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Posted on May 3, 2023

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Last year’s Author Advantage Live event was a HUGE success! More people showed up than we ever thought, and it was incredible. And all of this is happening virtually!

Why? So we can help more authors, from all around the world. So authors can save money not having to book flights, hotels, and meals.

We now call it, Author Advantage Live Virtual Experience! This 3-day experience will have all the same content and supportive community building, but you can join from the comfort of your own home—and for CHEAPER!

Click here to get your AUTHOR ADVANTAGE LIVE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ticket and join us June 8th-10th for the BEST information and industry insights for self-publishing.

Author Advantage Live is the ONLY event dedicated to helping you as a self-published author sell your first 10,000 book copies, build a platform to scale your income and impact, and unlock your Author Advantage.

My team spends months each year planning and strategizing for this event, with the sole purpose of creating the most valuable, go-to conference in the self publishing industry…

And if you’re reading this blog post right now…

So are approximately 250,000 other writers and authors just like you who visit this blog each month.

Which means Author Advantage Live will sell out.

In the next few days, we’re offering an Early Bird Discount on all Author Advantage Live ticket packages…

This is the lowest price these tickets will ever sell at (to reward our longtime community members who are fast action takers).

But there are a limited number of Early Bird Tickets Available

Once the Early Bird Discount tickets have been claimed, the price goes up and stays up.

What Is Author Advantage Live?

Author Advantage Live is the ONLY event dedicated to helping you as a self-published author sell your first 10,000 book copies, build a platform to scale your income and impact, and unlock your Author Advantage.

Who is Author Advantage Live For?

Are you a writer looking to learn today’s cutting-edge book sales and marketing strategies based on what’s working right now?

Are you a coach or consultant looking to cut through the noise, position yourself as the undisputed expert in your niche, and create an asset that makes clients ask you to work with them?

Are you someone who wants to take the knowledge and expertise you’ve already written in your book (or already have in your head!), repurpose it, and turn it into a higher-ticket digital product or service?

Are you looking for a proven process to write a book that positions you as an expert, and generates a steady stream of qualified leads for your business?

Are you someone who wants to use their book to build a highly profitable business on the backend?

Or maybe you’re an aspiring author looking for the strategies, frameworks, and inspiration you need to make your bestselling book a reality?

If you found yourself nodding “Yes!” to any of those questions above, then Author Advantage Live is specifically for you!

What Will I Get At Author Advantage Live?

Author Advantage Live is quickly becoming one of the must-attend writers conferences… and we’re pulling out all the stops.

At AAL, you’ll be virtually collaborating with some of the top coaches, team members, and your fellow authors and community members so that you can see what it actually takes to write and publish a bestselling book, build a six and seven figure business, and create a platform that allows you to scale your income, influence, and impact.

Get feedback, support, and encouragement for your book and business ideas during our Author VIP night and mastermind breakouts…

Immerse yourself into the mindset of what it actually takes to grow a six figure online business…

See and engage with Chandler Bolt directly! He’s inspired and trained you via video to this point…the opportunity to engage live with your book, brand, and business ideas is like adding gasoline to the fire.

Build life-long relationships with other authors in the self publishing community during our networking events and cocktail night, so that you have allies, accountability, and don’t have to go through your journey alone.

All of this takes place over 3 days designed to change your life and get you results:

Day 1: Launching and Marketing Your Bestselling Book

There are few things more exciting than launching your first book, and Day 1 is all about focusing on launching and marketing your bestselling book.

On Day 1, we’re covering ALL the necessary elements of a great book launch, as well how to ensure your story and book topic are positioned the RIGHT way that sets you up for maximum book sales while positioning you as an expert in your niche AND driving qualified, ready-to-buy leads to your business.

Day 2: Building Your Brand, Authority, and Business

Day 2 is not just about giving you tons of content and theoretical knowledge about selling more books. Our goal for you on Day 2 is to arm you with the playbooks you need to walk away with a tangible, step-by-step gameplan to go out and sell at least 10,000 copies of your own book to position you as the undisputed expert and authority in your niche, plus learning how to unlock YOUR Author Advantage.

At 10,000 copies sold, doors start to open for you that had previously been invisible. Podcast interviews, speaking engagements, partnership offers, and business opportunities will suddenly all start to present themselves.

This is what we call the Author Advantage.

Day 3: Scaling Your Income, Impact, and Influence

Day 3 is possibly the most POWERFUL day of Author Advantage Live.

Whether you’re a career author, entrepreneur, or what we call an “impactor,” you’re going to walk away from the last day of Author Advantage Live with takeaways that have the potential to change your life.

On Day 3, Chandler and others will show you EXACTLY how to take your book and repurpose the hard work you’ve already done into a higher-ticket digital product or service…

And the step-by-step playbook you need to build a six or even seven figure business on the backend of your book.

You’re going to learn the EXACT strategies we’ve executed at Self-Publishing School and to build a $30,000,000+ business on the back of Chandler’s OWN books in just a few years.

Lastly, there’s a special keynote speaker on Day 3 that we are INCREDIBLY excited to announce. You don’t want to miss this!

Click here to visit the Author Advantage Live page, get more details, and purchase your ticket today.

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