19 Christian Marriage Books: Guidance for Christian Couples

Posted on Oct 1, 2023

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Navigating the intricacies of marriage is a journey many embark upon, and the wisdom found within Christian marriage books can be invaluable for those wishing to strengthen their unions. 

This article explores a diverse range of Christian marriage books, each with its unique perspective, to provide insights and guidance to couples looking to deepen their marital bonds within the Christian faith. 

From books focusing on communication, intimacy, and conflict resolution, to those exploring the theological and spiritual dimensions of marriage, readers will discover a diverse wealth of knowledge.

In addition to offering profound wisdom for couples, each book presented also holds valuable lessons for aspiring Christian authors. 

The exploration of the Christian perspective behind each book, along with the understanding of their ideal audience, serves as a rich source of learning for writers looking to express their thoughts and share their insights on Christian marriage.

Read on to discover some of the best Christian marriage books to guide you in matters of the heart.

Let’s begin our exploration of some of the books that Christian couples have cherished over the decades.

1. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman (1992)

Gary Chapman, with years of counseling experience, introduces a transformative concept with a lasting legacy in this groundbreaking book. 

He proposes that people understand and receive love in five different ways: 

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Acts of service
  3. Receiving gifts
  4. Quality time
  5. Physical touch

The core idea at the heart of this book is the importance of learning how your spouse understands and prefers to receive love, as using the wrong language will not have the desired effect.

What is the Christian perspective behind “The 5 Love Languages?”

Chapman approaches relationships with a Christian worldview, emphasizing the biblical principles of love, understanding, and selflessness. 

He guides couples to love each other in the ways that are most meaningful to each individual, thus fostering a Christ-centered marriage where both partners feel valued and loved.

What can Christian authors learn from “The 5 Love Languages” and who is its ideal reader?

This book is beneficial for couples looking to understand and strengthen their emotional connection, whether they are newlyweds or have been married for years. 

Aspiring Christian writers can learn how to effectively interweave practical advice with Christian values and principles to make complex ideas accessible and applicable.

2. Sacred Marriage by Gary L. Thomas (2000)

Gary L. Thomas’s “Sacred Marriage” explores the notion that marriage is a tool for spiritual growth and enrichment, more than just a means for happiness. 

He guides couples to view their marriage as a discipline, a pathway to holiness, maturity, and a closer relationship with God.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Sacred Marriage?”

Thomas provides a robust Christian perspective, using marriage as a platform to explore spiritual maturity and sanctification. 

He roots his guidance in Scripture, encouraging couples to emulate Christ’s love and humility in their marital relationships, thus facilitating a deeper understanding of God’s nature and love.

What can Christian authors learn from “Sacred Marriage” and who is its ideal reader?

Ideal for individuals who seek a deeper spiritual foundation in their marriage, this book enlightens readers to the profound spiritual implications of marital life. 

Christian authors can glean insights on blending rich spiritual insights with practical advice, enhancing both the depth and relevance of their work.

3. The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God by Timothy Keller (2011)

Timothy Keller, with his profound insight and wisdom, presents a compelling view of marriage. 

He explores the essence of commitment and the role of a marital partnership from a Christian viewpoint. 

Keller offers practical advice and profound spiritual insights to help couples navigate the complexities of marriage.

What is the Christian perspective behind “The Meaning of Marriage?”

Drawing extensively from Biblical teachings, Keller emphasizes the sanctity and significance of marriage as a divine covenant. 

He reflects on the essence of Christian marriage as a reflection of God’s covenantal love and grace, urging couples to approach their relationships with a sense of divine purpose and commitment.

What can Christian authors learn from “The Meaning of Marriage” and who is its ideal reader?

Keller’s work encourages writers to delve into themes of selfless love, commitment, and the transformative journey of marriage, all underpinned by Christian teachings. By integrating these insights, Christian authors can enrich their narrative and engage readers on a deeper spiritual level.

Individuals, especially those with Christian beliefs, looking to explore the divine and sacrificial aspects of marital love would find this book a valuable resource, as it dives into profound scriptural interpretations on the subject.

4. Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs by Emerson Eggerichs (2004)

Emerson Eggerichs shares a transformative message based on the biblical notion that men need respect and women need love. 

He illustrates how misunderstanding these fundamental needs can lead to conflict and disconnect in marriages, instead offering practical solutions to foster understanding and harmony.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Love & Respect?”

Eggerichs builds on foundational Christian and biblical principles, emphasizing mutual respect and love as cornerstones for a thriving marriage. 

The approach is deeply embedded in Scripture, particularly the teachings of the Apostle Paul, reinforcing the spiritual dimensions of marital relationships.

What can Christian authors learn from “Love & Respect” and who is its ideal reader?

