SPS 111: How My Real Estate Investing Book Helps Me Close Deals & Get Funding with Hayden Crabtree

Posted on Jun 25, 2021

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About Hayden Crabtree

Hayden is an experienced commercial real estate investor with a sharp eye for opportunities that add financial value to properties. Skilled in financial analysis, valuation, sales, negotiating, and building strategic partnerships, Hayden helps busy professionals who want to invest in significant real estate deals build cash flow and equity for their financial portfolios. The author of Skip the Flip teaches new and experienced real estate investors the power behind fundamental commercial real estate investing for wealth.

Hayden’s Story and How He Became Involved in Real Estate

Realizing that many of his friends were working long hours for salary pay, Hayden thought there was a better way to make a living. While many of his friends were familiar with flipping, his idea was to use strategies that would make money long-term without the hassle of flipping homes.

Wanting to share his knowledge with others interested in learning his process, Hayden decided to write his book to share his information with others. Using his book as a vetting component, Hayden takes clients that want to know more about using real estate as an income.

Writing His Book in a Weekend

Hayden only took one weekend to get his rough draft of his book finished. His secret? He sat down and worked on his book until it was finished. Being very self-motivated, Hayden was able to execute finishing the main content of his book quickly.

How Hayden Gets Book Reviews

Hayden asks buyers of his book to leave him a review, especially if they have told him how much they like reviews. In addition, he also posts value on his social media by giving his book away for free and uses his email list to ask for reviews from his followers.

Listen in on today’s episode and find out how to mindmap your book, how to come up with a name for your book, and when you want to give your work a price increase.

Show Highlights

  • [02:00] Why Hayden decided to write his real estate investment book.
  • [04:33] How he became interested in using real estate as a cash flow business.
  • [06:49] Getting his book written in a week for his rough draft.
  • [10:50] Taking action steps for your book is important to get your book completed on time.
  • [11:47] Coming up with a name for his book.
  • [13:43] Marketing techniques that have sold thousands of copies of his book.
  • [18:28] The benefits of creating an audiobook and how to get reviews for your book.
  • [21:21] How he has leveraged podcasts and other media to grow sales.
  • [28:45] The impact of his book to his followers and others who have read his book.
  • [33:42] Establishing credibility in your brand through your book.
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