SPS 155: The Happy Hustler’s Guide To Writing And Marketing A Book Without Burning Out with Cary Jack

Posted on May 4, 2022

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Cary Jack is a lifestyle entrepreneur, professional actor/model, biohacker, and eco-warrior striving to impact this planet positively. He’s the host of The Happy Hustle Podcast, which aims to educate, inspire, and entertain. He interviews guests from entrepreneurs to spiritual masters to help listeners transform their dreams into reality. He’s also the author of The Happy Hustle 10 Alignments to Avoid Burnout & Achieve Blissful Balance


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His book is based on a 10-part framework to help achieve alignment and balance in life. We learn what the framework is and walk through the sections with a little quiz that can help us score where we may need to work on. We walk through these ten categories: selfless service, optimized health, unplugged digitally, loving relationships, mindful spirituality, abundance financially, personal development, passionate hobbies, impactful work, and a connection with nature. 

Cary also tells us about when he was a burned-out entrepreneur and how he moved to Bangkok and developed the framework. We dive into how he wrote the book and its structure. Cary talks about finding the right platform to reach your target market. We learn how creating an asset with your book can be beneficial, and he breaks down free plus shipping and his funnel process. This episode has powerful advice for marketing, entrepreneurship, and living a fulfilling and balanced life. 

Show Highlights

  • [01:25] Cary was a burned-out tech entrepreneur in New York City. There’s definitely an entrepreneurial burnout epidemic going on.
  • [02:11] He ended up moving to Bangkok and breaking his life down into the 10 alignments. He started looking at his life holistically and putting the happiness into his everyday hustle.
  • [03:21] He first began writing without structure and then went back and rewrote the entire book. Now there’s a system, a through line, and calls to action. He started with a course and then turned it into a book.
  • [04:10] Look at your target market and find the best medium to reach them.
  • [05:01] Cary created his soul-mapping framework with 10 alignments. His 10-day video course became 10 chapters in a book.
  • [07:23] We go through 10 questions to figure out where we are when it comes to balance and alignment.
  • [07:35] Selfless service. Optimized health. Unplugged digitally. Loving relationships. Mindful spirituality. Abundance financially. Personal development. Passionate hobbies. Impactful work. Nature connection.
  • [11:28] Balance is a never-ending Journey. Cary does the same assessment every Sunday. 
  • [12:21] Create an asset that goes with your books framework.
  • [13:01] Cary decided to control the flow and funnel in his book to help promote his other products and programs. 
  • [13:23] Free plus shipping is where the book is free, but the receiver pays for shipping. He also had a one-time offer of an audiobook with an extra copy and three master classes. The next step in his funnel is his actual course.
  • [14:22] He’s also testing the Happy Hustle Club which is a membership model and an offer for a one-on-one phone call with him.
  • [15:01] The last step in the funnel is his thank you page that includes a link to his wilderness camp.
  • [15:41] Check out page 181 in for the free plus shipping model.
  • [16:20] His funnel is profitable because of all of the other upsells. You need high ticket offers on the backend to make the free plus shipping model profitable.
  • [18:35] Cary was also a partner in a biohacking company where his business partner wrote a book. They used free plus shipping and several funnel models to promote using the book.
  • [20:09] He had his podcast before the book was published. A podcast builds know, like and trust in a scalable fashion.
  • [21:48] Have a structured framework when you write your book. You need a system and a mentor.

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