SPS 179: Ads For Authors: Selling Books & Growing Your Business Using Ads with Nicholas Kusmich

Posted on Oct 12, 2022

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Nicholas Kusmich is a Facebook Advertising expert behind some of the highest campaign ROIs in the world. He specializes in working with high-growth companies, thought leaders, and big brands. Nicholas and his company run high-yielding Facebook Advertising Campaigns through fully managed private client work, consulting, and training. 

He is also a keynote speaker and the author of Give: The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI, a book about the strategy behind Facebook advertising, lead generation, and ROI. We talk about his book and so much more. We kick off with why he wrote his book and the actual value that having a book can bring. 

Nicholas shares tips for keeping his book relevant even when platforms like Facebook constantly change. He also talks about lead generation and ROI, including writing a book with intention if it’s going to be used as a lead generation tool. We also get to learn about the creative launch strategies that Nicholas used to create a bestseller and get the most significant return on his book. 

Show Highlights

  • [02:40] Nicholas shares why he wrote his book. It plays a role in getting speaking gigs and building authority and credibility. A book allows opportunities that didn’t exist before.
  • [04:55] Writing a technical book with constantly changing platforms. Nicholas writes about marketing in general, because platforms change. He focuses on strategy.
  • [06:59] Strategies build businesses. Tactics make sales.
  • [07:39] Creative book launch strategies included going on podcasts. He soon discovered that not all podcasts are equal in benefits. He wanted to leverage word-of-mouth and attach it to a cause. During the launch book proceeds went to Charity Water. 
  • [11:02] Everyone who bought a book got a link to sell the book and get entered in a viral challenge contest. This was a creative way to move volume. He also gave out copies at speaking events. 
  • [15:56] Strategies versus tactics. The end goal of ads is to get a copy to as many clients as possible. Think of your book as a lead magnet. Opportunity to take the next step or Godfather Offer GFO. 
  • [23:54] You can use a PDF version as a lead magnet and then add free shipping. A book can also be part of webinar registration.
  • [24:49] Page 181 or Published talks about retargeting with ads and getting organic traffic. 
  • [26:48] If someone knows who you are, a free book plus shipping is a great way to get books out there. 
  • [27:06] Think about how your book is a means to an end as opposed to the end itself.
  • [30:35] Amazon ads can also help a book rank higher and build leads. 
  • [31:14] The value of a lead can be more than the cost of advertising. Book leads are also high quality.
  • [33:26] Parting advice includes just writing the book. You’re behind without a book. Make sure there is an audience for the book you write.
  • [35:06] Be intentional about your content. Especially if it’s a lead generation piece. It’s good to get help from someone who has done it before. Time is a valuable asset. 

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