SPS 162: How Are You, Really? – Behind the Scenes Of Writing & Launching My First Book with Jenna Kutcher

Posted on Jun 22, 2022

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Jenna Kutcher is the host of the Goal Digger podcast and author of the brand new book, How Are You, Really? This book is about living a life that exists outside the cliche of “having it all” and finding time to soak up the richness of experience. We talk about so many things, including why she finally decided to write a book and how she got that last bit of motivation by seeing a mouse and receiving a massage. She takes us behind the scenes with her writing process that wasn’t traditional, but it worked for her creative side. We learn about her publishing process and why it was traditional. She appreciated the structure and the team to help pull everything together. 

We talk about identity foreclosure and how Jenna was able to move from business to lifestyle, and how valuable this shift has been for readers and female entrepreneurs. We got a sneak peek into her launch strategy and how she created an insider’s team to help build the launch team. She also reached out to trusted students to enable admin and make her community. She even shares a great way to add a personal touch when asking for reviews from some of her biggest fans. We also learn how she was able to release perfectionism and write a great work without having her life’s work be in the balance. Jenna shares how being a mom changed her. She talks about her pivot and becoming a brand shifter into the lifestyle space. I love this episode, and you will too! Jenna is inspiring and authentic.

Show Highlights

  • [02:03] Writing a book is something that Jenna never thought she would do, but it’s a beautiful reminder of how we can change our minds. She loves writing, but a book seemed like a big commitment. She had the time, since she built a business that says time is her currency.
  • [03:52] During a massage, she was told that she is avoiding something that she needed to do. This was the motivation to finally do it.
  • She also saw a mouse which means avoidance. It was time to write.
  • [07:40] She started writing stories and then started her outline. It may have been backwards, but the process felt creative in Jenna’s mind.
  • [09:33] The personal chapters were in the proposal. She loved the process and writing was such a reminder of slow growth and deep roots. Her middle ground is where the woo meets the work.
  • [12:12] Her editor scrapped the business parts and kept the stories that mattered. There is a whole village of people involved in writing and publishing a book.
  • [14:08] Don’t shorten your timeline when trying to balance. Traditional publishing worked for Jenna. A book release is releasing your book and letting go. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • [17:02] Having a team and being guided through the process was an advantage of traditional publishing. Publish in any way that you can publish.
  • [19:50] Identity foreclosure. Jenna loved business, strategy, and launching, but becoming a mom changed a lot of things for her. The invitation to talk about more was an opportunity to pivot and be a brand shifter into the lifestyle space. 
  • [22:10] She’s now been getting more speaking opportunities which she is actually interested in at this point. It also opens up more opportunities for her to speak about things like body image.
  • [23:55] She didn’t announce her book until it was done. Timing and money can squash creativity. She also created an insiders list where people could sign up and get updates. Go sixty days out, because most people buy the book two weeks before it’s released.
  • [26:40] They broke their 60 days up into three campaigns. The first one was a live training on Zoom. The second bonus was a digital download. She participated in Zoom calls with people who she knew would help promote her book. 
  • [29:09] The insider’s team helped funnel the launch team. They were really thoughtful with their timing, and they focused on serving instead of overselling.
  • [31:24] She also reached out to her students and asked if they wanted to be community admins. She had 15 women spearheading a group of 1000 people. 
  • [33:05] She shares chunks of the book all 
  • [35:35] Think outside the box and connect with book buyers. 
  • [37:01] Jenna shares how she leaves personal voicemails and asks for help from her fans. The personal connection is powerful.
  • [37:41] Have a short link for reviews. 
  • [38:47] Jenna uses the Showit platform for her website. 
  • [40:23] Parting advice for Jenna of the past would be to get quiet with herself. 

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