This book is beneficial for married couples grappling with communication and understanding, providing them with tangible insights and actions to foster harmony and mutual respect. 

For Christian writers, it demonstrates how to convey biblical principles in practical, relatable terms, enabling readers to implement these principles in daily life.

5. You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity by Francis Chan and Lisa Chan (2014)

Francis and Lisa Chan’s book delivers a powerful message focusing on eternity and the significance of having a marriage centered around God. 

They explore how prioritizing our relationship with God will naturally and automatically enhance our marital relationships.

What is the Christian perspective behind “You and Me Forever?”

The Chans focus on eternal perspectives, asserting that a strong, God-centered marriage has ripple effects into eternity. 

Their message is grounded in Scripture, urging couples to prioritize God in their marriages and view their relationships as a means to glorify God and impact the world.

What can Christian authors learn from “You and Me Forever” and who is its ideal reader?

Ideal for couples seeking to align their marriage with eternal principles, this book offers insights into the transformative power of a God-centered union. 

Aspiring Christian writers can learn how to intertwine philosophical perspectives with practical marital advice, creating content that is both spiritually enriching and practically relevant in the everyday world.

6. His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage by Willard F. Harley Jr. (1986)

Willard F. Harley Jr’s book delves into the distinct needs of men and women in marital relationships. 

He outlines the crucial aspects required for maintaining emotional fulfillment and preventing affairs, providing actionable advice for couples to meet each other’s needs effectively without the transgression of marital boundaries.

What is the Christian perspective behind “His Needs, Her Needs?”

Harley intertwines psychological insights with Christian principles, highlighting the significance of commitment, fidelity, and mutual fulfillment in marriage. 

His approach encourages couples to cultivate a relationship rooted in mutual understanding and the biblical foundations of love and respect.

What can Christian authors learn from “His Needs, Her Needs” and who is its ideal reader?

This book is valuable for those wishing to fortify their marriage against infidelity and disconnect. 

Christian authors can extract insights on blending psychological knowledge with Christian teachings, offering readers a balanced perspective on maintaining a healthy, fulfilling marriage that speaks to both the spirit and the intellect.

7. Boundaries in Marriage by Henry Cloud and John Townsend (1999)

Henry Cloud and John Townsend’s work presents a comprehensive guide to establishing healthy boundaries in marriage. 

They shed light on the importance of respecting individual needs and limits to foster a mutually fulfilling and enduring marital relationship.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Boundaries in Marriage?”

This book intertwines Christian principles with psychological frameworks, focusing on mutual respect, understanding, and personal responsibility within the context of a marital partnership. 

The authors illustrate how establishing clear, healthy boundaries is conducive to a loving and Christ-centered relationship.

What can Christian authors learn from “Boundaries in Marriage” and who is its ideal reader?

This is a pivotal read for those striving to balance individual needs with marital commitments, providing valuable insights on maintaining a harmonious relationship. 

It’s a treasure trove for Christian authors learning to combine psychological wisdom with biblical truths to present holistic, practical solutions for marital challenges.

8. The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian (1997)

Stormie Omartian imparts profound insights on the transformative power of prayer within marriage. 

She provides specific prayer strategies for various areas of a husband’s life, illustrating how a wife’s intercessory prayers can bring about divine intervention and blessings.

What is the Christian perspective behind “The Power of a Praying Wife?”

Omartian emphasizes the Christian principle of the power of prayer, showcasing its role in nurturing and sustaining marital relationships. 

This book is steeped in Scriptural references, encouraging wives to cultivate a deeper connection with God to experience His transformative power in their marriages.

What can Christian authors learn from “The Power of a Praying Wife” and who is its ideal reader?

Ideal for wives seeking to intercede effectively for their husbands, this book provides actionable, faith-filled insights. 

Christian writers can glean how to convey the profound impact of spiritual disciplines in practical, relatable ways, enriching their narrative with a blend of testimonial and instructional elements.

9. Let Me Be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot (1976)

Elisabeth Elliot, in this thoughtful exploration, provides insights on womanhood and marriage from a biblical perspective. 

She combines personal reflections with biblical wisdom to guide women in embracing their God-given roles and finding fulfillment in them.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Let Me Be a Woman?”

Elliot offers a deeply traditional Christian view on womanhood and marital relationships, emphasizing submission, love, and respect as vital components. 

She encourages women to find strength and purpose in their divine roles, presenting a countercultural perspective based on biblical truths.

What can Christian authors learn from “Let Me Be a Woman” and who is its ideal reader?

This book is a gem for women seeking to understand and embrace their roles in marriage and life from a traditional biblical standpoint. 

It offers Christian authors insights on how to blend personal experiences with scriptural truths to create compelling, authentic narratives.

10. For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn (2006)

Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn deliver invaluable insights into the inner workings of women’s thoughts and emotions in this book.

