SPS 104: How To Create A 1 Page Marketing Plan For Your Book with Allan Dib

Posted on May 5, 2021

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Allan Dib is the marketing master and the rocket fuel behind high-growth businesses. “When you know how to use marketing to reliably bring in new prospects and customers into your business, you’re going to achieve your business goals much faster and easier.” As complex as marketing can get, getting it wrong can mean wasted time and finances. “When you master the science of marketing, you can reach more people and create more income.”

Why a One-Page Marketing Plan

Working with clients, Allan wanted to create a simple and easy-to-use marketing plan. Clients who didn’t want to create marketing plans before were making simple marketing plans for their business. “I wrote the book I wish I had when I was starting in my first business.” Starting from square one with the definition of marketing, Allan takes the reader through marketing basics before showing them how to create a manageable marketing plan.

Creating a Framework for Your Plan

The first thing Allan asks clients is ‘What is the one-thing you want to become famous for or known for?’ From here, you can create the sections of your framework. “The framework is the cornerstone of your idea.” However, you’ll need to ensure that your idea comes along with actionable steps. You don’t want your reader to leave not knowing or understanding what to do next to accomplish the concept put forth in your non-fiction book.

Viewing Your Book as a Product Launch

There’s an essential aspect to creating a well-known book that others want to purchase – your product launch. Allan says that many people look at their book as a work of art when they need a marketing perspective. To be a perennial best-seller, Allan and his team continually promote and market his book. Every day, he thinks about how he can get his book into more hands. “I use more marketing money and energy now to promote my book than when I first launched it.”

Listen in on today’s episode to find what Allan recommends for marketing and distributing your book, which strategies move the needle the most, and why you should use easy and simple words and sentences when writing your book.

Show Notes

  • [01:24] How Allan came up with the idea of the one-page marketing plan.
  • [04:10] Recommendations for creating a framework for your idea.
  • [08:08] Viewing your book as a product launch instead of art.
  • [10:44] The importance of having a good product.
  • [13:40] Strategies that move books quickly.
  • [16:00] Allan’s advice for getting reviews on Amazon.
  • [17:46] How to put together your one-page marketing plan.
  • [21:32] Creating income after you sell your book by providing amazing customer value.
  • [24:10] Important components of a book marketing plan.
  • [25:30] Target marketing for the newbie business person.
  • [28:21] Creating book bonuses that readers will want to download.
  • [30:10] Making a simple marketing funnel for your book.
  • [37:45] Foreign marketing rights and publishing your book in different languages.

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