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Posted on Dec 8, 2022

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Now that we’re well into the new season, it’s time to settle in for long, dark nights and engaging books. Whether you experienced fall back already or are thankful not to, with the colder season come longer nights, perfect for reading.

The cozy mystery sub-genre is a great one for this time of year. Do you have a favorite novel you always return to? A new one you haven’t had time to read yet but plan to this season? In this article, we cover seven best cozy mystery series you can choose to carry you through the extended evenings.
Even more good news—these books aren’t just standalone novels. Each book is part of a series.
Choose from any of those in this list, or look into other books from the series:

Let’s dive in!

#1 – Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes, Leonard Goldberg

The first book of USA Today and internationally bestselling author Leonard Goldberg’s series won the 2017 RT Reviewers’ Choice for Best Historical Mystery. This thrilling tale covers the story of Sherlock Holmes’ daughter. Just as Holmes had Dr. Watson as a friend, she has Dr. Watson, Jr.

The story takes place as the two work to uncover a mystery, but not just any mystery. Taking place at the best of British society, Sherlock Holmes’ daughter, Joanna Blalock, must use her uniquely intuitive mind to uncover the mystery.

Starting in 1914, she is the unfortunate witness to a death. The would-be suicide brings questions. Covering the Second Afghan War from 1878-1880, Joanna sets out to find the murderer, just like her late father, she has her own secrets to worry about as well.

#2 – Noodle Shop Mysteries, Vivien Chien

Note to reader: Start with Death by Dumpling.

Vivien Chien’s mystery starts with Lana Lee making some big life changes. She breaks up with her boyfriend, leaves her job, and journeys home. Her goal is to help run her family’s Chinese restaurant, but despite her major life changes, one more awaits.

The Asian Village Plaza becomes a crime scene to murders, and Lana decides to take action. Rather than sit idly by, she sticks up for her friends by deciding to catch the murderer. If she can, she can clear her friends’ names and bring peace back to the Plaza.

#3 – Wish You Were Here, Rita Mae Brown

Start reading Brown’s series, and you may find yourself curled up on a chair for hours on end. The tiger cat, Mrs. Murphy, the protagonist of this series, is a curious woman. However, her curiosity is not without repercussions. Her human friend Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen is close enough to Mrs. Murphy that her endless curiosity will impact Harry as well.

Crozet, Virginia, is a small cozy town, but unfortunately, it resembles a family with secrets more than a healthy, bustling town. In fact, Crozet citizens begin receiving mystery cards with a tombstone as the design. After receiving the cards, they one by one turn up…murdered.

The tiger cat, Mrs. Murphy, and her Welsh Corgi friend, Tucker, being the loyal pets they are, decide to ban together and save Harry from the same fate. Always a step ahead of their owner, all three pursue the same end—save Harry before she receives a postcard with the same design.

#4 – Murder In G Major, Alexa Gordon

Stranded, African-American classical musician Gethsemane Brown doesn’t have many choices to choose from. She is in the Irish countryside after all, with no money, no luggage, and little options. She finds herself teaching at a school, housesitting a cottage on a cliffside.

And while her job requirement is to turn a group of schoolboys into a successful orchestra, the real nightmare is that while the cottage may seem quaint, it’s haunted. Gethsemane decides to investigate, but her investigation puts her in danger.

The cottage’s owner was murdered, and his ghost lingers at the cottage, haunting it. The issue is he was falsely accused. With Gethsemane the only one who can clear his name, she agrees to help. However, her help puts her in danger as grave as the ghost’s.

#5 – Elementary, She Reads, Vicki Delany

One of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mysteries, this story is the story of Uncle Arthur’s absence and what Gemma Doyle does during it. To cover him, she goes to Cape Cod to maintain the Sherlock Holmes-themed bookshop.

However, rather than selling books and chatting with customers, Gemma finds not just customers, but a murder case knocking. Centered on a rare artifact, Gemma tasks herself with deciphering the crime and clearing the innocent.

#6 – Murder On The Orient Express, Agatha Christie

Known as the most widely read mystery of all time and now a major motion picture, Agatha Christie’s tenth book in the Hercule Poirot Mysteries will keep you gripping your tea just a little tighter than normal.

Imagine being trapped. Now imagine being trapped on a train. Throw in a murderer on the train with you, a dead millionarie, in a snowstorm, and you find yourself in the setting of this mystery.

Detective Hercule Poirot is on mission to find the killer but there are a dozen options and time is running out. Are you obsessed with mysteries? This one’s for you, because according to a review by the New York Times, “What more . . . can a mystery addict desire?”

#7 – Strawberries And Strangers, Leena Clover

Jenny King is forty years old and it’s time for a new start. She moves to a remote island, hoping for the best. However, working at a cafe and baking treats isn’t all the remote island has to offer her. When a body washes up on beach, her aunt is arrested, and Jenny has to solve the murder, her new start will keep you curled up until the last page.

For Jenny, it’s not all smiles and pastries. With her new friends to help her and her aunt’s innocence in jeopardy, Jenny works against the sheriff to solve the crime and restore peace to the island. The first book in the Pelican Cove cozy mystery series, this is a great start to your cozy, mystery reading season.

What’s On Your Want-To-Read List?

Something just feels right about settling in with a cozy mystery this time of year. Chances are high you already have a list. Maybe it’s a mental list, or maybe you wrote your to-read titles down. But whatever’s on your list next, we’d love to hear in the comments.

And, if you try one from this list, feel free to let us know your thoughts (don’t forget to leave out any spoilers!). Let’s keep this season’s reading train going strong. With countless books to choose from, the list could go on right into the next season. If you have a favorite title we may have missed, share it with your fellow writers.
Enjoy this time to sit back, get comfortable, and open your next book. Don’t forget to save some time for writing! Slow and steady progress will boost your chances of being the next best cozy your target audience reads!

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