They provide practical advice, enabling men to understand and meet the needs of the women in their lives more effectively.

What is the Christian perspective behind “For Men Only?”

The Feldhahns approach relationships from a Christian viewpoint, emphasizing love, understanding, and service as foundational to a healthy marriage. 

The book is filled with biblical principles aimed at fostering a deeper, more empathetic understanding of one’s spouse.

What can Christian authors learn from “For Men Only” and who is its ideal reader?

It is a crucial resource for men striving to comprehend and nurture the women in their lives. 

Christian authors can learn the art of conveying complex emotional and relational concepts in an accessible, engaging manner, making profound impacts on their readers’ lives.

11. I Married You by Walter Trobisch (1971)

Walter Trobisch addresses the holistic union perspective  of marriage, encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. 

He combines pastoral advice with practical wisdom to guide couples in cultivating a harmonious, fulfilling marital relationship.

What is the Christian perspective behind “I Married You?”

Trobisch presents a holistic Christian view of marriage, emphasizing its multifaceted nature as a union of two , and explores the intertwining of bodies, souls, and spirits within the marriage covenant, rooted deeply in Christian theology and biblical teachings.

What can Christian authors learn from “I Married You” and who is its ideal reader?

Ideal for those who view marriage as a comprehensive union, this book provides profound insights into the multidimensional aspects of marital relationships. 

For Christian writers, it illustrates how to integrate theological depth with practical wisdom, as well as the importance of addressing multifaceted topics with the depth and nuance they require.

12. Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by Kevin Leman (2003)

Dr. Kevin Leman provides a candid exploration of sexual intimacy within the Christian marriage. 

He addresses the complexities of marital intimacy with humor and insight, offering couples guidance to enrich their sexual relationship within the bounds of marriage.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Sheet Music?”

Dr. Leman approaches sexual intimacy from a Christian standpoint, emphasizing the sacredness and beauty of the sexual union within marriage. 

He integrates biblical principles with psychological viewpoints, providing a balanced, integrated view of marital intimacy as a divine gift.

What can Christian authors learn from “Sheet Music” and who is its ideal reader?

This book is essential for married couples seeking to deepen their understanding and experience of sexual intimacy within a Christian framework. 

Christian authors can learn the delicate art of addressing sensitive topics with grace, humor, and respect, while maintaining a focus on Christian morality and values.

13. The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John M. Gottman (1999)

John M. Gottman elucidates seven principles that are crucial for a thriving, long-lasting marriage. 

Drawing from extensive research, he provides practical tools and techniques for couples to enhance their friendship, manage conflicts, and support each other’s dreams.

What is the Christian perspective behind “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work?”

While not explicitly Christian, Gottman’s principles align with many Christian values, such as mutual respect, understanding, and support, and can be integrated into a Christian worldview on marriage. 

The book offers universal insights that can be applied within the framework of Christian marital relationships.

What can Christian authors learn from “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” and who is its ideal reader?

Ideal for any couple looking for empirically validated ways to strengthen their marriage, this book presents universally applicable insights. 

Christian authors can learn how to combine research-based findings with Christian teachings to provide well-rounded, impactful advice.

14. The Act of Marriage: The Beauty of Sexual Love by Tim LaHaye and Beverly LaHaye (1976)

Tim and Beverly LaHaye provide a comprehensive exploration of the physical relationship within Christian marriage. 

They discuss the beauty and significance of sexual union, addressing various aspects and challenges of marital intimacy from a Christian perspective.

What is the Christian perspective behind “The Act of Marriage?”

The LaHayes emphasize the sacredness of marital intimacy, integrating scriptural teachings with practical advice. 

They approach sexuality within the bounds of Christian marriage as a profound gift from our creator, meant to strengthen the marital bond while simultaneously glorifying God.

What can Christian authors learn from “The Act of Marriage” and who is its ideal reader?

This book is a resource for married couples seeking to understand and enhance their intimate relationship within a Christian framework. 

For Christian writers, it offers insights into addressing topics of intimacy with a balance of reverence, openness, and biblical truth.

15. Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman (2010)

Gary Chapman shares invaluable insights and lessons that he wishes he had known before getting married. 

With wisdom and brave transparency, he discusses common challenges and provides practical advice to help couples build a strong foundation for their marriages.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married?”

Chapman combines Christian principles with personal, relatable experience throughout the book, offering biblically grounded ideas on building and sustaining a healthy, Christ-centered marriage. 

He emphasizes the importance of mutual understanding, effective communication, and selflessness within the marital relationship.

What can Christian authors learn from “Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married” and who is its ideal reader?

Ideal for engaged or newlywed couples, this book provides practical insights for building a lasting, fulfilling marriage. 

Christian writers can learn the art of combining personal reflections with Christian concepts to create relatable but profound narratives.

