Amazon know how much you’re loving or hating the new system.

How to use new KDP Reporting

Overall, the new KDP Reports is pretty self-explanatory, but here are some highlights of features you might be interested in checking out.

Using the new reports, you can:

  • See how your books perform daily on the Dashboard
  • Display data for up to ten books on a single graph so you can compare and determine title-level trends.
  • View graphs as either line or bar charts
  • Estimate your monthly royalties in a chosen currency.
  • Estimate your monthly royalties from KENP read before the Fund is announced for that month.
  • Use mobile devices to view reports.
  • Download all reports as an Excel file.

Is the new KDP Reporting better?

Overall, the new Reports functions display more customizable and current data. Authors can specify the numbers they’d like to see, as well as the data parameters like timeline, book, and market.

The look and navigation of the pages have been improved, and the information is compiled in ways more helpful and digestible than the previous iteration.

To check it out for yourself and review how much your books are earning, go to your reports page KDPreports.amazon.com.

What do you think of the new KDP Reporting?

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