SPS 105: Using Partnership Marketing To Sell Books, Change Lives, And Grow Your Business with Pedro Mattos (An Immigrant’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing)

Posted on May 12, 2021

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Pedro Mattos has owned and sold several business ventures and decided at one point that he wanted to have more direction in his life, which led him to become a business mentor. He decided to write and publish his own book, I Wish Everyone Was an Immigrant, which covers the dynamics of an immigrant family and why immigrants are successful individuals. “When you can root yourself in your why and you have an audience for your book, you know at the end of the day you’ll impact other people and become successful.” 

Using Partnership Marketing to Sell Books

Partnership marketing benefits businesses as they have the platform and tribe of followers already baked in. “What partnership marketing does is allow us to get in front of those people by creating one-to-one scenarios with companies that are beneficial for us and the company we are partnering with.” Finding pools of people with your avatar is a great advantage for authors and can give you a financial upside for your book sales.

The Four P’s of Selling Your Book

People are already talking to your target audience – do you know who they are? You can find platforms with the people you are targeting and find an opportunity to share with another business.

When coming up with your list of potentials, go to the category that your book is listed in and look at the other authors on your page – they are competing with the same avatars you are looking to have as customers. Learn how to reference people on your author page and talk about how you’d like to speak on that topic with a different twist.

Listen in on today’s episode to find out what two platforms are big wins for authors, why your value-add doesn’t have to be financial for every speaking gig, and how to find platforms to create successful partnerships.

Show Notes

  • [02:22] Pedro gives his background history and why he decided to write his book.
  • [05:03] The importance of immigrants in the workforce and their superpowers they bring to the table.
  • [10:09] The four Ps of selling your self-published book. 
  • [14:18] How to find other authors who are competing with you for book sales.
  • [16:35] Getting quick wins from podcasts and Facebook groups.
  • [19:44] Focusing on one avatar when you are writing your book.
  • [22:58] Referrals, advocates, and reach-outs and why they are important for your network. 
  • [26:30] Writing fiction to solve a problem for a specific audience. 
  • [29:44] Authentic wins and providing value when building relationships.
  • [33:14] Partnership marketing through several channels.
  • [34:32] Advice for first-time authors writing books.
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