16. Sacred Search by Gary Thomas (2013)

Gary Thomas provides profound insights for singles on choosing the right marriage partner. 

He guides readers to consider character, values, and compatibility from a Christian perspective, emphasizing the importance of spiritual connection in choosing a life partner as opposed to some of the more shallow traits often promoted by modern society.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Sacred Search?”

Thomas infuses the book with Christian wisdom and principles, encouraging singles to seek partners who share their values and faith. 

He emphasizes the role of spiritual compatibility as a cornerstone in building a strong, enduring marriage that honors God while bringing the couple deep joy.

What can Christian authors learn from “Sacred Search” and who is its ideal reader?

This book is invaluable for singles seeking guidance on choosing a life partner who shares their faith and spiritual values.

Christian authors can gain insights into the incorporation of faith-based principles in guiding life decisions and relationships while remaining accessible and understandable to modern readers.

17. Each for the Other: Marriage as It’s Meant to Be by Bryan Chapell and Kathy Chapell (2006)

Bryan and Kathy Chapell explore the mutual responsibilities and benefits that make up the Christian marriage framework. 

They discuss the biblical principles of love, service, and respect, guiding couples to cultivate a balanced, harmonious relationship that is as compatible with day to day harmony as it is scriptural truth.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Each for the Other?”

The Chapells provide a balanced view of marital roles and responsibilities based on biblical teachings. 

They emphasize mutual service, love, and submission as key components of a Christ-centered marriage, encouraging couples to reflect Christ’s love in their relationships.

What can Christian authors learn from “Each for the Other” and who is its ideal reader?

Ideal for couples seeking to deepen their understanding of mutual responsibilities in marriage, this book skilfully blends spiritual advice with the means to practically apply it in one’s life and marriage. 

Christian writers can learn how to present marital and relationship guidance that truly benefits real-world relationships while staying true to scriptural teachings.

18. This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence by John Piper (2009)

John Piper’s book reflects on the significance of marriage as a living parable of Christ’s relationship with the church. 

He explores the divine design and purpose of marriage, emphasizing its role in glorifying God and portraying the gospel message.

What is the Christian perspective behind “This Momentary Marriage?”

Piper delves deep into Christian theology to present marriage as a divine institution with eternal implications, standing in stark contrast to the sad modern view of marriage as something disposable and replaceable.

He emphasizes the permanence, sanctity, and purpose of marriage, inspiring couples to live out their marital vows with a focus on glorifying God and portraying His love to the world.

What can Christian authors learn from “This Momentary Marriage” and who is its ideal reader?

Ideal for those seeking a deeper theological understanding of marriage that isn’t afraid of exploring the most challenging theological viewpoints, this book offers rich, biblically rooted insights. 

Christian authors can learn how to convey truths that are useful for our earthly existence while simultaneously showcasing the profound, spiritual source of such wisdom.

19. Fit to Be Tied: Making Marriage Last a Lifetime by Bill Hybels and Lynne Hybels (1991)

Bill and Lynne Hybels share practical wisdom and personal experiences on building a marriage that is able to buck the modern trend of prevalent divorce by settling for nothing less than a long-lasting union.

They discuss the importance of compatibility, communication, and commitment as essential foundations on which to build a union that stands the test of time.

What is the Christian perspective behind “Fit to Be Tied?”

The Hybels approach marriage from a Christian point of view, convincingly demonstrating that in order for couples to forge a lasting partnership in this world, their relationship should be build on principles and beliefs that transcend our mortal existence.

They integrate biblical principles with personal experiences to provide a well-rounded perspective on Christian marriage that is accessible as well as religiously satisfying.

What can Christian authors learn from “Fit to Be Tied” and who is its ideal reader?

This book is a treasure for those aspiring to build a resilient, joyful marriage that has the strength and resiliency to endure for far longer than the disposable modern culture typically expects.

Christian writers can draw inspiration on how to approach a topic that goes against modern norms, but does so in a way that is loving, compassionate, and convincing.

Would you like to share your own perspective on Christian marriage?

We hope that this journey through the wealth of Christian marriage wisdom has been enlightening and inspiring for all our readers, whether you’re looking to enrich your marriage or seeking insights to share in your own writing. 

The array of books discussed not only provides practical guidance and spiritual wisdom for nurturing a fulfilling, Christ-centered marriage but also exemplifies diverse ways in which Christian authors can approach and discuss the complexities of marital relationships.

Embrace the knowledge and perspectives shared in these remarkable books, and may they guide you in your marital journey and inspire reflections on the beauty and depth of Christian marriage. 

If you find yourself feeling creative, consider sharing your unique perspective and experiences by writing your own book on Christian marriage. 

Your voice could be the guiding light for other couples seeking wisdom and support in their own marital journeys.

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