SPS 221: Mastering Marketing and Book Promotion with Dr. Joe Vitale

Posted on Aug 2, 2023

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Today I’m joined by Dr. Joe Vitale, the author of 80+ books. He was also featured in The Secret and created Hypnotic Writing. He also talked about Marketing and Book Promotion.

In this interview we talk about:

  • How Dr. Joe’s book helped him get into “The Secret”.
  • How to stand out amongst 4,000 books published per day
  • Marketing lesson’s learn from P.T. Barnum & the thing he said on his deathbed that authors need to implement
  • How to embrace the triple win when you’re writing and marketing your book

We also cover:

  • Marketing lessons learned from Dr. Joe’s most successful book and 2,500 reviews
  • Hypnotic Writing: What is it and how Joe used it to get his book to #1 before the book came out.
  • How to come up with a better title for your book.
  • The key ingredient for success as an author This was a fun interview. Joe is a marketing genius. Don’t miss it!

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